Young Justice OC'S!!! Ghosts Fanfic!

XxKFforeverXx posted on Jul 02, 2012 at 07:40PM
Alrighty, I'm completely scratching Revolution and starting a new Fanfiction. It does have something to do with Waverly Hillls Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. So I do need,

BRIEF history of past:
Is your OC easily scared of Ghosts?

Only taking around 10 so HURRY!
Waverly Hills Sanatorium info below and I DO recommend you watch it.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr InfinityYJ said…
Name: Kyra Grayson (no one knows this... except her sibs...)
Alias: Infinity (Fin is preferred.)
Age: 13
Fears: not being able to wake up from her sleep
Powers/Skill: controls fire, flies, can change appearance, telepathy
Relationship: none. She hates her old boyfriend with a passion.
BRIEF history of past: After her parents died when she was 9, she was taken in by Slade. Robin saved her from him when she turned 13. Robin, Delta, Devin are her siblings.
Personality: if i give you she's pretty much a female robin, will you accept that? She can get very angry, pretty easily, which can pose a problem if she turns into her phoenix side, which (as we all know) can kill her.
Is your OC easily scared of Ghosts? Not really. She can get a little creeped out if she has enough proof...
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Eclipse-YJ said…
Name: Pandora katia shannelle alice rouge
Alise: Eclipse
Age: 14 1/2
Fears: Being taken away by arkham or weapon-x team or falling back to wonderland
Powers: Extremely Powerful Magic (which she can do almost anything with), Black Wings, Adamantium Skin and Finger Nail Claws (30cm), Good Gymnast, street fighter and kung fu artist, She is trained to use guns and swords to a very high rate and also most fighting styles, carrys a Vorpal Blade (that can kill anyone or thing), Butterfly Dodge, Extreme senes, super strenght (in adamantium mode
Relationship: Dateing and 'engaged' to Notte
Past: Unknown (if you want a reminder message me x)
Personality: Has no emotion but is strong willed and never shows any sign of weakness

Bitch please, I love ghosts :D they are my friends xxx

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Korran_YJ said…
OOC: Korran please

Name: Brette Lanulue
Alias: Korran
Age: 16
Fears: being abandoned/alone, darkness
Powers/skills: martial arts, can control people's shadows, can summon a shadow beast named Amoria
Relationship: single
Brief History: Was abandoned by her parents after being forced to take part in an experiment, causing her to gain her powers and cat ears and tail. She formed a team with the other experiment subjects but left shorty after due to the deaths of several teammates.
Personality: Kind, caring, stubborn, loyal, courageous, brave, sometimes hot-tempered, cynical, childish at heart (doesn't judge people)

