Young Justice OC'S!!! BE IN A FANFIC Von ME!!!!!!

ShadowYJ posted on Sep 08, 2012 at 09:23AM
Now that I'm in the mood, I was thinking of writing a fanfic and I need AS MANY OC's AS POSSIBLE. (Villains are welcome too)


Just list:
Name (ID) (Say if unknown):
Hero Name:
Past (I need the full version):
Powers (If not powers, list abilities):
Other (Anything else you like to add):

Thanks and...Adios!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Gunfire said…
Name: Twan
Hero Name: Gunfire
Appearance: Spykey blond hear, blauw eyes, about 1,80 meters.
Civvies: a leather blak jacked, red t shird and a blauw jeans.
Costume: (see pictur)
Past: Guntire was just a regular geek who got bulied his entyer live, one day he disidet to hit back, he bout a pair of guns ant pland to hold his bullys hosteg to punis them, but before he could complete the plan badman stop him and he was lockd up in Ahrkam, wher hw was the yougest inmate ever, wher he met tje Joker whe traind him, thoud him evry ting to suvive in gothams underworld and took care of him when nown els could, whe i was releasd he was one of Gothams moste feard gunsligers, after a fewe years working fore Jokwe and somtimes freelancing, he disie to focus more unprotecting the supresd instaed of punising the supresers and whit the help of nigtwing (his old advasery) he was abel to join the team.
Skills: He is an experd marksman, he loveves to invent newe gageds, experd with explosifs, knowes howe to make an use Joker toxin (he makes his version of the toxin weaker to only knok pepol out fore a fewe houwers), Imum to Joker toxin, hase a lot of contakt and noleg of Gotham underworld.
Personality: Loyal, wiling to do anyting to protect the pepol he cares about, a bit of a hod head somtimes, shoret temperd somtimes, intellectuwal.
His left arm is a mecanical arm sinds he lost hes real arm in a figt, thad is why he made this one to replace it.
His pistols, can shut every kind of amo in ecistance also trk ano like shok an gas bullets, the pistols also have a flamthrower and full aotomatik mode.
He oly kills out of a last resord (lukly he never hade to)
 Name: Twan Hero Name: Gunfire Appearance: Spykey blond hear, blauw eyes, about 1,80 meters. Civv
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AislingYJ said…
Ooh me me me!!!!!!

Name: Aisling Carter
Hero Name: Dimension (she usually doesn't use it)
Appearance: about 5'8"/5'9", solid build, wavy dark brown hair that she always wears in a ponytail, blue-green eyes, freckles
Civvies: purple hoodie sweatshirt, baggy black sweatpants, black vans
Costume: see pic below, minus the roller skates and helmet xD
Past: Aisling was orphaned as a young child and picked up by Axxis the leader of an evil organization named Kaos (which I made up...not that it mattered :P). He tried to give her powers, but when it failed, he planned to kill her. She escaped, though, and found the team, and joined without telling them her past. When Axxis tried to capture her again, he hacked her mind, trying to corrupt it so that she would turn against the team, but it didn't work, and erased all memories of her past. He tried to capture her once more, and gave her powers and tried to turn her into a spy, but this again didn't work, and she ended up killing him.
Powers: flight, strength, her main power is that she can gauge measurements such as distance, speed, time, etc.
Skills: martial arts/hand to hand combat, her gauging power means that she has a very good sense of direction and can usually create an accurate mental map of any place she's been before.
Personality: at first: quiet, tomboyish, slightly shy, tough on the outside but sensitive and caring inside, doesn't like to show strong sadness or seam weak. When she's around her best friends: similar, but she can sometimes be weird or silly.
Other: she has 2 rats, Rascal and Rogue. Her gauging power fails whenever she is seriously injured, and it returns when she goes back to normal. Do NOT give her caffeine, she will go INSANE. And if she's on Valium, she will get to be insane and extremely...let's just go with "weird" here.. (for more info, read my one-shot "Sedation and Seduction")
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 Ooh me me me!!!!!! Name: Aisling Carter Hero Name: Dimension (she usually doesn't use it) Appear
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Obscurity98 said…
Name (ID) (Say if unknown): Harley Mei Kent McKenzie

Hero Name: (FKA) Obscurity (know as now) Harley

Appearance: feminine but muscular, long black hair, reaches her knees, light tan skin, but not caucasian.

