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  • Male, 21 years old
  • Missouri
  • Favorite TV Show: Full Metal Alchemist, oben, nach oben Gear, Spice & Wolf, Gravity Falls, Toradora, Firefly, and Avatar.
    Favorite Movie: The Wind Rises, Empire of The Sun, The Last Emperor, Akira, and October Sky
    Favorite Musician: Muse, Weezer, New Order, The Offspring, and Gorillaz
    Favorite Book or Author: The Kill Order, The Outsiders, and The Hunger Games
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KeyStone97 sagte über New Order
Not a single post. Shame. Here's one. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Cerudays sagte …
Of course we can! ^^ Akira's great, isn't it? Got a fave character? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
KeyStone97 Kommentiert…
It is great, amazing animation. Umm... Kaori is probably my Favorit character. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Cerudays Kommentiert…
Kaori's so cute! ~ Kaneda's my fave. Kei and Kai, too! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Did most of Du watch this Zeigen when it originally aired? I'm a newbie 0.0 gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Alchemistlover Kommentiert…
Well I watched it on Nick around the time season 3 was airing I think so I guess yeah Vor mehr als einem Jahr
zanhar1 Kommentiert…
I watched season 3 when it originally aired. The other two seasons I watched on and off and then went back and watched what I missed. Welcome to the fandom. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Alchemistlover Kommentiert…
^ ha funny that's kind of what happened to me to but I had season 1 on DVD as season 3 was airing and watched various episodes on nicktoons. Vor mehr als einem Jahr