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Obscurity98 posted on Jul 31, 2012 at 09:53PM
I'll be writing a new fan fic, and i want to know who wants to be in it. Only up to ten please! Heres what i need:
Brief Bio:


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr CoaxochYJ said…
Name: Coaxoch

ID: Mellisa Adams

Age: 13 (Other than thats its hard to explain! XP)

Relationship: Fangs daughter

Appearance: 5'8, long black hair that reaches her elbow, green eyes.

Costume: *Snikers* Her civies

Personality: Bubbly, doesnt like to burden friends with her problems. She isnt afraid of what most would be, *Example: When Skylar morphed into his inner beast, she approached him as if nothing was different* She loves chess, and can play just about every instrument perfectly!

Powers: Morphs into a dragon when hugged by the opposing sex*Or under to much stress, which rarely happens*, super human strength, and levitation *Self, others, and objects*

Brief Bio: Not much is known about Mels past, but she found Akham, saved lifes, and loved it, she found the team and joined.

Note: When morphed into a dragon her clothes are often scattered and she ends up morphing back naked. Loves kids! And gets a little uneasy around men she doesnt know.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr FangYJ said…
Name: Brendan Adams

ID: Fang

Age: 15

Relationship: Engaged to Devin :D/Coaxoch's father

Appearance: Black shaggy hair that stops infront of his eyes.

Costume: It's kinda hard to explain so I'll post a picture.

Personality: Kind of drawn back, doesn't talk much, shows little emotion.

Powers: Flight (wings), super senses, super-strength (not superman strength but above averge man strength), if he stands still long enough he'll blend into his surroundings.

Brief Bio: An experiment in a place called "The School" escapes at age 10 with other kids.

Note: DON'T touch his wings, or hurt/touch/flirt with Devin in sort of way, or he WILL and CAN hurt you >:D Don't hurt Mel either. Or things won't be so pretty.
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 Name: Brendan Adams ID: Fang Age: 15 Relationship: Engaged to Devin :D/Coaxoch's father A
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Eclipse-YJ said…
Name: Pandora/ Phoebe Katia Shanelle Spade/Rouge

ID: Eclipse or (to people how have been to arkham asylum, Alice)

Age: 14 (but if she dresses right and stuff she can make herself look much older)

Relationship: Married to Dylan Spade (Notte)

Appearance: Dark brown hair medium lenght, pure green eyes that glow purple when she uses magic and be used as an optic energy beam or to hypnotize, slim and sex body and face

Costume:Royal Blue Dress, White apron with 2 pockets with black symbols on them, Black and white striped Tights, black buckle boots, Omega Necklace, White bow with Skull in the middle, the most important part is her Omega necklace with she wears 24/7

Personality: Has a rather sinister style at speaking and saying things, Never gives up and is very quiet, always has a back up plan, never panics and isn't afraid to take death defing risks to save her friends

Powers: Extremely Powerful Magic (which she can do almost anything with), Black Wings, Adamantium Skin and Finger Nail Claws (30cm), Good Gymnast, street fighter and artist, She is trained to use guns and swords to a very high rate and also most fighting styles, carrys a Vorpal Blade (that can kill anyone or thing), Butterfly Dodge (her body turns into blue and black butterflys for a moment to move out of the way of something), Extreme senes, super strenght (in adamantium mode), smoke travling (body turns into jet of black smoke)

Brief Bio: -classifed-

Note:Has lots of different uniforms some woth specil abilitys, makes potions and has spell books and magic items, pet raven called roulette and an X-jet (black bird RS-37), daughter/reincanation of God and the Devil she is an X-men, SHEILD agent, Avengers, her weaknesses are Runs out of energy for Magic, Extreme Damage to her body, Enought blows to the head or spine, Hurt or Use Notte as a hostage, mention her past (arkham asylum, weapon x process

