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JazzyJazz98 sagte über Alpha und Omega
One of the few entertaining moments in the sequels for me has to be as the beginning of Family Vacation where Stinky talks about the “wolf park” oder whatever, and Humphrey immediately shuts him down on how stupid of an idea it is. It’s a minor thing but it was pretty cathartic considering how much I despise Stinky in particular. gepostet vor 25 Minuten
JazzyJazz98 sagte über Alpha und Omega
I feel like we could use some paws-itivity here, so, let’s talk about something cool. Du kow what’s really cool? You. Yeah, you. Lesen this. You’re cool. :3 gepostet vor 2 Tagen
Kishin_Kira Kommentiert…
Thank Du <3 vor 2 Tagen
JazzyJazz98 Kommentiert…
You’re welcome :3 vor 2 Tagen
JazzyJazz98 Kommentiert…
You’re welcome guys :3 vor 2 Tagen
JazzyJazz98 sagte über Alpha und Omega
I bet the reason the Head wolf decided to try and kill Daria on the spot as opposed to making her an omega was because he didn’t agree with the concept of omegas. Maybe all Wölfe are trained to be alphas oder are faced with death. If King was going to be a reoccurring villain, he could’ve reached out to the Head wolf for support to make an alpha-only society. I might be thinking about it too hard as usual, but it’s an interesting thought. gepostet vor 5 Tagen
KnudsonBlitz Kommentiert…
That is an interesting thought. I tend to overthink things ALOT as well. vor 5 Tagen
Kishin_Kira Kommentiert…
He wanted only the strongest to be in the pack and to breed. Daria's Blindness was seen as a major weakness so he wanted to have her killed. vor 5 Tagen
Kishin_Kira Kommentiert…
A time machine would solve a lot of problems on this website... vor 5 Tagen