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Punk__Heart posted on Jul 26, 2012 at 08:41PM
Hey guys so I got a cool idea for a new article and I want some OCs in it. I'll be taking up to 13 OCs and the following information will be required:

Name: (please mention if their identity is unknown to the team)
Clothing (civvies and mission please):
Relationship (if applicable):
Enemies (if applicable, please list their powers too):
Bio (please be brief):


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr MercyYJ said…
Name: Bella (call her Mercy) Watson
Alias: Mercy
Age: 16
Appearance: short and curly orange hair with a blue streak underneath in the back, blue eyes, around 5'7"
Clothing (civvies and mission please): Civies: White blouse with light jean jacket, black skinny jeans, tan belt, beige heels. Hero outfit: Kinda hard to describe... So I'll give you the simple one. Black skinny pants, black tshirt, olive colored jacket and gloves, combat boots and a black utility belt
Personality: Around the team: Random and upbeat. One-on-one: Down to earth and toned down, not afraid to speak her mind
Powers: hot-head!
Relationship (if applicable): It's complicated! XD
Enemies (if applicable, please list their powers too): International secret society called "The Cloak"... Very deathly and she doesn't like to bring it up with the team, Maura: Black magic
Bio (please be brief): Killed her family in a house fire when she was 6, formed a team in which everyone (except her) was killed by Maura, began traveling the world at age 12 and was forcefully recruited onto the team at age 16
Knows around 50 languages and will sometimes randomly burst out in one
Is an extremely good fighter but doesn't show it a lot, just to make Batman P.O-ed
Has a large arsenal of various herbs and spices which she uses to make tea and help heal herself
No one has ever been or seen inside her room. EVER.
Has a mind like Sherlock Holmes but doesn't like to tell people about it because she considers it a curse.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SilverWingsYJ said…
Name: Aryess Weston (confidential!)

Alias: SilverWings

Age: 14

Appearance: 5'5", fair hair (in a braid as a hero, loose as a civvie), light grey eyes, silver angel-charm that she ALWAYS wears.

Clothing: Hero: black leather jacket with grey cloth hood and sleeves, dark denim jeans, grey tank-top, grey bandana as a mask, black combat boots, concealed hidden blade, knife belt, and arm sheath.
Civvies: varies but for standard, check pic.

Personality: mature for her age, but often acts like a kid to keep up the good mood; trustworthy though doesn't trust many others; very friendly unless she feels threatened; stubborn.

Powers: no super powers, knife handling, martial arts, street fighting, mild acrobatics, espionage, pick-pocketing, "charming" people (sweet-talking/ kissing up).

Relationship (if applicable): South/ Tyler Stevenson

Enemies (if applicable, please list their powers too): just the Magistrate. No powers, just a rich jerk associated with -------.

Bio (please be brief): Parents died in a house fire when she was 7. Moved to Gotham with her brother. Got in trouble with gangs until she became apprenticed to Blaze. Brother went missing. Silver became a part of the team while looking for her him.

Other: Loves listening to music.
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 Name: Aryess Weston (confidential!) Alias: SilverWings Age: 14 Appearance: 5'5", fair hair (
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BloodyMascara_ said…
Name: Skylar McKenzie

Alias: Spyro

Age: Classified.

Appearance: 6'1, black hair with red highlights in his eyes, red eyes.

Clothing (civvies and mission please): Civies: Torn blue jeans and a leather jacket. Mission: Civies, wolf form. (Picture in Skylars gallery)

Personality: Dark and protective of everyone. Close or 'just friends'. Loving. Caring.

Powers: Flight (Wings he barely uses), Wolf Morph, can heal others with his angel gift(his hand(s) glow).

Relationship (if applicable): Married to Harley.

Enemies (if applicable, please list their powers too): Trinity Wolves(Super strong wolves only visible to whom wearing a special necklace(only one of those) or angels. Picture below.)

Bio (please be brief): After being cursed with trinity wolf blood(that allows him to morph), killed his family when the Trinity wolves triggered his other side(Wont be triggered here). He holds hate for them. He joined the team. (Breif enough for ya?)

