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posted by Robin_Love
Roy narrowed his eyes at her and Becca stared at him calmly. He smiled and turned to Artemis.
“She's definatly a keeper. Don't let this one go.”
“I won't!” Artemis exclaimed proudly.
“Okay smarty,” Wally stated. “If Du can pin point people so well, do him.”
Wally pointed to a black haired boy smaller than the last.
“Easy. Gymnast. star, sterne of the team, mathlete as well. Excels at just about everything. Hides behind a mask of kindness to keep people at arm's length though he never use to. His father is a rich man and his son gets whatever he wants. But it isn't enough and he has to keep searching. Might be called a cold prince of Hell Von some”-Becca looked at Artemis-“but has Mehr emotion than anyone can see.”
Becca looked down at her hands, a blush appearing on her face. Wally looked at her with a tilted head and Zatanna seemed a little tense at the mentioning of the boy. Artemis and Roy shared a look before they all turned to Becca.
“How do Du know all that about him?” Artemis asked.
“His name?”
“Dick Grayson. Adopted son of Bruce Wayne.”
Becca nodded.
“He was in the same circus I was when we were young. Before he Lost his parents I mean. He was my friend.” Becca smiled a little. “I haven't seen him in four years. Excuse me.”
Becca got up and left the table, heading towards the restrooms. The others looked at each other before getting up to follow her.

sagte girl looked up at Artemis and Zatanna. She had gone against the restrooms and had headed to the library. This way, she could hide anywhere. Roy and Wally followed behind the two girls. Becca looked away as they sat down beside her.
“What's wrong Becca?” Artemis asked.
“Nothing really.”
“Becca,” Zatanna whispered. “I don't have to know magic to see that something is wrong.”
Becca shook her head. They may be her new friends, but she wasn't too keen on opening up to anyone right now. But she guessed she owed them an explanation.
“Becca, why did Du run off?”
Becca looked down, too embarrassed to look at them.
“When we were growing up together, we use to have THE biggest crushes on each other,” Becca explained. “Seeing him as a teenager at this's a little much to comprehend. I never wanted to loose our friendship but when he moved away, I didn't see him after that. He's famous now. He's rich, grown up, and has other friends. I just want to be his friend again. Even if it never grows to Mehr than that.”
Artemis glanced around and opened her mouth to speak. The glocke rang, cutting her off.
“I've got to get to class,” Becca said.
She scooped up her Bücher and bag, leaving the others behind. Artemis watched her leave before turning to Wally.
“We may have use of that flirting factor Wally.”
His grin was huge as he stood.
“On it. Oh Becca~!”
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 I was sleeping in Robin`s bed?
I was sleeping in Robin`s bed?
I woke up in robins room did I sleepwalk here?
Robin was awake but he did`nt want to disturb me in my sleep.
Robin did I sleep here?
"Um. yeah pretty much Du came in the middle of the night shaking cause there were thunderstorms"
Ohh.Well lets get ready long Tag ahed of us.
I got up from the bett and got ready I headed down stairs and opened a portal to Mt.Justice Robin followed.

Recognized Robin B02 FireBlaster B07
Hi guys,everything okay here?
"yeah!come on we have to pick out everything all the details givem to me!"Inquired M`gann.
Hold on Du guys know oder did Robin tell you?
everyone was quiet.
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 It was apurple Ribbon and a Purple dress.
It was apurple Ribbon and a Purple dress.
I woke up and got ready like always I went down stairs and there was a note it said:


When Du read this note please head over to Mt.Justice asap okay and if Du have no idea what asap means its as soon as possible.see Du here


Okay whats with the letters hes been leaving me those ike for a week now saying I Liebe you,Xoxo.
I better get there and not keep this up im lucky to have him with me.

