The boy winced in pain as he was drug Von his hemd, shirt Von Nicolette, and a fistful of hair held Von Kori. Kori seemed to march her way through the watchtower, eyes glued vorwärts-, nach vorn as she was silent. Nicolette scurried along, her ears tucked low as she waved at people. "Where are we even going?" The boy only stumbled along, taking in the sights around him. He got no answer, but was only pushed along more, this time Mehr ruggedly. Fang stopped mid-sentence when Kori and NIcolette entered the room, his eyes moving from one of his children to the other. "Who is this, and why does my daughter look like she's about to rip him in two?" Scotty poked his eyes around Jaime, a grin coming to his face. "And why does my daughter look like she was just scarred for life?" He chuckled, walking vorwärts-, nach vorn a few steps. "He, kissed, me." Kori hissed out, the expression on her face was one Fang knew all to well. "You brought him all the way here to tell me that? What, Du want me to scold him?" Fang snickered, both Jaime and Scotty biting back laughter. NIcolette looked at her friend before looking at her father. "It's not funny! It's disgusting!" Those five words sent Fang into an outburst of laughter, along with Jaime and Scotty. The alien boy looked at everyone in confusion, raising an eye. After a minute, Fang composed himself and pulled a lock-pick from a nearby drawer and walked over, picking lose the shackles. Scotty leaned against the computer and pulled up a file, already typing. "Name, origin, go." Fang said, the boy scooting away from him. "Karras, from Tamaran.. my father was wrongly accused of treason among the government, he was murdered before the trial began and I was sentenced to live out his remaining sentence." He said, holding up his hands. "Makes sense.. he looks a lot like Starfire, Fang." Scotty said, staring at file. "Then," Fang sagte with chuckle. "He only kissed Du to learn Du language, Kori." He walked over, ruffling his daughter's hair.Fang patted his son's shoulder, looking back at Kori. "Keep an eye on him. Since he kissed you, I'm sure Du won't mind beginning to teach him the ropes of the team." He said, a grin on his face. "What? NO!" Kori hissed and walked over to her father and brother, only to have Fang hold up a hand to her face. "Not up for discussion." The male sagte plainly. Jaime went back to chuckling, adjusting settings on his watch. "T-minus 10 minutes." He sighed out, rubbing his hands together.

Shane leaned back from Seraphs, still trying to collect his thoughts. "You missed your deadline, dear boy.. both of Du actually..." Seraphs shook his head, holding Shane Von his jaw to keep eye-contact with him. "It's a shame, really. Such high hopes for such a magnificent creation created Von his parents. And they'll never see what he became." The male scoffed, shoving Shane back away from him. Shane only glared, writhing around to get back on his knees in the floor of the van. The boy lurched vorwärts-, nach vorn when the transporter, van come to sudden stop, the back doors being thrown up. Shane whipped around onto his feet, leaping to jump out of the transporter, van before he was grabbed again. His knees his the ground first before his face was shoved into the shirt. A barrel was shoved against the back of his neck, green eyes widened. Seraphs pulled the trigger, shooting the tracking chip into his neck. He tossed the gun to the side, walking over and kicking Shane's head up to look up at him. "Let's good one thing straight, kid. The kid Du were supposed to kill is leaving in 10 minutes. You're going to follow him, and Du will him, and his family. Or, I will kill everyone Du love, one, by, one." He hissed out. "You go that?" Shane slowly nodded, rolling his shoulders and standing when he was let go. He slowly stood, not keeping eye-contact. Seraphs shoved a bag at his chest, and help up a navy jacket. "Touch it." He narrowed his eyes. The blonde hesitated for a brief Sekunde before he clutched onto the jacket, closing his eyes as his eye went wild. Shane chuckled at the girl that had dropped down in behind him. "Sly one, aren't we?" He asked, turning with the girl as she walked. "You could say that.." She commented, arms crossing over chest. He looked her up and down before giving her sly look. "It's the truth. You're hard to track." Mel gave him a concerned look before shoving a finger into her chest. "How would Du know?" He gasped and stumbled back, the bag dropping from his chest. That was the girl he supposed to kill? There was no way he could.. she was beautiful.

"Is there something Du aren't telling me, Tobias?" Percy asked, still fooling around with what was in his hands. "You'll need to go back.." Tobias said, moving to look out the mansion window. "How far?" Percy asked, beginning to rise. "I'm not sure yet.. I'm not sure if he'll even do what he was sent back for.. he's already showed hesitation.. despite what is at stake for him.."