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PureHeroine hat mir Props gegeben für my images
Hey, congratulations on winning the Anime Icon contest round 65 ^^ As a prize Du get a Requisiten and the right to vote for the theme on the Weiter round. Tell my your decision on my Wand oder in a private message before the current round ends. gepostet vor 8 Stunden
Economnomnomics sagte …
Sorry, guys for delaying my Antworten to your posts. I'm a bit too busy now. I'll reply and chat with Du guys again in my free time. Going through some tough time irl gepostet vor 23 Stunden
simrananime Kommentiert…
It's alright. Whatever it is I hope it gets solved soon. Take care ^^ vor einer Stunde
Rihanna312 hat mir Props gegeben für my answers
Old school Beyblade era was the best. Maybe because it associates so heavily with nostalgia, but still... it was a great show. gepostet vor 2 Tagen