Young Justice OC'S!!! New artical! Add your OC!

Lyla_YJ posted on Jun 18, 2012 at 09:37AM
I want extremely detailed bios if you are going to be added, including....

A brief look into theyre past:
Eye color:
And a picture!

cant think of anything else now!
Please hurry! Only want ten so hurry!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Gunfire said…
Name: Gunfire
ID: Twan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: blond hair and blue eyes.
Civie's: Black leather jaket, blue jeans, sneakers red T-shirt.
personality: a bit shy, bit of a low zelf estaem, truswordy, friendly,curios (mostly about aliens,tecknolgie, wapons, history).
City: Gotham City.
Status: Ex-villan/ Hero.
Power: None
Skils: knowledge of (gotham's) crimenal underword, Contacts in gothom's crimanal underword, Basic Acrobatics, expert with guns and explosives,masster marksman, Understands teknolegie ( thanks to the fackt thad he is a shi-fi geek.)
Wapons/equipment: Smal explosives, a pair of high tehc modefid pistols (thad can fire a grabbling hook and have a flametrower mode),Amunation thad rangses from standerd and rubber bullets to trik bullets like smoke and gas bullets.
Moral code: don't kill,Never let a friend down.
Realtionship to team: Member of the team, experd on crimanals and wapon expert

Gunfire was just a normal geek who got bulied his intire life. Until at age 12 hi desided to hit back. So he bouth a pair of guns and swore to protecht the supprest and the inocent and punisch the suppresers. He got to school the next day and hold his bullies hostags. But before he got complete his plan Batman and Robin stopt him. He got send to Ahrkam Asylum(wher he was the jonges imate in its history) wher he met supervillans like Joker who togeter with Harly Quin though him al th skills he would need to survive Gotham's underword. When he was releas from Ahrkam at age 13 he workd 2 monts as freelancer fore the mafia. Who hired him te eliminate rivals but instad of killing them wat would be agens his moral code, he made sure they coedent fith back and handet them over to commisener Gorden who he new thanks to his classmate Batba Gorden.
After the 2 monds he decidet to focus on protecting the inocents of Gotham, This meant he ofen had to fitgh gotham's supervillans who treatend the city.
Thanks to this he ofen workd alnog side the bat team. After a few monds Batman and Robin where finaly confinst he rally wand to redeem himself.
At age 16(gunfires age) Robin introduced him to the Team (young Justice team). When he coud finnaly join the it alrady existe fore 3 monds. At first the didn't trust him thanks to the fact thad he is an ex-villan. But they became to trus him after he had proven many times to do anything to help the rest of the team. He soon became friends with Artemis thanks to the fact thad she was les suspisjus toward him thanks the the fackt thad seen nowes from her mom how hard it is fore a villan te redeem himself. There is a profenal rivalry between Robin and gunfire becaus the have been old enemies and the don't alwais agree, Mostly about the treadment of crimanals.
 Name: Gunfire ID: Twan Age: 16 Gender: Male Appearance: blond hair and blue eyes. Civie's:
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BentleyYJ said…

Name: Bentley Thompson

ID: None



Appearance:Black hair and grey eyes, he mostly wears black jeans and a t-shirt with a sweater over top with the sleves rolled up.

Personality: he is very shy and closed up to talking about himself and his past becuase he has many secrets, he hasnt really made his decision on being on the team, he is a very trustworthy person who barely even smiles though. He is very quiet when it coomes to conversations and prefers being alone most times.

City: Gotham City

Status: none

Powers: None

Skills: he has many skills in combat and battle technique, he is also great at meditation. He uses swords to defend himself most times.

Weapons: swords

A brief look into theyre past: Bentley has a very shady past, his dad is an alcohalic who beats on him and he doesnt fight back, his mother ran away ( so he thought) when he was 7 and he hasnt seen her since, He usually does "certain" jobs to make money for his dad, and also plays guitar out on streets most nights to get extra cash, but his dad usually spends it all on beer.

Relations: he is a cousin to Jet and Sable ( dont think you know them)

( As Mclovin_69 ) sorry da pic sucks but yeah it just kinda shows he doesnt talk much about himself and he often hides himself.
 Name: Bentley Thompson ID: None Age:16 Gender:Male Appearance:Black hair an
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Obscurity98 said…
Name: Harley Mei (KENT)

Age: 14 1/2


Powers: Total control and manipulation of the five Natural Elements. Super Strength, ability to fly, and invulnerability, excels in hand to hand combat, and cat like abilities.

