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posted by snootygirl50701
Veronica Beat is a new sonic Fan character of mine. She has a taste for music. As of well,she hates Gracie. She tells her reporters this,"Gracie has no potential and she stahl, stola my special guy. I was dating him at the time and that scum ruined our date,as well as our relationship!" known as a Remembrance to the world. She calls herself 'The Beat'. With her three colored pelz and long streaked hair,she bonds to get the crowd cheering,"THE BEAT! THE BEAT!"
______________________________________________________________________________________________HER SONGS
song 1: In The Call

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Background singer(s): Nature is beautiful.
Lead singer#1: Nature is wonderful!
Lead singer#2: There are so many things in this world that are beautiful!
Back: Nature is beautiful.
Lead#1: Roses.
Lead#2: Bugs of all types.
Lead#1: For all in will!
Lead#2: There's even more!
Lead#2: Nature is beautiful.
Lead#1: Nature is wonderful.
Lead#1 and#2: Nature is! Nature is! Nature is...
Back: beautiful.

Back: Nature is beautiful. Nature is wonderful. Oh...
Lead#2: La,la,la,na.
Lead#1: La,la,la,na.