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Du should all take a look at this video: link
I thought it was really well done. Take a look at it. I think they should do this on the show... gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
I'm new here, and I started to watch once upon a time, because a friend told me to; I am really glad I started to watch this show. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Raeraegirl Kommentiert…
Its a very good SHOW! ^_^ Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Einenmo Kommentiert…
Yeah, I am still watching season 1. I think I'm half way... For some reason I like Regina as a charictor. She's evil, but so amazing.... Is that weird? Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Raeraegirl Kommentiert…
I also like her! also Mr Gold/Rump! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Einenmo Kommentiert…
Yeah, I adore his charictor... I think I like it when the bad guys have a back ground story, it just explains why they got there. Vor mehr als einem Jahr