Callie leaned on one hand, her blue eyes sweeping around the school cafeteria. A sigh came from her ruby red-tinted lips at finding who she was looking for. Jaime then leaned over her shoulder, his eyes directed in the same way as hers. He smirked and dropped the tray of Essen beside her, causing Callie to nearly jump out of her skin. "Take a picture, it lasts longer~ " He grinned, chuckling at the glare he was given. "Why do Du insist on torturing me?" She asked with a pout, batting her long eyelashes. "I must carry on tradition." Jaime replied with a grin, opening the milch carton that sat on the tray. "Just because Fang tortured Mom when they were younger, does not mean Du get to tease me. Especially over boys." Callie whined out and sighed and adjusted her glasses. "I'm only teasing Du because Du have interesting taste." He snickered. "You know who he is, right?" Jaime asked as he began to dig around in his backpack. "Huh? No, he just moved here.." She whirled around and smirked at him. "And Du do?" She leaned forward, wiggling her eyebrows at him. Jaime snorted, tossing his head back, his ravenette hair flipping from his face. "Tch, I know everyone." He added as he searched through a stapled pack of papers. "Elijah Auditore." Jaime mumbled before grabbing a book out of his backpack as well. Callie tilted her head as she looked at the Foto in the stack of papers. "Italian.." she sagte with a dreamy sigh. "And also, very dangerous." Jaime pointed out, setting a book in front of her as she began to protest. "No" he pointed at her, flipping through the pages. After finding what he was searching for he slid the book over to Callie. "That last name of his is usually associated with a long line of assassins." She shifted the glasses and peered down at the book, sighing. "You're no fun, Jaime." She pouted and grabbed her things, standing up from her sitz with a smirk. Jaime shrugged with a laugh. "I only look out for you." He spun around on the sitz before looking up again. "Where are Du going?" Callie only smirked. "To talk to him~" She giggled and slid away as Jaime grabbed at the tail of her skirt. "Bye Jaime~" Callie called out as she practically bounced away from, the shorter male scrambling to put his things away. "I want in too, wait!" He laughed and threw his backpack over his shoulder, running after the girl.

Callie giggled as she skipped out of school, waving the sticky note in front of her friend's face. Jaime only stuck out his tongue and shifted his backpack, rolling his eyes. "I'm telling Du it's a bad idea, Callie." He looked over at her and she shrugged. "Just talking to him won't hurt anything. Besides, I think my parents would kill me if I went out on a date.. especially dad." She giggled and shoved the note down into her geldbörse before dropping the accessory down into her backpack. The two looked at each other with a grin and dropped their things behind the front landscaping at their school. "But first.. I want to see if he's actually who he says he is." Callie snickered, tying her hair back into a bun. "Usual place?" She asked and Jaime nodded, already unfolding his wings. "Race Du there." He laughed as he pushed off the ground, catching the girl off guard. "Jaime!" She shouted and then laughed before she ran after him.
Callie <3