Weapons: Herself, knives,swords,and ancient weaponry

Clothing: (as civi) up to the bellybutton black tank top. boot leg jeans that are ripped. Hair in two braids.

Personality: Serious when need be, funny, easy to laugh, commanding stance, flirty but doesn't notice it. Short temper, territorial, loyal as heel, and if anyone threatens her of her friends, or "family" she will give her self up willingly. Though the team says WAY TO WILLINGLY.

A brief look into they're past: she was an experiment gone wrong, and she escaped The Labs. She was only five at that time. But loved hearing the news about the Justice Leauge. and fell in love, and wishing she could join, then she heard about YJ. and wanted to join. But when she met tham trying to stop a robbery, they thought it was her. they chased her to the rooftops and she fell over. But Roy caught her, and kept her safe. Over time, he was the only one he oculd trust, and them got real close.

after Roy introduced her to ollie and Bruce, Batman decided it was okay to let her on the team.
She had a special liking for the man of steel, and lived with him and lois for a time, helping
Superman with home time troubles.

Hair: Long,reaches her knees, black wavy or slightly curly

Eye color: dark brown, red when in fire mode, blue or clear as water and ice, white for wind, and same 4 earth.

Height: 5'3

Weight: varies; as human form, 111

Relatives: None she is an experiment. has Kryptonian DNA

Other: He is dating Roy, but has mutual feelings for Kaldur, who Confessed to a friend that he "loves" her.

Her battleoutfit in pic.
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 Name: Harley Mei (KENT) Age: 14 1/2 ID:Obscurity Powers: Total control and manipulation of t
Vor mehr als einem Jahr EclipseYJ said…
Powers/ Weapons: She can use and usually carries around everything (Like if you asked for a shot gun she would like pull one out of her top or something), she likes big guns and HEAVY weaponary and uses japanese swords and is a pro at all fighting styles, she can still bleed but she can't feel pain at all, she has black wings and magic which she can so anything with (I REALLY MEAN ANYTHING/ ANY TYPE OF POWER), She has adamantium claws which are 30cm's long that come out of her finger nails and can turn her whole body into adamantium as well (in adamantium form she can't use magic but she is as strong as super man), she also has extreme scenses, , she can change her body image to even a animel (likes to be a blue and black gothic butterfly or snake) and can walk through walls like a ghost, an amazing acrobat and gymnast

Clothing: Anything lacey, buckley and black, always wears wrist gloves and most of her clothes are gothic and black but has many details

Personality: She has no emotions and thinks and talks like an adult (some times), she knows almost everything so do with anything, she can be quite fun loving in her own way and is willing to give anything for the safety of her friends even take there place is threatened with death

A brief look into theyre past: Unknown to anyone, she has lied to everyone about her past because it's TOO extreme to deal with, fang and Iron girl are the only ones in the team that know her past.... She also hides what she really looks like because it's a little disturbing

Hair: Dark Brown (but looks blonde in rain)

Eye color: green but can change purple and hypnotize

Height: 5,4

Weight: ? (kinda heavy because of adamantium bones)

Realitives: (she has there D.N.A) Wolverine, X-23, Deadpool & DeathStrike
 Powers/ Weapons: She can use and usually carries around everything (Like if Du asked for a shot gun
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XxKFforeverXx said…
Name: Derek Adams
Alias: Fang
Powers: Blends in with surroundings if standing still long enough, flight (black wings), can mimic other people's voices to make it sound like they're talking.
Weapons: None constistant, an occasional sword.
Clothing: Gray t-shirt, black jeans, black & gray vans, and black leather jacket. He normally wears thing that black or gray.
Personality: Kinda drawn back, shows little emotion. He has a sense of humor just doesn't show it. Rarely smiles and if he does it's only around certain people, highly intelligent, and doesn't trust most people, sarcastic, and smart Alec attitude.
A brief look into theyre past: Was donated to science to a place called the "School", experimented on and treated harshly, escaped at the age of 10 with other people.
Hair: long black hair than hangs infront of his eyes
Eye color: dark muddy brown
Height: 6'2
Weight: around 110 and 115, it's all muscle, not alot of fat
Realitives: His father is the only piece of family that's alive, (that he knows of)
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 Name: Derek Adams Alias: Fang Powers: Blends in with surroundings if standing still long enough, fl
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ShadowYJ said…
Name: Dana Gracias

Hero name: Shadow

Age: 13

Appearance: Thick black wavy hair-shoulder length, chocolate brown eyes, tanned skin, slender and muscular (for a girl), height: 5 foot 2.

