{Reader's Discretion Advised} The following selectiion contains a scene of suggestive material. Do not read if Du are underage oder this type of material makes Du uncomfortable.

Nightwing simply stood, in full uniform, right in front of the window, arms folded over his chest, eyes glaring through his domino mask at Barbara's arm holding onto Sam's bare chest tightly. The two looked peaceful. That wasn't why Nightwing hadn't woken them up. It was because he was entirely too pissed to move.

"Come on! Rise and shine! Let's--" Robin's words caught in his mouth as he finished climbing in Barbara's window. After a very silent moment, Nightwing finally spoke.

"Holy perverted, tight-wearing, associates, Batman." he muttered. "WHAT THE HELL AM I LOOKING AT?!?!"

Sam and Barbara jerked in the bed. Barbara took a few Sekunden (and a brush of red hair out of her face) to realize what was going on. Several expressions fought for control of her face: embarrassment, shame, surprise, and even some anger at Nightwing walking in on them.

Sam was wide awake the moment the word "Hell" escaped Nightwing's mouth. His was hate and a pure bat-glare.

"Please tell me this is NOT what it looks like." Robin said, still wide-eyed.

"Tim, go." Nightwing said, not moving his body oder eyes from their current position. The young boy nodded, gulped, and disappeared out the window.

"I'm afraid it's exactly what Du think it is." Barbara said, sitting up and clutching the sheets to her chest.

"And I'd appreciate it if you'd get the hell out so we can get dressed." Sam said, propping himself up on his elbow.

Nightwing glared. "Well I hope Du got enough last night." he sagte hatefully, and left.