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posted by SB_lover0506
First off, happy late birthday to Dick Grayson.
Secondly, the story...

Barbara opened her locker only for it to be shut again Von her best friend, Dick Grayson. With a heavy sigh she glared at him and proceeded to open her locker once more.
"Do Du know what Tag it is?" Dick asked her with a hint of hope in his voice.
"December fourth. Why?" Barbara replied as she fiddled around in the confines of her locker for her textbook.
"It's three days after my birthday and..." Dick started.
"And you're wondering when Du will get your present from me," Barbara finished for him along with the slam of her locker door. "I can tell Du that Du will get your present when the time is right, but if Du keep pushing the subject Du can forget about it until Christmas." With that Barbara walked off to her Weiter class leaving a very disappointed Dick Grayson.

The rest of the Tag went Von slow and painful for Dick as he thought of what the present might be. One the other hand, Barbara enjoyed having the control of Dick's actions in the palm of her hand.
After the final bell, Barbara packed her things and walked to meet up with Dick at his locker. Soon a sly smile creeped on her lips as she walked up behind the distracted raven haired boy. She slowly walked up behind him like a lion stalking its prey. Then she pounced exclaiming "boo" making Dick jump nearly five feet in the air. Dick turned to meet face to face with the smiling red head.
"What the hell, Babs?" He asked trying to cover up his reaction.
"Awe, is the former Boy Wonder afriad of one little word?" Barbara fake pouted with her taunt only to recieve a playful schlagen, punsch in the arm. Dick then packed his bag while dodging her glare at him.
"So, Gordon, want to hang out at my place today?" Dick asked her like he does every other day.
"Sure, Grayson," she replied with a playful schlagen, punsch of payback from the one that she received earlier.

Once in Wayne Manor with mugs of hot Schokolade in hands, the two made their way to the media room to "do homework." They plopped down on the comfy, plush couch. Dick reached for the remote and changed it to their Favorit TV show, NCIS. Like most Tuesdays on the USA channel it was a marathon, and like most episodes they have already seen the one Wird angezeigt and watched it anyways. Only five Minuten in did they decide that the wife kill her husband, the dead petty officer.
"Babs?" Dick asked for her attention.
"Dick?" She replied with him knowing that he had her attention.
"Can I tell Du something?" Dick asked hesitantly.
"I don't know can Du tell me something?" Barbara teased at his improper grammer. He just ignored her and continued, "Ever since my family's... tradic moment, not only have their birthdays been hard, but mine too. I just miss them and," he sighed, "I just miss them."
Barbara looked into his cool blue eyes studying him before pulling him into a hug. Dick then burried his face in her copper hair and shoulder taking in the baby powder sent of her detergent. When she pulled away his herz sank. Barbara reached down into her school bag and pulled out a small box wraped in Süßigkeiten cane wrapping paper. She then thrusted the box into Dick's hand saying, "Happy late birthday, Dick."
"What kind of 'right moment' were Du looking for, Babs?" He asked refering to what she sagte that morning as he opened the wrapping paper.
"An honest one," she simply replied as she watched his face when he opened the box to reveal a small velvet box.
"Babs, just what I wanted!" Dick exclaimed sarcastically. "Another box!" With that she just rolled her eyes as he proceded to opened the velvet box. His eyes widened when he saw the content of the box. Inside wedged between foam was a small Gold ring with a repeating pattern of a robin.
"It's a replica of your mother's bracelet that Du gave her the Tag that she and your folks died. Except instead of a bracelet it's, well a ring for Du to wear to honor her and your family," Barbara explained to him. Dick pulled her into a bär hug as silent tears came down his eyes.
"Thank you," Dick murmured into Barbara's neck. "I Liebe it."
He truely did Liebe that ring and wore it everyday since. The ring turned out to be his wedding band when they got married years later.
posted by SilverWings13
Silver Wings part III
10 agonizing Minuten later, the bioship landed in a hanger. I sat in one of the seats of the ship, my foot tapping obsessively. Soaked. Exhausted. Nervous as Hell. It wasn't everyday Du got rescued (Kidnapped?) Von the Boy Wonder and his crew and brought to a secret hideout to meet the glorious Dark Knight.
Not that it would matter much. If they discovered how I had gotten the Weapon, how I had snuck into one of the world's most secure facilities and stolen the most powerful weapon ever created, I wouldn't likely see the sun rise. Damian would have killed me if he was...
continue reading...
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This is Sierne she is a totally dedicated YJ vlogger and she justed gepostet this...makes references to Harry Potter, and their own YJ Cosplay Videos so if Du watch neither Du won't understand like 2 of things she says. I Liebe THIS CHICK SHES MY IDOL
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Clip 2 of a Sneak peak of the 37th episode in the Young Justice series
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