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 Name: Skylar McKenzie Alias: Spyro Age: Classified. Appearance: 6'1, black hair with red hig
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Eclipse-YJ said…
Soz (I'm lazy and my keeypoard keeps going funny)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr EndgameYJ said…
Name: Kyra Grayson (unknown)
Alias: Infinity, prefers Fin
Age: 13
Appearance: black hair and bangs covering left side of face, blue eyes (always covered), thin
Civvies: pink sweater/shirt, ripped jeans shorts, white fedora, sunglasses, and black gladiator sandals
Costume: bronze/gold minidress, black boots and gloves, mask
Personality: GUH. She's a female Robin with anger management issues, resulting in lots of cussing. (I like to cuss.)
Powers: controls elements, but prefers fire, flight, is able to change appearance, and telepathy, phoenix mode**
Relationship (if applicable): Adrian Martin/Achilles
Enemies (if applicable, please list their powers too): Chelsea Inclere/Redstream: controls movement and creates portals (when this happens eyes glow red), Brennan Damned: can wipe peoples memories up to 3 months
Bio (please be brief): Parents died in circus, Deathstroke kidnapped her, when she was 13 she met the team (and her twin bro Robin) and joined.
Other: refuses to go anywhere without her iPod
**Phoenix mode is just waht it sounds like. She gets really angry, bursts into flame, and takes on a very serious personality. After she's defeated whoever's angered her (the only people ever able to do this were Chelsea and Brennan), she calms down and passes out.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Robin_Love said…
Name: Rory Munroe-Identity Unrevealed
Appearance:brown hair and brown eyes
Clothing (civvies and mission please): jeans, t-shirt, leather gloves, and chains for civies
Personality:Rory may seem quiet and shy but he is as random as the wind he controls.
Powers: Wind, acrobat, telepathy with Bella, master with guns, swords, and a chain.
Relationship: unknown
Enemies: none
Bio:Rory was born into a family of witch doctors living in Hawaii. When he was five, Rory was gifted with the power of wind. Whereas his family (originally from Italy) taught him the family trade, Rory was interested in acrobatics. His family disapproved. Rory was slowly loosing his mind and connection to his unique gift. For the sake of his family and town, Rory ran away. He hide away in the jungled mountains, meditating and training his mind, spirit, and body. He soon found a way to control his power but it required an ultimate sacrifice; staying away from those he loved. Rory soon became a master in the mystic arts his family had tried to teach him, as well as a master with swords and chains. He wandered the world for a time before going back to civilization. He watched and examined other heroes before daring to become one himself. It was Red Tornado who recruited him for the team. Rory has a snow-white hawk named Bella that he has a special link to.
Other: Since he has traveled, Rory has mastered many languages and fighting techniques. He loves his hawk Bella and thinks she is the only creature who will ever understand him. Rory goes along with what other people want, preferring to bite his tongue rather than loose his mind. Rory still fears he is loosing his mind, but does his best to keep himself in check. He wears ring and earrings to remind himself of the family he had to abandon and can never see. The one thing he never lets anyone touch is Bella. If he allows you to, you're special in his eyes.

posting pic of uniform
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 Name: Rory Munroe-Identity Unrevealed Alias:Agent Age:17 Appearance:brown hair and brown eyes Clo
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Obscurity98 said…
Name:Harley Mei Kent McKenzie

Alias: Harley

Age: 14 6 months

Appearance: 5'2, waist length black hair, black eyes, slightly lighter that a native america, but not white.

Clothing (civvies and mission please): in civvies, she has black low v neck tee, black leather pants, or skirt, which ever she decides to wear, chain choker necklace. hair loose, like always. her outfit is kinda hard to explain, so i'll just post a pic..

Personality: Loyal, stubborn, listens to orders, unless she knows she has to intervene/disobey, flirty, a fighter, rarely scared, loves to fight, negative personality if in the mood...yells alot.

Powers: Element control, flight, invulnerability, super strgnth, catlike fangs, retractable claws,( that look like Sabertooth's from the xmen, but only when they unsheathe) hand to hand combat, swords expert, rarely uses guns but knows how to use them, fancies whips.

Relationship (if applicable): Married to Skylar

Enemies (if applicable, please list their powers too): Fever, Lex Luthor, Dr. Varhiez (her creator), the trinity wolves, and all the other villain, and Klarion

Bio (please be brief): Created by Dr. Varhiez to help him conquer the earth, and enslave everyone, harley escaped at the age of five, she joined the team after Batman saved her life from a certtain fate as his own with her foster parents. Then Roy saved her life, giving her almost immediate liability to join.