When I got there every guy was in a tux I had a stupid expresion on my face.
M`gann came running to me almost half dressed her hair half done saying:Glad you`re here come on lets get Du ready!...
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NOT MINE when the heros are little the actually DID see the watch tower.....and had fun with Robin's hacking abiltys
ROBIN(age 8)
WALLY(age 11)
ROY (age 13)

"This isn't fair." Roy complained. He sunk into the plush chair and crossed his arms, a deep scowl on his face. "They took us to the Watch Tower and it was supposed to be cool, but now we're stuck here with nothing to do!"

The three boys looked around their confined Weltraum with a groan. All they'd...
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posted by InfinityYJ
"Please! You-you can't!" A bruised figure huddled in the corner of a darkened room, shuddering with fear. She sat among drops of copper-smelling red liquid, still flooding the cracks in the cement. She clutched onto her left arm desperately, trying to stop the flow. Mixed with the blood were pain-filled tears, reflecting each hit from the attacker.
"Maybe Weiter time you'll listen, hmm?" Another blow, another bruise, another scar, Mehr blood flowing. "Maybe Weiter time Du won't run." The sound of shattered plastic ran out to the shadows as the girl's sunglasses broke. Her eyelids were clenched...
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posted by Robin_Love
Erin lounged where she was. Becca had been taken straight to her cell but Erin had been requested to see the pyscologist. And Von request, they meant ordered. So Erin sat in the chair, feeling completely relaxed and at ease. The doctor, Dr. Drune, looked at her.
“Erin. What was the intention of your attack? What did Du hope to gain?”
“A little cash, attention.”
“Ah! So Du lack attention!”
“Eh. Du could say that.”
“Why would Du attack something for the attentio? Wouldn't Du rather have good attention?”
“What difference does it make? I'm fine with how I've been treated.”...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
SOOOOOOOOO I will start typing stuff up as soon as a story line comes to me which is probably like tomorrow so..
I'm gonna make a character cars and draw and stuff
(robin)butt this is all you'll be getting for nows:

Hero Name: Naturess (Nate for short :P)
Secret I.D: Sierra I. Bowen
Powers: Power to control weather
*Emotions can affect weather
*Past is.....questionable

Sierra Izabel Bowen was born to charlotte and Norman Bowen July 29.
Norman had past issues working with the League of Shadows.
He eventually was killed off by...
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posted by Robin_Love
Klarion walked into towards one of the cells. He could hear movement in the other “rooms” but ignored them. He turned down several corridors and halted in front of a single cell. Three inch doors of pure steel guarded the occupant. He touched the door, smoothing his fingers over.
“Cell 1398. Hmm. Just who I was looking for.”
Klarion moved to the lock, pressing in a number of sequences. The doors slid open with a hiss and Klarion walked into the room. His cat followed behind him, entering the dimly lit room with caution. The Witch boy walked up to a tank filled with purple liquid. A girl...
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posted by Skittles98
“Who are you?” I demanded, lifting Kalder’s un-moving body in my arms.
“My name is Tula. I’m a friend of Kalder” she said. I grinded my teeth at the pressure of my broken arm.
“Do Du need any help with him?” Tula asked as I carried him to the infirmary.
“My masters once told me to embrace pain, for it makes a stronger warrior” I sagte as I laid Kalder down on the bed. I clicked my comm. unit.
“Guys, get to the infirmary right now. It’s Kalder” I sagte quickly. A Minute later, the team was standing with Kalder. I felt Wally’s hand rest on my shoulder. Even though he was...
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posted by Skittles98
 ^My kick a$$ dress and shoes!!!
^My kick a$$ dress and shoes!!!
“Robin, want to head to Olympus with me?” I asked him
“Sure, why not?” he agreed
“Okay, wear something nice, but comfortable to dance in” I instructed
“Got it. What are Du going to wear?” Robin asked
“Not sure yet. I’ll meet Du back here in an hour.” I informed him, turning to walk to my room. He grabbed my shoulder. I turned back to him.
“I never got to tell Du this earlier, but Du look beautiful” he kissed me on the cheek. I blushed. I walked to my room and looked through my closet. I couldn’t find anything. I turned on my computer and went straight for MSN. Megan...
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