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........when your dad calls, and when Du answer your Friends shout out some embarrassing stuff.**This actually happened to me**

Dick, Wally, and Roy were all sitting in Roy's living room, playing some stupid video games. It was around that part in the game were nothing really happens when Dick's phone began to ring.

"Hey, guys, shut up, it's Bruce." Dick hushed his friends, then answered his phone.

"Hey, dad." Dick answered.


"DICK, PUT THE DRUGS AWAY!" Wally hollered, "ROY, PUT THE messer DOWN!"

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OVER THERE! Du COME Home RIGHT NOW!" Bruce yelled, completely shocked Von what he just heard.

"Oh my gosh, I swear, Bruce, they're kidding!" Dick exclaimed.

"You-you kids, I swear." Dick could practically see Bruce shaking his head.

"Ok, bye." Dick hung up, "I'm gonna kill Du both!"

Delta was with Project Justice, another team she was on. They were all just relaxing watching a movie. Delta's phone rang, she waved at Epsilon to turn the volume down, he oddly obliged
"Hey Bruce," She said
" DELTA!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?!" Bruce yelled panicking. The whole team minus Delta roared with laughter at the face Delta was making and how she held the phone out as if it was a bomb.
"No, Dad it was a joke I swear!" The others snicked "Epsilon made them do it!" She added smirking at the sagte brown haired boy.
"Let me talk to him," Bruce sagte calming down. Epsilon paled
"Here Du go, don't wet yourself now," Delta snickers and handed over the phone. Epsilon sighed and took the phone, and walked to the Weiter room.
"He is soo dead," Alpha sagte smirking
The first one was not mine (
Sekunde was all me. PS Don't joke about killing and bombs when Du were PAST ASSASSINS!!
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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sun sparkled gently on the cool Rhode Island waters, and a few wisps of clouds hung in the sky, drifting softly on the breeze. We were about a mile out from the Happy Harbor shore, the imposing, rocky figure of Mount Justice looming out over the water. A few waves drifted in, sweeping us up before passing through and breaking at the shore. A couple of the boys had a strand ball, and were tossing it back and forth.

At that moment, there was a vast explosion from under me, and I was, without warning, launched high into the air, propelled Von a stream of...
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OK so I finally finished my story for Young Justice! it's called Birds Of A Feather and if Du haven't seen my Artikel for it already before I wrote it check out my page and it will be under Favoriten so everyone can find it!
I believe I wrote this story in one night and half a Tag and it is long and well written (in my opinion) please check it out! It is on my quizilla account LunariAssain 1 but here is the link to the story!


Thank Du and have a nice day!
posted by DeltaYJ
The whole team just got back from a tireing weeklong mission that involved crossing dimentions. Wally’s and Delta’s way to relax was of couse…..gory,gut-wrentingly dramatic video games. That’s how both of them ended up in the middle of the night truging to Happy Harobor Video Store.
“You sure this will have the newest games?” Wally asked the younger girl Weiter to him who srugged
“It better, “ she sagte but her jaw dropped as she looked at the display case in the window
“What are Du looking at?” Wally asked confused she pointed at th display and Wally laughed...
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posted by rachele_X
“Robin!” I wheezed, gasping for air. “What’s...your...problem?” He was going to suffocate me, I was going to die a brutal death...No, I told myself. I had to keep a clear head, a near impossible task when I was slowly losing oxygen. Be calm, I thought. I gathered myself, counted to three in my head, and lunged upward, trying to flip him over. His arms tightened, and he stared into my eyes. There was something wrong, I realized, with his eyes. They were dull and empty, and there was a darkness to them, like a shaded demon was lurking deep within, thrashing violently and trying to push...
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Kaldur was walking down the halls of Mount Justice alone when he heard Musik from a nearby radio. It was his Favorit song, Mercy Von One Republic. He looked around, then began to sing alone.

Angel of Mercy
How did Du find me?
Where did Du read my story?
Pulled from the papers
Desperate and hardened
seeking a momentary fix

All I wanted to say
All I wanted to do
Is fall apart now
All I wanted to feel
I wanted to love
Its all my fault now
A Tragedy I fear

Angel of Mercy
How did Du find me?
How did Du pick me up again?
Angel of Mercy
How did Du Bewegen me?
Why am I on my feet again?
And I see you

Artemis had been...
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This story is to include the most famous Robin characters ever such as Nightwing, Red X, Robin III, and Red haube among others.