Powers: She has no qualified supernatural power. But she is an expert hacker, very good with various weapons-espiecally knives and swords and guns and eskrima, and she is very good at judo and tai-quando. She also has a very strong vivid photographic memory and can intemperate sounds really well. She is also very advanced in Science.

Hero costume: Dark-blue catsuit with a utility belt and two sheaths at each side of her leg for her knife and gun. Her shoes are knee high leather boots. She wears leather fingerless gloves.

Civvies: Dark blue jeans, leather boots, blue and green checkered shirt and black hoodie.

Personalty: Very stubborn and has a very hard temper, otherwise she is nice and kind and is a very helpful person.
She is very talkative and is normally considered has the "class clown"

Family/Past: She lived in Australia with a normal family of four (Mum,Dad, her and her brother)
She started out has a normal kid. She always dreamed of being a superhero and fight crime. So around the age of 11 (Using the name Shadow) she just wandered the streets and fought criminals, thieves (You get the idea-you can imagine her like spiderman except, immature and very young) Police founded out about her 'activities' a few months later and reported to her parents. Three weeks later police found that she could be useful and the government trained her to be a proper spy/agent for them for 1 whole year.

Only when she joint YJ and found out about them to her trip to NY in America-Than did she become a proper hero (Still currently using the hero name-Shadow)

Others: She is now currently living in Gotham city. She lives with her aunt at a old ruined apartment. She is also very good at inventing various types of weapons and death traps.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr AislingYJ said…
Hey this still open?
Name: Aisling Carter
Alias: Tiger Storm (I rarely use it though)
Age: 14
Powers: flight, hand-to-hand combat, can gauge measurements like distance, speed, time, etc.
Weapons: usually just uses martial arts/hand-to-hand combat but will occasionally use knives or blades
Clothing: Civvies? purple hoodie sweatshirt, black sweatpants (slightly baggy) black converse jack purcells or vans
Personality: quiet, slightly shy, tomboyish, doesn't really talk much, can sometimes be a little crazy though, loyal, tough outside but sensitive and caring inside, doesn't really like to show extreme emotions
A brief look into theyre past: doesn't know her past because Axxis, the leader of the evil organization Kaos (yes I made them up) hacked her brain and took all memories of her past. I won't say anymore because I don't want to have any spoilers for my current article...
Hair: dark brown, about shoulder length, wavy, always in a messy ponytail
Eye color: blue-green
Height: about 5'8"
Weight: no idea, but she has a kind of solid build if that helps
Realitives: none that she knows about.. she's dating Jackson Cohn if that helps
Other: she has 2 rats, Rascal and Rogue
And a picture!
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 Hey this still open? Name: Aisling Carter Alias: Tiger Storm (I rarely use it though) Age: 14 Pow
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Red_HoodYJ said…
Name: Red Hood
ID: Aeronwen Todd
Loves: her adopted father, chocolate (take her chocolate and she will kill you), her brother and sister figure's, Thalia Al Ghul and Dick Grayson
Vulverablities: cocky, outsider, refuses to admit defeat
Powers/skills: expert with most firearms, knives/daggers, other weapons, increased healing, perfect aim
Weapons: guns, knives/daggers, explosives, bo staff ect
Clothing: brown biker jacket, grey kevlar shirt, black pants, combat boots, gloves, red helmet, domino mask under helmet
Personality: cocky, funny, proud, outsider-ish, violent, a big temper
A brief look into theyre past:
Hair: black, long-ish
Eye color: bright green in the middle with dark green edges
Height: 5'10
Weight: 127 lbs
Realitives: adopted daughter of Jason Todd, sister figure to Dick Grayson and Thalia Al Ghul
And a picture!
 Name: Red haube ID: Aeronwen Todd Loves: her adopted father, Schokolade (take her Schokolade and she w
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Lyla_YJ said…
Now closed
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bulletYJ said…
Loves: likes Casey
Vulverablities: luck
Powers/skills: can bring new things into exestance, part dragon(flight, invulnerability) telepathy, telekinesis
Weapons: guns, swords/knifes
Clothing: high tech armor
Personality: sarcastic,
A brief look into theyre past: had a good life as a normal kid then was taken away from it, then was experimented on and changed.
Hair: blond
Eye color: blue
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 250
Realitives: classified
Link for picture, link