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Post a pic of your favourite animated couple?

6 answers | my answer: Pocahontas and John Smith<3

What's your Favorit couple out of the ones on the banner?

12 answers | my answer: <3
Nicholas Sparks' novels & Filme

Among the couples from all the Nicholas Sparks book. who do like oder Liebe the best?

2 answers | my answer: I Liebe all of his couples but my thee Favoriten are...
Pretty Little Liars

Who's the prettiest out of Spencer, Aria, Emily, oder Hannah?

132 answers | my answer: Aria then Emily but all four are gorgeous
One Direction

What do people call harry except for Harry

3 answers | my answer: His nicknames listed under Wikipedia are Hazza, Haz...
One Direction

Zain oder Niall who is hotter???

33 answers | my answer: I am Mehr attracted to Niall
Harry Styles

what is his religion ?

69 answers | my answer: He is defiantly a christian. Being Catholic is less...
Harry Styles

do u think taylor schnell, swift was being right when she dissed harry

1 answer | my answer: Well I think she was right in the sense that the br...
Harry Styles

who wants to datum harry styles

7 answers | my answer: I do
Harry Styles

What is all of the One Direction boy's real cell phone number???? and massive thank Du if Du answer my Frage

56 answers | my answer: They aren't going to give out their real numbers. T...