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posted by Becca_Shade
The FanFic Challenge request from DeltaYJ

Artemis lay in the grass, feeling the breeze roll over her. She closed her eyes against the sun, feeling it warm her body. She heard footsteps and then something shaded her face. Opening her eyes, Artemis smiled when she saw Dick above her.
“Hey,” she said.
He leaned down. Pressing a KISS to her lips. Artemis smiled up at him. She moved her head from the gras, grass to his lap. He rubbed her back and Artemis purred.
“Are Du tired kitty?” Dick asked.
“Meow,” Artemis answered with a nod.
Dick laughed and kissed her again.
“You wanna go do something?” he asked.
“Sure,” Artemis answered.
She sat up and stahl, stola a quick KISS before standing. Dick stared at her for a Minute and stood. He grabbed her hand and she entwined their fingers together. They walked down to Happy Harbor, pleased that they had a Tag to themselves. Dick lead her into the Eis Shop and Artemis was instantly awake. Her boyfriend was the best.
“What flavor do Du want?” Dick asked as he sat her at a table.
“This one,” Artemis answered.
She leaned up, Küssen him. When she pulled away, Dick smiled and flicked her forehead. Artemis gave him a fake pout.
“You can have that flavor later,” Dick teased.
“Okay. I guess mint Schokolade chip will have to hold me over.”
Dick stuck his tongue out before moving to the counter. Artemis looked outside, Lost in thought. Dick may be younger than her, but he was also a lot Mehr mature than most of the boys she knew. And he was sweet. Sure, he had his childish moments. But everyone did at one point oder another. She sighed deeply, happy. It was the first time in her life she'd truly been happy. And she knew Dick felt the same. She could tell when they had these rare moments. oder when he would hug her tenderly. Even when he almost possessively touched her arm when they would make out. Artemis smiled and was brought back to earth Von the smell of her ice cream.
“Here Du are m'lady,” Dick sagte with a playful bow.
Artemis smiled, taking the cone from him.
“Why thank Du kind sir.”
Dick sat across from her with a Schokolade cone in his hand and Artemis wrapped her legs around one of his. Dick trapped them with his other leg and Artemis smiled.

The rain poured hard on her as Artemis sat outside. She didn't know why but something had made her want be outside. Now it was raining and she didn't have the energy to move. She herd footsteps and an umbrella covered her. Dick knelt down beside her.
“Hey there kitty,” he whispered. “Are Du a stray?”
Artemis turned to him, half her face buried in her arms. She gave a small nod and Dick smiled.
“You wanna come Home with me? I have Essen and a warm bett for you. I'll take good care of Du if Du do come stay with me. What do Du say?”
Artemis smiled.
Dick's smile grew and he handed Artemis the umbrella. He scooped her up bridal style and Artemis nuzzled against his neck.
“Ready to go home, kitty?”
“Meow,” Artemis said.
Dick gave her several Eskimo kisses followed Von a quick peck before walking into the base. He had already checked and knew it would be there's for the weekend. Wally was at his house, Kaldur was in Atlantis, and Megan and Connor were in their apartment. Dick walked into Artemis' room and sat her on the bed. He started to Bewegen away, but Artemis didn't let go. Dick laughed.
“I'll be back,” he whispered. “Get changed and I'll be right back.”
Artemis licked his neck, mewing slightly before she let go. Dick smiled at her and left the room, closing the door. Artemis stripped from her wet clothes and into dry ones. She blow dried her hair and sat back on her bed. Dick came back, two mugs in his hand. He handed her one and Artemis drank the hot chocolate. They cuddled together on her bett and Artemis just now realized he'd grown taller than she was. She melted into him and put her head on his shoulder.
“I Liebe you,” she whispered, looking up at him.
He looked down with a warming smile.
“I Liebe Du too.”
He gave her a KISS and then shifted to look at her better.
“Since the others are away, we have the whole place to ourselves for the weekend. And Bruce gave me the week off so we can do whatever Du want. What do Du think?”
Artemis smiled and looked at him, placing a hand over his heart.
“I think Du KISS pretty whelmingly.”
Dick smiled at her. He leaned vorwärts-, nach vorn till their foreheads were touching.
“I'm glad Du think so. Cause Du might want to practice.”
“Care to Zeigen me how it's done?”
“Happy to.”
Their lips touched and they couldn't hear the rain anymore. All the could hear was their hearts and all they could feel was each other. That's how they wanted it.
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Right where Du want me