Civvies: Jean shorts, black v neck, combat boots

Costume: PIC! (minus the mask, and its black....)

Past (I need the full version): Created by The Labs, man made creation. escaped at age 5, and met one day with YJ, she had always admired JL, and one day while trying to stop a robbery, they chased her thinkikng she was the culprit. They chased off a building, and Red Arrow caught her. Batman also once saved her life as a child, she has Krypton DNA, she lived with Lois and Clark for a time....Red Arrow got her on the team and she dated him 4 a while, then broke up with him, got with Aqualad, and left him when he went"evil" she is now married to Skylar.

Powers (If not powers, list abilities): Element control, can become those elements. Flight, invulnerability, super strength,

Skills: hand to hand combat (REALLY GOOD) swords and whips, agility

Personality: Serious, quick temper, flirtatious, doesnt like being told what to do, funny and happy, sad alot, and has a hard time trusting ppl she dont know
Other (Anything else you like to add):
 Name (ID) (Say if unknown): Harley Mei Kent McKenzie Hero Name: (FKA) Obscurity (know as
Vor mehr als einem Jahr InfinityYJ said…

Name (ID) (Say if unknown): Kyra Grayson (unknown)
Hero Name: Infinity. Prefers Fin.
Appearance: long, black hair, going down a little past her waist. When she’s in civvies she ‘shortens’ it to about mid-back. Her bangs cover the left side of her face. blue eyes, always covered by either a mask or sunglasses. She’s thin, really thin, and a little shorter than Robin (however tall he is).
Civvies: Pink or black hoodie-shirt, jean shorts, black converse, sunglasses, white fedora
Costume: Bronze-gold minidress, domino mask, black high-heeled boots, fingerless gloves, black utility belt
Past (I need the full version): When her parents died at age 8/9, she ran away, not wanting to face the police. She ran into Slade (Deathstroke, w/e) and foolishly believed him when he told her he could make the pain ‘disappear.’ He trained her, gave her powers, and when she was thirteen she re-met her twin bro Robin and ditched Slade for the team.
A bunch of other stuff happened. She discovered her ‘phoenix mode’ by dying and resurrecting into a little girl name McKenzie, then becoming herself again, and now she can’t age... Yay.
Powers (If not powers, list abilities): fire, flight, telepathy, ability to change appearance. Oh, and phoenix mode, which is basically her like burning holes in everything she touches.
Skills: martial arts/hand to hand, throwing knives, acrobatics
Personality: Female Robin with anger issues.
Other (Anything else you like to add): she loves her iPod and refuses to go anywhere without it.

I dunno if you want me to explain 'phoenix mode', but it's basically you pissed her off to much. :D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Eclipse-YJ said…
Name (ID) (Say if unknown): Pandora (but everyone calles her phoebe) Katia Shanelle Alice Spade (use to be rouge but she is now married)

Hero Name: Eclipse (but alice to some people who have been in arkham asylum)

Appearance: Brownie-black bob cut hair with a side fringe that covers her right eye, bright pure green eyes, sexy and beautiful figure, metalic metal nails

Civvies: Black convers heels, black and white striped socks that come up to her thighs, black lacy gothic shorts, black gothic lacy top, a choker with her omega necklace on which she wears 24/7, black wrist gloves, dark black eye makeup

Costume: (look at the pic)

Past (I need the full version): Unknown but all anyone knows is her whole family (all 126) were murdered and she has become on of the richest people in the world and that she went missing for 10 years after her parents were killed 4 hours after her birth (she is a triplet BTW but her sisters arnt alive)...

Powers (If not powers, list abilities): Extremely Powerful Magic (which she can do almost anything with), Black Wings, Adamantium Skin and Finger Nail Claws (30cm), Good Gymnast, street fighter and kung fu artist, She is trained to use guns and swords to a very high rate and also most fighting styles, carrys a Vorpal Blade (that can kill anyone or thing), Butterfly Dodge (her body turns into blue and black butterflys for a moment to move out of the way of something), Extreme senes, super strenght (in adamantium mode), smoke travling (body turns into jet of black smoke

Skills: Has lots of different dresses some woth specil abilitys, makes potions and has spell books and magic items, pet raven called roulette and an X-jet (black bird RS-37), daughter/reincanation of God and the Devil, can drive any car or veical and usually at 80 mph or faster and is a very skilled driver

Personality: Has and usually doesn't show emotions, but will give her life to save her friends and will switch places with them if a second away from being hurt or death...

