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Bobsheaux sagte über Alpha und Omega
Hey all. We like to joke about how inept Kate and Humphrey are as parents, and how Lilly and Garth make for a far Mehr compelling couple... If I could steal a few Minuten of your time, let's talk a little about me and Raven, and how we're trying to get together for our 5th anniversary. ^_^

Stay awesome! gepostet vor einem Monat
Bobsheaux sagte über Alpha und Omega
Just a little reminder today that everyone needs to tell their mothers how much Du Liebe and appreciate them for being the wonderful ladies that they are. ^_^

Because we ALL know that Stinky, Claudette, and Runt aren't going to extend such gratitude to THEIR mom. LOL gepostet vor einem Monat
Imagine7197 Kommentiert…
True???? Lmao vor einem Monat
Kishin_Kira Kommentiert…
Im just gonna assume that Kate and Humphrey eventually eat them which is why no Mehr sequels are happening. vor einem Monat
SentinelPrime89 Kommentiert…
^ That is possible actually. There are Tiere that will eat their young if they’re pushed into that position. vor einem Monat
Bobsheaux sagte über Alpha und Omega
Happy Easter, everybody! ...And suddenly I can't help but wonder why we haven't seen a completely nonsensical A&O Easter special, since we already have TWO completely nonsensical Weihnachten specials. LOL What could it possibly be about? Let the speculation commence! :D gepostet vor 2 Monaten
Kishin_Kira Kommentiert…
Because who honestly would believe a giant easter bunny pooping out eggs would fit in the alpha and omega universe?... oh wait I forgot this is the franchise that decided to include goddamn dancing purple dinosaurs. vor 2 Monaten
ben15delas Kommentiert…
XD vor 2 Monaten
HumphreyWolfMan Kommentiert…
@JazzyJazz98 To be honest, if the creators wanted to make it Mehr Fantasy like instead of "realistic", I think it can have a chance of being good Von itself. vor 2 Monaten