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If Du have these symptoms Du may have Fangirlitis
[In no particular order]
a)You cant go a Tag without seeing a YJ episode
b)You find yourself Tagträumen about YJ
c)You get mad when Du see your Favorit character with another girl/boy
d)You laugh at a YJ joke even when it's not funny
f)You have been called "obsessed" with the Zeigen Mehr than once
g)You giggle like a fangirl on crack when Du see a Slash couple
h)You screamed "ARTEMIS!" at the same time Wally did when she died in Failsafe
i)You cried when Robin and Wally died in Failsafe
j)You are constantly doodling pictures about YJ
k)You say "Hello Megan!" even if your names not Megan
l)You are always questing the English language
m)You have tried to fly, control water, read minds, etc.
n)You have tried to take up archery
o)You tried to schlagen, punsch a hole in solid concrete like Robin did [Downtime]
p)You get angry at the word "Sidekicks"
q)You tried to get your Friends to watch YJ
r)You try to make every conversation about YJ
s)You say "Whelmed" "Traught" and "Aster" a lot
t)You constantly ask yourself "What would (YJpersonhere) do?"
u)Every night Du force yourself to dream about YJ
v)You constantly wish YJ was real
w)You are always making Zitate from the show
x)You have been labeled "Fangirl"
y)You realized most of this Liste is true about you
z)You want me to make another Liste just because its about Young Justice
posted by Mclovin_69
Willow laughed as Wally tried to throw a peice of popcorn in his mouth but kept making the popcorn hit his face. " Hey wanna watch a movie?" Wally asked putting down the popcorn and putting in a movie, " do i have a choice" she asked laughing, " no.." he sagte in a flirty tone, he sat down Weiter to her and puthis arm around her as she cuddled into his chest, what Willow didnt know is that the movie was scary.

Willow yelled at the Tv, " DONT GO IN THE CLOSET NO NO!" as she covered her eyes, Wally looked down at her with a smile, just as planned Wally thought to himself, she screamed again and covered...
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posted by Robin_Love
“What did Du do?”
Wally looked up from eating his sandwich to stare into Robin's upset face.
“Rebecca's upset and won't talk to me. sagte Du did something.”
Robin leaned in close, anger visible through his mask.
“What did Du do?”
Wally scooted back a little. He'd seen Robin angry but this was weird. Didn't the Boy Wonder know that she was only playing with his head?
“Nothing! I just...warned her not to hurt anyone on the team.”
It wasn't the truth but it was close enough for Wally's taste.
Wally rubbed the spot on his head that Robin had slapped.
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posted by Robin_Love
 Rebecca Stevens
Rebecca Stevens
“If I didn't know any better,” Wally started, “I'd say someone was following us.”
“You mean like people always do?” Artemis responded.
Wally nodded. He looked around them. It was early morning and no body should have been awake. The only reason the team wasn't at the mountain was because Batman had decided to wake them up earlier than normal so they could patrol. And Robin was totally awake! Even Wally wasn't awake as fast as Robin. Then again, the boy only got like four hours of sleep in a day. Wally yawned, feeling his feet start to drag. First he felt only the early sun shinning...
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posted by Skittles98
“Who are you?” I demanded, lifting Kalder’s un-moving body in my arms.
“My name is Tula. I’m a friend of Kalder” she said. I grinded my teeth at the pressure of my broken arm.
“Do Du need any help with him?” Tula asked as I carried him to the infirmary.
“My masters once told me to embrace pain, for it makes a stronger warrior” I sagte as I laid Kalder down on the bed. I clicked my comm. unit.
“Guys, get to the infirmary right now. It’s Kalder” I sagte quickly. A Minute later, the team was standing with Kalder. I felt Wally’s hand rest on my shoulder. Even though he was...
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I Liebe songs from limonade mouth band so, I could resist to put the song from this band again XD Jk Happy new Jahr guys! :D Thx for watching
Young Justice
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have Du ever wondered what Kaldur does on those lonely days at the mountain? Well, this is just ONE day

The rest of the team was away at school, like every other weekday. Therefore, I was alone here at the Cave. I tried to put myself to work, I really did! But it was just so boring with no one here. Even listening to Artemis and Wally argue was Mehr exciting. I sat down on the couch and flicked on the news.
“The President has called in the Swat to watch over him while he is in a conference with Wayne Industries, fearful that there may be an assassination attempt on either him oder Mister Bruce...
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