Other (Anything else you like to add): Just remember that She is a god, she can basicly do ANYTHING and SHE CAN'T FEEL PAIN OR DIE NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO HER and she has a rather sinister style of doing things and HER VORPAL BLADE CAN AND WILL KILL ANYTHING EVEN WITH A SMALL SCRATCH oh and her hair is short when not on a mission and long when she is

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 Name (ID) (Say if unknown): Pandora (but everyone calles her phoebe) Katia Shanelle Alice spaten (use
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BladeYJ said…
Name (ID) (Say if unknown): Blade! (Known)

Hero Name: Blade.

Appearnce: She has short blonde hair, red eyes, tan/pale skin, she is 5'11 and weighs 140 lbs.
Civvies: A shirt (in general) skinny jeans and red converse.

Costume: A black jacket over a red shirt, shorts, gloves, and combat boots.

Past (I need the full version): Blade's Mom left with her brother, that she was very close to, when she was six. Leaving her and her sister alone to face her dad. Her dad came home in search of Blade, he wanted her to use as a weapon, in her sister's attempt to stop him he shot her. He found Blade and raised her. She has killed many people in her days. She escaped at the age of 15 and found the team. Her brother found her recently.

Powers (If not powers, list abilities): Can teleport (it only work 75% of the time), her eyes change color and she can read minds. Also she was given a blood transfusion from Skylar, so now every time she gets really mad her eyes turn yellow and she gets very aggressive. It's almost impossible to control.

Skills: Blade is extremely good at hand-to-hand combat, from her past training as an ex-assassin. She is so skilled she can predict someone's attack before they make it, giving her an advantage in battle. She can play piano, bass, and sing very well. Another thing she is trained well in Marksmanship.. her reload time is 1.5 seconds. Her main gun is a shotgun ;).
Also when she get aggravated and her eyes change she is hard to control! Lastly, as mentioned before, she has trained herself to take a lot of pain.

Personality: She is very bitchy, not the bitchy that talks about people and back-stabs 'em, the bitchy that doesn't take shit and if you look at her wrong she'll cut you. She is nice mostly to her friends or people she likes. She's headstrong/stubborn, will not take no for an answer. Blade is not afraid to kill. She usually automatically hates new-comers until she actually talks to 'em. She loves to spar with people. So far she is undefeated. Not very talkative any more. Bade doesn't like crying in front of people or talking about her problems, so she is quite defensive if you ask her "What's wrong?", the only person she really gives into is her boyfriend Terror. She hates giving up in a pursuit or fight. She has trained her self to take A LOT of pain, but too much will cause her to stop. Blade loves teasing people and usually always has a smirk on her face! Last thing.. Her attitude is always cold now and she will now curse more often!

Other (Anything else you like to add): Blade Does have a wolf tail and ears but they only show up if she wants them to. Her brother's name is Dante!
Also she has MAJOR anger problems.. :D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Hot_ShotYJ said…
Name: Sebastienne Bellerose Moran (Seb)

Hero Name: Hot Shot

Appearance: Straight long brown-ish blond hair, crystal blue eyes, tall.

Civvies: leather jacket, dark blue jeans, skull V neck shirt, silver rings and her father's military dog chain.

Costume: Brown combat boots, her father's military dog chain, bullet shell belt, black leather jacket, spiked brass knuckles, tigh and sholder holsters for her guns and her favourite rifle, and usually wears her hair in a ponytail when on a job.

Past: Her father was in the military, and later became an assassin and the second most dangerous man in london and america. Sebastienne was born in London and moved around a lot. Everything she knows was taught by her father. When Sebastienne was growning up her father was killed by another assassin. She later met Connor and grew up with him. She became an assassin but only kill for good and to get revenge for what happened to her father.

Powers: She heals and can also heal others as well. She DOES age, she just heals when she is wounded.

Skills: Snipper but also a gunwoman, assassin, trained in hand-to-hand combat, black belt martial artist.

Personality: can be kind when she wants to be, serious, tomboy, does not hesitate when hurting people, courageous, clever, and dangerous judging by her past and her father.
 Name: Sebastienne Bellerose Moran (Seb) Hero Name: Hot Shot Appearance: Straight long brown-i