 Name: Pandora/ Phoebe Katia Shanelle Spade/Rouge ID: Eclipse oder (to people how have been to arkham
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Pixel_KitYJ said…
Name: Kyra Grayson (unknown to anyone...)
ID: Infinity, prefers Fin
Age: 13
Relationship: Achilles/ Adrian Martin
Appearance: black hair that covers left side of face, thin, gold eyes
Costume: bronze/gold mini-dress, black boots and fingerless gloves
Personality: fem. robin with anger issues (i don't like doing personality things.)
Powers: fire, flight, telepathy, the ability to change appearance and phoenix mode
Brief Bio: after parents died, raised by deathstroke/slade, rescued by team. killed by chelsea, reincarnated.
Note: loves her iPod. A lot. She won't go anywhere without it... Has a strong relationship with Robin (her bro) and her sisters (Delta and Devin, if they manage to be in this.)
Gold (any type, shape or form) can kill her.

**Phoenix mode: lights on fire and becomes kind of serious, and a different person. This only happens when she's really angry, and she only gets angry when someone pisses her off to all hell. Right before she goes into it, she fights with herself and others who are telling her to "calm down", saying she has control, but she doesn't. You don't want to be too close to her when it happens, especially if you're not a fire caster or impenetrable to fire. She won't come out of phoenix mode until she's exacted 'revenge' on the person who angered her. 'Revenge' varies every time, from a fatal injury or a simple warning. When it's over, she faints from overuse of power.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ThunderbladeYJ said…
Name: Aisling Carter
ID: Dimension (not normally used)
Age: 15
Relationship: Jackson Cohn/Thunderblade
Appearance: 5'9", solid build, short wavy dark brown hair (ponytail), blue-green eyes, freckles
Costume: purple domino mask (shows her eyes), purple sequiney shirt, green pants, combat boots, elbow length fishnet gloves
Personality: quiet, tomboyish, slightly shy, tough on the outside but sensitive/caring inside, doesn't like to show extreme sadness or be percieved as weak or useless
Powers: flight, strength, gauges measurements
Brief Bio: orphan, adopted by Axxis leader of Kaos, he tried to kill her because she was a failure but she got away, he erased all memories of her past
Note: Um......note? No idea..
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BladeYJ said…
Name: Blade Serenity Howard
ID: Blade
Age: 16
Relationship: Terror's girlfriend

Appearance: Blonde hair that comes down to her mid-back and hangs somewhat in her face. Her eyes are naturally red but can change color.

Costume: Fitted top (crimson), with black jacket, crimson choker, shorts that go mid thigh, with a knife around her thigh, and black combat boots.
Personality: A bitch! Doesn't take ahit from no one! You threaten her an she will attempt to scare/kill you. She will be nice sometimes. She loves teasing people. She's very sarcastic and headstrong.

Powers: Teleports and reads/controls minds! Also she uses guns and knives, she's a pro with em! She is also agile and fast! Never gives up in a pursuit!

Brief Bio: her dad killed her sister, Kelsey, in front of her when she was 6. She discovered her powers and tried to run away. Her dad found her and abused her, trained her to be an assassin. She's killed many people. She finally got away,l and joined the team! BTW her mom died too.

Note: When's she is possesed her ees are black and when she mad her eyes go from red to dark crimson!! BOOPP!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Gunfire said…
Name: Gunfire
ID: Tan
Age: 17
Relationship: Boyfriend of Lyla
Appearance: Blond hear, Bluew ey's.
Costume: Mostly just a blak leater jacket, wet a lot of pockets( most on the inside), a utilaty beld fild with ammo, explosifes and gagedes, and a dark bleu (olwost black) jeans, with 2 bog pocktes wher he keeps his guns.
Personality: (over)protective, a bit of a hod head,
Powers: Experd marksman, expert with guns and explosives, and makes a lot of gaged.
Brief Bio: Gufire was just a normal geek who got bullyd his intyer live, until he dicidet to hit bacvk at the age of 12 he bout a pair og guns but before ket could compleat his pland badman stobed, him he was send to Ahrkam asylum, whe he met the Joker who thud him evry thing he knew.

Note: Treated Lyla and he wil shoot you, he does not kill, knowes howe to make joker Toxin and is imumum to it, he lead a smal army called the Red army (RA fore short) and his left arm is mecanical frome unerd his shoulder, becaus his arm got cut of in a figt.
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