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Has anyone but me noticed how Skipper always figures out a way to use his ailments to his advantage?

For Example: In Rock a bye bird After being turned into an infant, he managed to use his small but speedy body and baby gas to defeat the ratte King and his minions. And in Action Reaction he used his inflated body to beat up Hans and ward off all his weapon's blasts. But Julien still serendipitously defeated Hans much to Skipper's chagrin but I guess this still counts.

Skipper's always strong. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
hotsnowsels Kommentiert…
And smart! =) He always find a way to win. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
MissAngelosonic Kommentiert…
That's what a pinguin Commando hero is supposed to do. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
SaturdaySurpris Kommentiert…
AND CUTE!! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
SkippX101 hat mir Props gegeben für my images
Hey! Welcome to fanpop! ur Icon is one of my most favourite POM screensavers... gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
I thought that Action Reaction was one of the most funniest episodes I've ever seen! XD I literally lol'd at many points.

Especially the part where Skipper deflates and Private's all like,
Private:"Oh. Uh... was that rude noise the sound of Du deflating or..."
Skipper:"Moving on Private."

And the part where Skipper falls on oben, nach oben of Roy puffs up and rolls off of Roy and bounces away. XD

And more... gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Icicle1penguin Kommentiert…
I loved that Roy part! XD Vor mehr als einem Jahr