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posted by Robin_Love
It's late. So what? Deal with it.

“Are Du okay mom?” Lexi asked.
Devin gave her a smile.
“Yes. I'm alright dear.”
Lexi sat in her mother's lap.
“What did daddy say?” Lexi asked, looking at the paper in her mother's hand.
“Daddy says he'll be Home soon. He has a leave of absence for a few weeks and he plans to come Home in a few days.”
“He'll miss Valentine's day. It's tomorrow, right?”
Devin nodded.
“Yes. But he doesn't choose what days he gets off.”
“I know.”
Devin kissed her daughter on the cheek and gave her tight hug.
“We'll have to surprise him with a late Valentine's Tag when he gets home.”
Lexi smiled.
“Can I make decorations?”
“Of course Du can. And I bet Irra will help you.”
Lexi slipped off her mother's lap, shouting for her adopted sister. A hand on her shoulder, caused Devin to look up. Jon stood looking at her. His eyes sagte he had heard everything. She answered the unasked Frage with a small nod. He sat Weiter to her.
“Want me to take everyone over to the mountain tonight?”
“Why don't you? Mel and Jamie will be thrilled and Lexi loves it there. Irra won't mind being out and Du know how much Mizore loves to make it snow for everyone there.”
Jon nodded.
“Alright. I'll let Nightwing know to expect us.”
“Let him know I sagte hi.”
He nodded again before standing up.
He stopped halfway through the door and looked back.
“There isn't any specific reason Du want to there?”
“I haven't become interested in anyone there, if that's what Du mean.”
“You know it will happen, right?”
She nodded and he left to gather his siblings.

She woke up to silence. It was still dark out, but she couldn't sleep anymore. She slipped a robe, gewand on, walking out of the room. It wasn't too early in the morning, but early still. She sat in one of the chairs in the living room, facing the window. There was an aching in the quiet. The note from her husband was bitter-sweet. While she wanted him home, she was a little sad he was missing Valentine's day. She sighed and stood. She entered the küche and started to warm water in the teapot. She was grabbing a mug when she heard noise at the front door. She paused, listening. Silence. Confused, she waited a few minutes. There was no sound so she went back to making a warm drink. Steaming mug in hand, she walked back to the living room. Something looked different, but she couldn't tell what. She had barely placed the mug on the tabelle when a warm voice spoke.
“Aren't Du a welcoming sight.”
She watched, stunned, as he came from the shadows, a smile on his face. His arms wrapped around her and she was too surprised to do Mehr than stand there. When he placed a soft KISS to her head, she reacted.
“How-your note..”
Fang smiled.
“I thought I'd surprise you. So I had to delay the letter a few days.”
“The kids are at the mountain.”
“I know. I sent Jon a letter telling him to bring them there. Besides, right now, I just want you.”
He kissed her and she responded. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he picked her up bridal-style. They pulled apart and he carried her into their room. He layed her on the bett and was soon beside her again. She touched his face, staring at him.
“I can't believe you're here,” she whispered.
He gave her another kiss.
“Believe it. We have the entire Tag together.”
She smiled, moving closer.
“Happy Valentine's day, Devin. I Liebe you.”
“Happy Valentine's day. I Liebe Du too.”
 Devin and Fang~~~!
Devin and Fang~~~!
hey! I usually don't make Artikel like this,but i just wanted everyone to know I'm so very grateful for them.So whoever reads this even if I don't know Du thank Du so much,because even if I don't know I bet you've touched someone life too.I would Liebe to thank MafiaYJ, Robin_Love,,McLovin and soooo many Mehr Du have all been a very important part of my life. I don't know how to Zeigen Du how grateful I am.I would like to give Du all a virtual hug and virtual basket of your Favorit type of cookies. Du are all so freaking awesome! I'm so grateful God gave me ya'll as friends.I Liebe you...
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posted by GlitterPuff
She sat on the bus, her boyfriend beside her. A single rose in her hand and a picture frame turned over in her lap. It was pitch black out, and few people were on the bus with them. The only noise Du could hear was the motor of the large vehicle. They stopped abruptly and the girl stood and walked to the front of the bus to get off. Her heels clicked on the ground as she gracefully came to the front and exited the bus, the man behind her. She stood still for a moment as the bus drove away, leaving her in front of her destination. Her boyfriend came up beside her and took her hand, looking...
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added by MafiaYJ
Also the same way I met Jack! :3

"You remember how I met Ciel, Jaime?" I looked over at the young winged boy.
"No..." He said, looking through his memory banks. I smiled and hopped into his lap.
"Story time!"

I ran through the forest, my boots hitting the snow furiously. All I had to protect me from the cold was Daddy's sweatshirt and some shorts, not good for below freezing weather. I skidded to a stop, just barely avoiding falling off the cliff. I peeked over the edge, and I couldn't see the bottom, and my eyes widened. Something shifted in the snow.
"Who's there!?" I whipped around. Amethyst...
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posted by khanna266
Heres another character i'm going to create

Name:Daniel Star'gei
cassies:baggy darkblue jeans,black tee,purple baggy short sleeve jacket,and black tennies
hero outfit:Dark purple outfit like super boys but with camoflauge hoodie and without Superman logo.
Powers:Superspeed,turns into a human torch,forcefields,and super annoying(yeah he's so
annoying that it affects the way badguys think)
Family:stepdad(whom i don't really use)
crush:He always hits on bumblebee and likes her a
lot,but knows he can't be with her.
Story:He's just an average teenager who sometimes...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Leah-human form
Leah-human form
Sorry but these two are important.

Name: Leah and Rachel
Alias: None
Occupation: Angels, guardians, saviors, warriors,
Powers: Flight, skilled fighters, swords, enhanced sense of smell, hearing, and vision. Leah controls earth and air while Rachel controls feuer and water. Leah can also tell when someone is lying; Rachel can control minds and read them. They can also slip into “stealth mode” which makes them completely invisible to all senses. Only someone of higher rank than them can see them.
History: Leah and Rachel are sisters. They died when they were babies, becoming angels. They were...
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