The Titel says it all.
And no, I'm not leaving. That's not to say that I'm not pissed off at all Du people. And I'm warning Du now, Du might hate this. Du might get offended, Du might hate me, but I don't give a flying Grayson about that. Du guys have taught me just how stupid online drama is, and just how important it is NOT to let yourself get affected Von it. So flame me all Du want. I just need to rant.
Seriously, when did all this shit start happening? First our lovely Esmerelda decides to "leave forever" (anyone wanna count the number of times he's sagte that? Good. I didn't think so). Then everything's calm again. Then this morning. I watch the new YJ episode, spend the Tag alternating between obsessing about it on tumblr and doing homework, then come on here. BAM. Drama. What the hell guys?
But let me say this. I'm not disappointed because I think Du all are too mature to stoop to this level. Du may think Du are, but I've only been on Fanpop for less than a Jahr and I KNOW you're not. Du guys have torn yourselves apart with the drama too many times. And I'm not disappointed because I Liebe Du sooo much that I can't imagine ever hating you. Because I've come to realize that I really DON'T idolize you. I still like Du guys, and there are people on this club who I really do Liebe and care about, but there are people that I don't. And we have to realize this. This isn't a perfect community. There are cliques, there are fights, there is drama, and we can't Liebe everyone. But that doesn't mean we have to act like bitches to each other. And that doesn't mean we have to run away, and give a goodbye note filled with sob stories created for the specific purpose of making us all feel soooo bad for you, and fall on our knees begging for Du to come back.
Onto my Weiter point. Fighting. Now Du all probably think I'm a total hypocrite for this. I know you're thinking, "wait, but she fights too! She fights all the time!" Let me clarify. I don't fight ALL THE TIME. I pick and choose my fights. In fact, the only person I enjoy fighting with, Esmerelda aka 66 aka The_Writer is gone. There's a distinction between fights with him and fights with everyone else. Fights with him are Mehr like trolling the trolls (and come to think of it, probably should be avoided. It's never good to feed the trolls). But when Du guys fight, it's like the definition of girl drama. Backstabbing, name calling, secrets, blame games, and just endless stupidity that is so upsetting. Basically, this club is a bad soap opera.
I know this rant pissed Du guys off. I know it was stupid, and I know that I kinda went all over the place. But that's just my mind. And I just needed to let out what I'd been feeling for awhile. I could go on for ages about this. But I'll spare Du guys from having to read it, so I'm done here. Just everyone sit back and think about what you've done. No one is exempt from this. Everyone has played a part in this stupid soap opera, even me, even you. So just take a step back, log off and cool down, and think.
That's all I've got.
Stay whelmed.
Rae out.~