Comment and tell me whether I should continue oder not.

YJ: The Difference Between


Artemis hated the rain. She hated it almost as much as she did her family. She hated it almost as she did her mom for using her to help the Shadows. She hated it almost as much as she hated Batman for kicking her off the Team. 

And she hated it as much as she hated having to kill her sister.

It hadn't been her choice really. She had replayed the confrontation over and over in her mind,...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Jinx! Jinx! dont leave me okay!" Wally yelled as he wrapped goz around Jinx's wound. " Wh-Why are Du helping me..?" she uttured trying hard to stay awake. " Becuase Du didnt deserve this, the way I led Du on... the way that I forgot about you, when i joined my team, the way i left Du behind" Wally said, as he was finishing up the goz, " your gunna be okay" he sagte as he helped sit her up. " Thank.. thank you" she sagte blushing. Wally immeadiatley remembered Artemis is she okay?.


" Artemis! Artemis!, ninja girlfriend?" A voice sagte gentley,...
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I was starting to dislike these people. They were always so… happy. Except for that one. The one with the beautiful blue eyes and the gorgeous black hair. He didn’t talk that much. He rarely smiled. And he was wearing my Favorit color, black. He was perfect for me. I wish I could talk to him. But I couldn’t. My sister would know I liked him because I never talk to anyone. Then, I got an idea. I pulled my sister away from the bulk of the group.
“Cat, I want to be Mehr social. I want to get to know the team better” I said
“Wait, you’re asking me to help Du talk?” she asked
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posted by Skittles98
 The one I was trying on was a green nightmare: a super short green skirt, super high green boots, and a revealing green top.
The one I was trying on was a green nightmare: a super short green skirt, super high green boots, and a revealing green top.
“Oh, oh, oh! Try this one on” Megan demanded
“If I try this on, Artemis has to try this cute dress on!” I exclaimed
“If I have to try that dress on, Megan has to try this hemd, shirt on!” Artemis smiled. We all went into the dressing room’s, trying on different outfits that we picked for each other. The one I was trying on was a green nightmare: a super short green skirt, super high green boots, and a revealing green top. I stepped out, only to find Artemis and Megan already in their outfits. For Artemis, I picked out an orange dance dress with a hoop gürtel and a sash. For Megan, Artemis...
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posted by Skittles98
“Knock, knock” sagte a voice from the other side of my door.
“Coming” I said. I opened the door to find Wally in uniform. My smile faded.
“Mission?” I asked
“Yeah. Sorry, Night. The datum will have to wait” he apologized
“It’s all right. Tell Batman I’ll be there in a minute, I just have to change.” I told him
“Okay” KF agreed. Once he had left, I changed back into my uniform. I slipped on my new boots, then headed out the door. I ran down the hall to the mission room. I was the last person there.
“Good, you’re all here. The Joker has escaped Arkham Asylum and has set...
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posted by Skittles98
Hey guys, it's me, Skittles98 as Du can probably see. Now, I'm going to be interviewing the most clever person I can think of and testing them with riddles.
Me: Robin, have a sitz
R: Thanks
Me: I have some riddles for you. If Du answer them all correct, Du will get a prize
R: Let's go
Me: What runs but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has bett but never sleeps, has a head but never sleeps?
R: Not KF, that's for sure...hmmm...could be it! A river!
Me: Yes. Weiter riddle. Du are on a horse, galloping at a constant speed. On your right is a sharp drop off, and on your left...
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SMGO is a group trying to get Young Justice another season. Here the organizer discusses the details of how the fund raising works. To donate link
Young Justice
season 3
SMGO is a group trying to get Young Justice another season. Here one of the organizers discuss their Kürzlich meeting with the Warner Bros and the fund raising goal. To donate link
Young Justice
season 3
Clip 1 of a Sneak peak of the 37th episode in the Young Justice series
Young Justice
young justice invasion
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Wally gave her a card XD
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