Other: She once dated Roy until he physically abused her, then Kaldur who went rouge, then to Skylar, whom she plans to stick by forever.
She is also related to both Superman and boy, in which Superman had her at his home with Lois, and Batman considers her his surrogate daughter.
 Name:Harley Mei Kent McKenzie Alias: Harley Age: 14 6 months Appearance: 5'2, waist length b
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AislingYJ said…
Name: Aisling Carter
Alias: Dimension
Age: 15
Appearance: about 5'8", short wavy dark brown hair that she wears in a ponytail, blue-green eyes, freckles
Clothing (civvies): purple or gray hoodie sweatshirt, baggy sweatpants, black vans
Clothing (costume): green skinny pants, longish purple sequin shirt, combat boots, purple domino mask (it shows her eyes)
Personality: quiet, tomboyish, slightly shy, tough on the outside but sensitive and caring inside, loyal, doesn't like to show extreme sadness, sometimes can be hyper or random/weird, clumsy and uncoordinated.
Powers: flight, strength, gauges measurements (speed, time, distance, etc.), martial arts/hand to hand combat, occasionally knives
Relationship: Jackson Cohn/Thunderblade
Enemies: Tesla/Nick McLaugin. He is a recruit of Kaos sent to find Aisling and either bring her back to Kaos or if she won't comply, kill her. He also lusts after her and almost raped her at one point. His powers are magnetism and creating earthquakes.
Bio: Oh to hell with it. I'm never gonna write Wings of Kaos, so here: spoilers away!! She was orphaned as a child, Braxton Carter/Axxis (a leader of Kaos) found her and took her in, tried to give her powers. They didn't work, so he spurned her, she joined the team, he tried to get her back and hacked her mind, removing memories of her past. Then he tried to make her his spy, but she killed him and then found out he was her dad. The end.
Other: she has 2 rats, Rascal and Rogue. Did I mention yet that she's clumsy? Oh, and her theme song is "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ThunderbladeYJ said…
Name: Jackson Cohn
Alias: Thunderblade
Age: 14
Appearance: slightly wavy longish blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles, wears red-rimmed glasses
Clothing (civvies): red t-shirt, khaki shorts, sneakers or flip flops
Clothing (costume): green bodysuit with partial armor, partial metal mask
Personality: shy, quiet, prefers to be alone, doesn't talk much, determined, sometimes can be pushed around, kind, dangerous temper
Powers: communication with metal, magnetism, swordfighting
Weapons: swords, sometimes other blades
Relationship: Aisling Carter
Enemies: Tesla/Nick McLaugin (see Aisling above).
Bio: The illegitimate child of Joshua Cohn/Chardys (another leader of Kaos) and an unknown woman. Chardys threw Jackson as a baby in a metal containment cage thing that gave him his metal powers. He used Jackson as a weapon to do Kaos's evildoing and to try to kill Aisling, but he fell in love with her and decided to leave Kaos to join her in the team.
Other: Theme song is "What I've Done" by Linkin Park.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr InfinityYJ said…
Name: Carrie Hudnall
Alias: Endgame
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: tan skin, dark brown eyes, short, pixie-cut black hair, thin, average height
Abilities/Powers: can see how someone dies and when they die, sees through hearing (which is superhuman), hand-to-hand and katanas
Personality: a little clueless and dumb, not to mention shy, but has the hyperactivity that most firecasters have.
Costume: black bodysuit, gloves and combat boots, black ribbon that covers her eyes completely (no eye holes, nothing) and trails behind her
Civvies: yellow/white spaghetti strap summer dress that reaches her knees, white sandals, and tinted white sunglasses
She's blind.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ShadowYJ said…
Name: Dana Kylie Gracias (Unknown to the team)

Alias: Shadow

Age: 13

Appearance: Thick long wavy black hair, chocolate brown eyes, tanned skin, slender and muscular (for a girl)

Clothing (civvies and mission please):

Hero costume: Dark blue catsuit, black leather fingerless gloves, black leather lace-up boots, grey utility belt with holster for her revolver.

Civvies: White shirt, blue jeans, black boots and black jacket with hoodie.

Personality: Humorous, mischievous, immature, friendly, hyper, and stubborn

1. A very strong vivid photographic memory
2. Can intemperate sounds really well
3. Her brain is like a force-fireld (anyone with physic powers can't use their powers on her brain-its like a shield)
4. An expert martial artist (judo and tai quando)
5. Knows Eskrima (Philippines art of weapon fighting. Prefers to fight with twin eskrima sticks for that skill)
6. Can throw knives and fight with other various blades
7. Can design high tech equipment and weapons
8. Making highly dangerous death traps
9. Hacking and Technology
10. Car engineering
11. Making suits and clothing fit for heros with powers
12. Weapons expert-espiecally with guns
13. Very advanced in Science
14. Lock-picking
15. Human calculator
16. Speed-reading
17. Code-breaking
18. Good detective (Well every team needs one!)

Relationship (if applicable): None

Enemies (if applicable, please list their powers too): None

Bio (please be brief): She started fighting crime at the age of eleven and became a official spy at the age of 12 for a whole year. She later found out about the covert team later on while she was visiting Happy Harbor and was then alected a full member when Batman found out about her.

Other: Though to say she has no supernatural power her brain is very powerful in human methods so no one could attack her but only can in the "material world" (She is only human after all and has her weaknesses)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ScarletYJ said…
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