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Annyeong Alax,
thats my plesure hehe
I will take a look tomorrow on thursday ,if I have Mehr time
Xd thats funny ,my ringtone is jhope daydream ,but Du now how much I am tkilkled with hobi awee!!! cv he has wrecked me so much now he is my number one bias too(beside Suga)
oh okay what was it,sorry I am confused sometimes XD*shame on me* gepostet vor 3 Tagen
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arrigato Alax san<3 vor 3 Tagen
GDragon612 hat mir Props gegeben für my videos
hy my sweet Alax*waves back*🌷💛🌼
nope I miss Du Mehr =D
don`t worry Alax it`s okay,you can write back whenever Du Liebe oder have time
do Du have the link for the Anime Icon contest?
I Sleep alil bit better last nights and take some naps over the day,thank you🧡
LOL welcome back in Kpop listening =D
btw I am not around here the Weiter 3 days to I go out to ploand,walking and Relaxing with my lil fam gepostet vor 8 Tagen
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wishing Du a beautiful non stressful weekend my dear!!hugs Kat vor 8 Tagen
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Annyeong Alax🌹🧡,

yeah it is ! I would die without it in summer xD
poor Du hope Du can come here from time to time,I miss ya so much here ><
hahaha yes thats so true, life goes on nah ^^ but social media life is also fanastic!
hehehe we are crazy wild and free XD
what Dream thats fact XD
I Liebe it!! thank Du I am doing fine what About you,just sleepy
Take care of Du your Kat gepostet vor 11 Tagen
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@Blaze Liebe Hina is one of my Favoriten that my younger brother showed me a while back. Du could post stuff for Liebe Hina in the Anime club page. And Liebe Hina club page. ----> link gepostet vor 13 Tagen
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I Liebe Vocaloid. My #1 Favorit is Hatsune Miku. I have a crush on Miku-Chan. Mehr like i am attracted to her. gepostet vor 15 Tagen
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Thank you, and yes, no problem ^^ gepostet vor 16 Tagen
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Omo your hedgeshog Icon is so freaking cute awee!!! gepostet vor 18 Tagen
GDragon612 hat mir Props gegeben für my videos
Good morning my dear Alax!❤️🌸
yeah I am so happy Du finished it!
thats okay XD don`t worry ^^
XD we have air conditioners , I would die without having one XD
Coffee is life yeah!!!without it I would be a Vampire all Tag Long lol
I am happy Du have free days betwwen all this work
omo so cool I Liebe Anime conventions*-* gepostet vor 18 Tagen
GDragon612 Kommentiert…
XD I am overhyped about Kpop XD infected LOL ,do Du think it`s to much XD? vor 18 Tagen
GDragon612 Kommentiert…
true ,mommy needs alot of sleep,dreaming last night of a burned cake XD wtf and sitting in a train demolating the seats XD vor 18 Tagen
GDragon612 Kommentiert…
why I dream just silly things XD vor 18 Tagen
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Hey! Congratulations on winning the Anime Icon contest round 88! Your prize is a Requisiten + thr right to choose the Weiter theme for the contest. Tell me what theme you'd like to have on my Wand oder in a private message. Have a great Tag ^^ gepostet vor 18 Tagen
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Finally decided to get into Discord. Never thought that Tag would come.Xp gepostet vor 19 Tagen
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
Welp, there is a first time for everything XD !!!! vor 18 Tagen
GDragon612 Kommentiert…
welcome here Alax!!!! It`s never to late XD vor 18 Tagen
Blaze1213IsBack Kommentiert…
Honestly yes LOL but feel free to ask me for my Discord if Du guys want to add me. vor 18 Tagen