füchsin, vixen with her sword
Click-clack, click-clack, click-. The sound stopped, inches from her spot. She took in a deep breath, steadying her breathing. She raised her weapon a little and strained her ears. Gun first, she slowly peeked out of her hiding place. There was no sign of a living person anywhere. A pair of high heels stood before her spot with nothing side. Aww crap!!! She quickly looked around and crawled over to a tower of crates. She stood and took another peek. Something pushed her from behind and she stumbled out.
She turned and aimed, but was attacked from the side. Whack! She was hit and then again. She stumbled to her feet and took her gun. It changed in her hands to a sword; thin and light but perfect for moving and cutting quickly. She was quick to block the Weiter attack, but her foe swept her feet out from under her. She rolled over and flipped to her feet. She could feel her temper rising. A few Mehr perfects and she was on her knees. She blocked and got a hit it, feeling her sword cut into flesh. A schlagen, punsch to the face sent her backwards.
“Is that all Du got?”
She grit her teeth and charged, lashing out. She got in a few Mehr hits but it wasn't enough. She was pushed from behind.
“You're done.”
“No! I will beat you!”
“You can't beat me. Du can barely control yourself.”
“Shut up!!”
Her temper ignited into feuer that burned through the oxygen around them. Her head was slammed to the ground and the feuer died with her will to fight. She was bruised and hurting. Weight fell from her back and she was rolled over. Sharp brown eyes looked at her. A messer fell just beside her mussed hair.
“Bang. You're dead.”
Her eyes closed as she caught her breath. She could hear movement beside her.
“If Du don't control your temper, Du can't fight correctly.”
“What should I do?”
“Snuff it out. Learn how to keep your emotions out.”
“So...take my herz out, in other words.”
“If that's what it takes. We survive to keep them safe. No matter the cost.”
She nodded and opened her eyes. To her surprise, her mentor was walking away in the same pair of high heeled boots from earlier; her steps were deadly silent. The noise was for my benefit. I have much to learn...

In the comfort of her room, she took her costume off and looked at the cuts she had been given. She touched one and smirked when it brought fresh pain. Good job.
Becca fighting füchsin, vixen