The whole team was hanging out in the mountain. Bored. Miss Martian was slowly flipping through her cook book in the kitchen. Artemis was making arrows in the corner of the room on the floor. She sighed when she looked at the giant pile she had and continued. Robin was at the couch watching the T.V and clicking buttons on his laptop glancing at pictures of criminals, who were already in jail. Aqualad was half asleep, flipping through channels. And Conner was just sitting, still with eyes on the T.V, asking constantly for Aqualad to go back to another channel.
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posted by Robin_Love
 the wolf
the wolf
Okay so for story purposes, I changed ages. So Dick, Becca, and Zatanna are around sixteen maybe seventeen. Artemis is eighteen and Kendra is about fifteen/sixteen. And it's only Zatanna, Dick, and Artemis from the show.

Dick Grayson walked down the road towards home. The streetlamps lit his way while the wind blew to it's merry tune. The sun had set hours before and the moon had risen to a perfect crescendo. He looked at his watch and then away. Eleven at night was early for him. But he had wanted to leave the party earlier than that. He usually stayed out later, not having any family to go...
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posted by Skittles98
Robin was alone at the mountain. oder so he thought. Really, a certain female archer was residing there as well while the rest of the team was out. Robin hacked the speakers and started playing the song Secrets Von One Republic. He looked around, then started to sing.

I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kind of boring
Need something that I can confess

Artemis was just minding her own business when her Favorit song came on the sound system. She raised an eyebrow, but sung along regardless.

Till all my sleeves are stained red
From all the truth that I've said
Come Von it honestly...
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"You will be a hero Du will live again life will be reborn only Du will remember to undo your death and start all over will be reborn as Du but with new powers."

Ugh where am I?I looked around I was Home in my bed.
"Onee-chan?your Home where else would Du be?"
Dusk!!Its really you!!!I missed you!!!
"Onee-chan did Du have a bad dream oder something?"
Huh?no Dusk I just wanted to hug you.
"Well come on hiru-gohan is served!"
Ohio!Mom and Dad.Mom was eating and dad was Lesen a newspaper Whats going on?they`re supposed to be dead im suppossed to be dead!
"Onee-chan?are`nt Du hungry?"
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posted by Skittles98
”It will be a fight to the death. Who will win? Who will die? Place your bets!” Roulette announced. Black Canary and Huntress stood on either side of us. I stood back to back with Green Arrow.
“So, which one of us takes Huntress and who takes Canary?” he asked
“Neither” I said. I made a ball of light around Black Canary and then shoved Huntress in. I brought it closer.
“Canary! It’s me, Night!” I said. She screamed her supersonic scream. I Lost concentration and fell to my knees. The bubble faded. Huntress brought out her crossbow and shot at us.
“Now, we may need to fight...
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posted by Candy77019
 "The birthday girl!"
"The birthday girl!"
I flew into the familiar greenish mountain and found my teammates in the Mission Room, along with Batman and Red Tornado.
"The birthday girl!" Robin greeted as I came up beside him.
Batman looked at the computer screen. "The daughter of wealthy company owner, Jack Nelson, is the Weiter target for the League of Shadows. We have word that they are sending an assassin after her." He looked firm. "In the Weiter few hours, the team is to watch her every step, just in case. Can Du handle that?"
Superboy scoffed. "With my powers, I can handle anything."
Megan gave him a stern look before answering. "We...
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posted by Denelys
"The Joker escaped from Arkaham Asylum and is somewhere in the Gotham vicinity,The league has another mission so we are giving Du a Legue mission.Once captured the Joker Berichten back Do not mess around oder Gotham is going to suffer the consequences of your actions and that goes specificly for Du Kid Flash."
The Batman had his backs to us as he de-briefed.
"Im not that reckless!am I?"Wally sagte with a mouthfull of Doritos.
You are not Wally,but Du have to focus Mehr on the mission and less on being the best and goofing off.
No prob.I was the only one out of uniform,Something is wrong I...
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