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........when your dad calls, and when Du answer your Friends shout out some embarrassing stuff.**This actually happened to me**

Dick, Wally, and Roy were all sitting in Roy's living room, playing some stupid video games. It was around that part in the game were nothing really happens when Dick's phone began to ring.

"Hey, guys, shut up, it's Bruce." Dick hushed his friends, then answered his phone.

"Hey, dad." Dick answered.


"DICK, PUT THE DRUGS AWAY!" Wally hollered, "ROY, PUT THE messer DOWN!"

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OVER THERE! Du COME Home RIGHT NOW!" Bruce yelled, completely shocked Von what he just heard.

"Oh my gosh, I swear, Bruce, they're kidding!" Dick exclaimed.

"You-you kids, I swear." Dick could practically see Bruce shaking his head.

"Ok, bye." Dick hung up, "I'm gonna kill Du both!"

Delta was with Project Justice, another team she was on. They were all just relaxing watching a movie. Delta's phone rang, she waved at Epsilon to turn the volume down, he oddly obliged
"Hey Bruce," She said
" DELTA!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?!" Bruce yelled panicking. The whole team minus Delta roared with laughter at the face Delta was making and how she held the phone out as if it was a bomb.
"No, Dad it was a joke I swear!" The others snicked "Epsilon made them do it!" She added smirking at the sagte brown haired boy.
"Let me talk to him," Bruce sagte calming down. Epsilon paled
"Here Du go, don't wet yourself now," Delta snickers and handed over the phone. Epsilon sighed and took the phone, and walked to the Weiter room.
"He is soo dead," Alpha sagte smirking
The first one was not mine (
Sekunde was all me. PS Don't joke about killing and bombs when Du were PAST ASSASSINS!!
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Redemption Prologue

"Have Du retrieved everyone that I asked for Kuro Tenshi" asked a masked man as he sat down.
"Yes, everyone will be arriving soon" replied Kuro as he stepped out of the shadows.  Kuro looked pleased with himself for not having Masquerade reprimand him for failing yet another mission.
"Check on our prisoner and see how she's doing" ordered Masquerade, Kuro only nodded back into the shadows to check on Mauve.  As he reached the dungeon-like rooms on the lower floor of the building, Kuro noticed the light scratching of a rat's claws.  He reached his arm up and shot something...
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Chapter 2: Damsel in Distress

Being Robin wasn't always easy. Dick had to constantly juggle schoolwork, hero responsibilities, and his own personal life. But the hardest thing was keeping Du cover when someone Du care about is in danger. Dick learned that lesson the hard way when Barbara was attacked. It wasn't even Von some big villain like Joker oder Freeze. It was just some stupid straße thugs who wanted to get to the Commissioner.

Dick sat on his bett staring down at his phone in his hands. It had been a week ever since his 'almost kiss' with Barbara and they hadn't talked oder seen each other...
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OMG!OMG! I watched episode 22! Sadly it was in spa oh but that's not the point!!! Sorry I hate to spoil it but the league is choosing a new member! Robin,plastic man,rokect,kf, miss m and a few others were one of the nominees!!!! :D *fan girl squeal*, remember when guardian took off his helm and he looked like Roy? Guess what! He is roys uncle!!! Sorry if I spoiled it but I couldn't help myself... They didn't tell us who is going the league yet!!! I REALLY REALLY hope it's robin oder kf! REALLY! fingers crossed!!!
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“Becca, I don't feel comfortable doing this!”
“I know. But Du hated my flirting idea. And if Du really want Wally back, this is the only thing I can think of to get his attention. Cause Du will not become a slut because of him!”
“...Wally was right. Du ARE protective.”
“Thanks hon! Liebe Du too!”
Willow smiled as Becca dragged her into a store. The two looked around a little bit before Willow spoke up.
“You do know this isn't a bridal shop, right?”
“Yes. But Du wouldn't wear a real wedding dress even if I asked Du to. So we'll find a dress and spice it up.”
“You really...
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I found myself walking with Conner Kent, a sun glasses-wearing Dick Grayson, Megan M'Orz, Artemis Crock, Kalder and Wally West. I wasn't sure where we were going but I'm guessing I was on the team. I then discovered we were going to an Amusment Park...
I got on some spinny ride with Artemis. And it was weird. Then I got on a ride with Kalder who was confused Von our "surface world amusments" Then all the rides like froze in mid whatever they were doing and all I remeber is Wally yelling "ARTEMIS I Liebe YOU!" and I looked at Robin and he was all.
"No kidding."
This is a short if...
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Young Justice
lagoon boy
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Young Justice
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long live young justice. will we remember?
Young Justice
the team
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At the the place where they make young justice
Everyone is in the office packing up boxes oder shredding papers. The producers have called a meeting with the young justice team to tell them some news.
“Well time to pull the plug on the show. Sorry guys” he told to the young justice team . “We did not get enough viewers. guess we won’t be doing this again”
The team shared a look and Aqualad took a step forward.
“I’m sorry but we will”
The producers shared a nervous look. Greg wiseman walked up
“Stand down” he sagte to Aqualad
“Apologies my producer. But no”
“We made a good show,...
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Young Justice
WOW just WOW Cartoon Network is cruel! They can't let Wally DIE! He was going to have kids! Then grand kids the great grand kids!

SuperMartian again! WOOOOOHOOOO. But Kaldur! Why? They were just about to KISS but Du stopped them i them act!

Oh oh! And don't forget when Megan hugged Conner! His face was priceless!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Tim and Cassie are together. Oh Arsenal is going to be jealous.

The opening ending which probably means that YJ will return....someday? I don't even know!

Wally kissed Artemis in Paris. awwwww <3 <3 <3 LOL funny too.

Alright now for my outbreak. WARNING>...
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