Alex AKA Distraction
(well part two enjoy)

They walk in to the back of the stage and whisper in hush tones
"you know the plan so get ready" stated Alex before walking to the door heading to the stage
"well lets go brain" Ajax sagte jokingly before climbing onto the ceiling his black cloths blending in with the shadows
"right then pinky" Kane laughs straighting his tie and walking to Mitmachen the other people dancing.

Hearing the signal he headed to the door....on the far end of the room so sighing he moved through the crowd
Hearing Alex Singen was strange he never thought to think of it when he accepted the mission nor did he asks what Alex planed for the distraction, so off they went

Reaching the door leading to a corridor that had a secret door that lead down stairs and into another hall that at the end was a door leading to the vault. His part of the mission was easy, hack into the gewölbe, tresor and steal data then get out without being spotted oder causing an alarm. But of course that's not how it went down

Once reaching the gewölbe, tresor he stripped his tux reviling his black vest and trousers plus night vision goggles. Taking out his 'equipment' he set to work braking/hacking into the gewölbe, tresor
It didn't take long before Ajax was heard laughing and talking though his ear piece but Kane had to concentrat on his task not on the madness of Ajax

The gewölbe, tresor door swung open silently which was surprising since it looked very heavy. Spraying a gas that made the lasers visible he went in ducking, jumping, and any-other turner, turnerin Bewegen to get across. While thinking back on a simple yet stupid Frage he sagte
"why can't I just use magic to get in and out with out anyone knowing?" the reply came with obviousness
"they would have anti-magic spells in there, so no"

When he was drawn from his thoughts Von reaching the end of the lasers he stopped hearing a noise from behind him so instinctively he turned he head cutting a tiny bit of hair on a super thin price of wire
"crap!, how could I think they wouldn't have Piano wire!" he hissed and thinking on how to get past, the only thought that came to him was to rip his oben, nach oben and through it into the wire spotting where most of the wires hid then he took a deep breath and went for it
Reaching the gewölbe, tresor in shredded clothes and drips of blood
"well that was easy" he sagte picking up the external hard-drive and slipping it into his leg pocket the only 1 of 2 that was left and made his way back exiting the gewölbe, tresor coming face to face with

"hallo again Kane, how longs it been a month?. Your scars healing?" she sagte with fulse sweetness

"I should have known you'd be here I'm guessing your sister is too" he replied with a steely gaze

"Oo Honey Du know us sooo well" she sarcastically said

"now you're getting irritating, I'm also guessing Du have a magic nullifier so using any magic is useless" he stated getting ready to fight

"yes sweetie I have many tricks for Du but sadly I've been told to hurry any fighting up" she pouted looking at him getting ready also

(trousers are pants if your a yank)
Ajax AKA (not yet)
Kane AKA Hacker