Yes she is very easily scared of ghosts
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheDominatorYJ said…
big smile
Name: Alpha (everyone calls my Lyla/Ly though)
Alias: Lyla Roth
Age: 18
Fears: Losing Twan.
Powers/Skill: Flight (black wings), Invisiblity, Appearing/Dissappearing, Good with firearms,Levitation.
Relationship: Dating Twan.
BRIEF history of past: Raised by the joker and treated like an adult since the age of 5, Lyla had a tough past, she learned to be a sniper. She used to smoke but was talked out of it by her ex.
Personality: Bubbly and open. Over protective of friends.
Is your OC easily scared of Ghosts? NO!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr AislingYJ said…
Name: Aisling Carter
Alias: Tiger Storm (doesn't usually use it though)
Age: 15
Fears: death (no durr), being unwanted/unneeded, sometimes blood
Powers/Skill: flight, strength, gauging measurements like speed, distance, time, etc., combat/martial arts, occasionally uses knives
Relationship: Jackson Cohn/Thunderblade
BRIEF history of past: She doesn't know her past because Axxis leader of Kaos (I made them up xP) hacked her brain (read Expectations) and erased memories of her past. You'll know more if I ever get off my lazy bum and write Wings of Kaos xP
Personality: quiet, tomboyish, friendly but isn't really talkative, tough on outside but sensitive and caring on the inside, doesn't really like to seem weak or show strong sadness, sometimes has a short temper, loyal, best friends with Fin, kind of clumsy, usually calm but sometimes can be slightly hyper or crazy
Is your OC easily scared of Ghosts? Probably not, but even if she was she'd never admit it.
Appearance (I'm adding it in lol): about 5'8" or 5'9", solid build, shoulder length wavy dark brown hair that she wears in a ponytail, blue-green eyes, pale skin, freckles, wears purple hoodie sweatshirt, baggy black sweatpants, black vans as civvies.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheDominatorYJ said…
Ok this is for Dom.
Name: The Dominator (They call me dom for short)
Alias: Classified
Age: 16
Fears: Snakes
Powers/Skill: Time travel, When debree hits skin force field, Good with staffs and knives, sets things on fire when mad.
Relationship: Single
BRIEF history of past: Classified
Personality: Funny, good sence of humor. Sensitive when it comes to Lyla. And athletic.
Is your OC easily scared of Ghosts? In between.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SilverWings13 said…
Name: Aryess (Ary) Weston (unknown to YJ team members)
Alias: SilverWings
Age: 13 (almost 14)
Fears: losing her brother and teammates
Abilities: agility, great balance, knife handling, eidetic memory, "charming" (minipulating)
Relationship: None
History: Ary lived in Gotham with her brother. She got mixed up with gangs until she was aprenticed to Blaze, who trained her and leads her squad. When her older brother went missing, she infiltrated CADMUS looking for info. The Young Justice League helped her escape and let her join the team (check out SilverWing's Intro for details).
Personality: stubborn, caring and friendly unless she feels threatened, mature but acts childish and cheery to keep up a good mood, loyal, slightly reckless
Easily scared of ghosts: not easily
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Gunfire said…
Name: Twan
Alias: Gunfire
Age: 17
Fears: Losing Lyla
Powers/Skill: Expers marksman, explosifs and wapon's expert'knoleges of underword.
Relationship: Dating Lyla
BRIEF history of past: He was a geek who foud back and endet up in Ahrkam asylum where he got traind by the Joker who became his mentor, after thad he worke in gotham's underword, wher he build a netword of contact's, later he deseidet to foces on protecting the supprest intaed of punesing the supresser's.
Personality: Protective, a bit of an hot head, lolayl, somtime's a bit paraniod, overprotective over Lyla
Is OC easily scared of Ghosts? Not rally he just don't like them becease he cant shoot theme.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr DeltaYJ said…
Name: Danna Grayson
Alias: Delta
Age: 12
Fears: Pure darkness (Not shadows her boyfriend is half shadow, being scared of that's stupid) her past.
Powers/Skill: Sees everyone's life when she is need by (she never talks about it, ever), gun expert, pilot, medic.
elationship: Dating Brant Key, Robin Fin and Devin's sister, and Batman's adopted daughter
BRIEF history of past: Created in CADMUS, escaped, became assassin, left, found her brother, joined YJ. (
That brief enough? XP sorry having a Del momment there)
Personality: Prankster, usually vary sarcastic, loves to troll people, but means well, she can be serious if needed. But she can also become vary mood swingish, and if she wants something done she wont stop till its done and she will get it through any means necessary (her personality is pretty much like Robin's)
Afraid of ghosts? Nope, she is close friends with three ghosts (Sigma, Phantom, and Fin when she was a ghost) but if it jumps out at her she will get frightened, she's VARY jumpy.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Robin_Love said…
Name: Confidential
Alias: Terror
Age: 15
Fears: None
Powers/Skill:Shape-shifting, controls fears, can control minds, can take away/give fears, illusions, able to enter other minds when people sleep.
Relationship:Team member
BRIEF history of past:Lost his family and wanders
Personality:Quiet, mysterious, shifty, but loyal
Is your OC easily scared of Ghosts? NO! XD
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XxKFforeverXx said…
Okay. This is OFFICALLY closed!