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  • Male, 43 years old
  • USA
  • Favorite TV Show: Flash/Arrow/D.C. Legends/Supernatural/Supergirl
    Favorite Movie: Star Wars
    Favorite Musician: rosa Floyd
    Favorite Book or Author: The Lord of the Rings
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Maverick7821 sagte über The Flash (CW)
Yeah really Sysco??? I don't get how when Barry came back from Flashpoint and Sysco was mad at him and it turns out that he was mad at Barry because Barry would not go back in time to save Dante but now has ethics and judging Barry for doing what he wanted him to do?? Talk about hiprocracy.. yeah really good job making Sysco look like a class A JERK! gepostet vor 10 Monaten
Maverick7821 Kommentiert…
Way to go Ollie for having Barry's back.. someone needs to.. great episode! vor 10 Monaten
Flash_1023 Kommentiert…
I agree @maverick7821 vor 8 Monaten
flash_fan_1023 Kommentiert…
Du spelled "Cisco" wrong @maverick7828 turn on your subtitles oder think of Fran"Cisco". vor 7 Monaten
flash_fan_1023 Kommentiert…
Sorry its @maverick7821 vor 7 Monaten
Maverick7821 sagte über The Flash (CW)
They actually did tell him to do it. He went to them for Guter Rat and ultimately he declined until his father was killed then Iris toled him to do what he needed to do so he went back.. I appreciate your view but that's why we have Favoriten and in my opinion Sysco and Kate is way too hard on him I feel woo bad for Barry but your right it will pass and I too knew Julian was Alchomy! CRAZY Liebe IT!! gepostet vor 10 Monaten
Maverick7821 Kommentiert…
Told I meant .. I can spell LOL vor 10 Monaten
Maverick7821 Kommentiert…
The only person opposed was Wells vor 10 Monaten
Shereeluv Kommentiert…
How in the hell they just gone kill iris like that off the Zeigen like im so fucking man right now. Who ever wrote this shit need to stick it up they arsch this a Bunch of stier, bull shit im never watching this shit again vor 4 Monaten
Maverick7821 sagte über Green Arrow
I am so upset at the way Felicity is treating Oliver! I'm tired of the jabs she constantly throws at him for not disclosing personal information.she will find out what happens when she runs her mouth and tells any one she thinks can be trusted secret priveldged information concerning The Green Arrow. if she doesn't understand he didn't tell her about his son because he would have Lost him then she doesn't deserve to be with him! She's gonna get burned Von this new beau she has. I'd kick her off gepostet vor 10 Monaten
Maverick7821 Kommentiert…
I'd kick her off the team.. this new guy she has is obviously Prometheus.. I hope no one dies cause of her stupidity! vor 10 Monaten