A/N: Okay! This is loosely based off some Youtube Videos "11 Drunk Guys Play Slender/Hospice/Sanatorium/Slender Mod."
Warnings for pure stupidity, some cussing, and mentions of alcohol.

Du ever heard that joke, 4 drunk Heroes go into the forest at night, with nothing but their stupidity and a flashlight? No? Well, here’s how it went.

The dampness of the forest sent shivers down her spine. Fin glanced behind her, then back vorwärts-, nach vorn again. Weiter to her, Eric was waving the flashlight aimlessly, letting the light hit the dark green leaves of the treetops above and the muddy road below their feet. The fence in front of them was basically begging to be climbed, but she was hesitant.
Aisling and Rowan stumbled up behind them, giggling, but when they saw the fence, they stopped. Aisling edged closer. “Woah, man... woah...” she mumbled. “It’s the fence! Fin! The f-fence!”
“Wh-” Rowan paused to hiccup. “What fence?”
“We, uh, we should climb it... the uhm... the fence!” Eric shouted.
“No, dude, we.. oh shit... uh...” Fin sputtered, but began giggling profoundly when Eric grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the fence.
The four jumped over the chain Links and looked around. “Let’s, let’s go to the... that big arsch baum over there. Let’s go around the tree,” Aisling babbled, grabbing onto Rowan’s forearm for support.
Fin stumbled over and studied the baum trunk. “Oh-hoh-hooo, we’re fuuucked... We’re so fucked!
On the baum was a piece of paper with a crude drawing of a man in a black suit. “Dude! It’s um.. We’re doin’ Slender.. In real, in real-- SHUT UP-- in real life!” Rowan yelped.
“Don’t grab that page! D-don’t do it! We can uh, find all the pages and-- no! we’ll find all the-the pages and... He doesn’t come for Du if, Du don’t, uh, have the pages.”
Fin belligerently ignored that and ripped the paper off the tree. Suddenly a loud booming rang out from seemingly nowhere, and they all went wide-eyed.
“Oh, man...”
They trekked deeper into the forest some more, when they came across a cross-like brick structure.
“No, no, no, no!!! You’re gonna get trapped in the corner, NOOOO!” Rowan screamed.
“Oh, dude, we gotta go back, there was a page, a page!” Aisling screeched.
They turned, and sure enough, a page was on the wall. They cheered, and Eric grabbed it. “Always watching.”
“Ya know, shit gets really intense when you’re like, 4 pages in,” Aisling proudly stated before falling flat on her face.
Fin helped her up, and they continued. Another page was found on a couple of rocks. It stated simply ‘help me.’ Eric laughed. “I don’t think so, Mr. Slender. I’m a rapist!”
Fin gave him a small glare, then turned the flashlight. “OH HOLY FUCK!”
They all screamed and turned, running from the tall, pale, faceless man that had appeared out of nowhere. Fin randomly started laughing, and they all slowed down eventually, then turned slowly. Slenderman was gone.
“What the fuck!”
“He’s GONE!”
At this, Fin doubled over in laughter, and they continued walking. After one Mehr page and plenty Mehr emotionally scarring Ansichten of Slenderman, they saw a structure in the distance. “What-what’s that?”
After a few Mehr feet, Eric screeched. “Oh, shit, it’s the house!”
“Not the house!”
“No! No! No! No!”
“No, we’ve gotta go to the house, there’s a page in there, there’s a page!”
Fin grabbed onto Eric and led him in, Rowan and Aisling following closely behind, scared. They walked in and Fin started speeding ahead through the tiled. They turned to the right really quick and Fin screamed. “Oh my god it’s a chair!”
“A chair!
After a few moments of chair terror, they calmed down and grabbed a page, then sped out. Another page later, and they were seeing Slenderman all over. The page said, “Always look back.”
“That’s a survival tip!”
“That’s a horrible survival tip!”
“Guys! Let’s just talk to him, I’m sure he’s a nice guy!”
“How does Slenderman eat you?”
“Well uh...”
“He doesn’t have a mouth!”
They’d break into Zufällig karaoke occasionally, from ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ to ‘Never Gonna Give Du Up.’ They ran Von the house on multiple occasions, screaming always, running from the pale man so much.
On the sixth page, Aisling was now so drunk she had to be carried Von Rowan. She began to KISS Fin’s hand randomly, receiving a weird look from the firecaster.
“Stop Küssen my hand, Du fuck!”
“I’m sorry, I’m, I’m drunk!”
“Ahh.. hahaa!”
Rowan and Eric started chanting: “Ash is gay! Ash is gay! Ash is gay!” while Fin chanted “Ashy is a les-bo! Ashy is a les-bo!”
“Hey! Let me speak for myself! I am, I am not a gay woman!”
“Face it, Ash!”
“Slenderman is a representation-- shut up! Slenderman is a representation of your homesexuality! It’ll always catch up!”
Directly after saying this, Eric turned to find Slender a couple yards away. They all screamed and turned, trying to run. “GO FASTER!” Aisling screamed at Fin.
“I- I can’t! I used up all my run!”
“How did Du use up all your run?! Du have a finite run?!?!”
Rowan spotted a piece of white paper up ahead. “The last page!!!”
They all screamed in celebration, and Fin finally started to run faster. Aisling reached out and grabbed it, and laughed. “In your goddamn FACE Slenderman!!!”
She therefore proceeded to throw up on the ground Weiter to her. Eric rushed forward, dragging Fin, and they all ran towards the fence. Aisling was set down; after a few stumbles and shakes of the head, her vision cleared enough so that she could climb it.
Eric jumped down first on the other side, caught Fin, and Rowan came down to catch Aisling. However, the girl was extremely drunk, and her hoodie caught on the edge of the fence. “Oh, god, NOOO!”
“We’re fucked!”
“No! That’s the problem! We’re not fucked, I want sex!”
“I can do that for Du Fin!”
“Hey! Virgins don’t die in scary movies!”
“I’m a virgin!”
“I’m not!”
“Yes Du are Fin!”
“Oh, right...”
Aisling’s hoodie tore off, and she smiled proudly. “TAKE IT SLENDER!”
“...I’m really tired.”
They all passed out in a couple seconds.
Fin woke up sitting on the couch. So did Eric, Rowan, and Aisling, who was mysteriously missing her hoodie. “What happened?”
“We found Du at the edge of Gotham Forest. Extremely drunk, I might add,” Delta supplied.
“Huh. We were being chased Von Slenderman...”
“Probably just a dream. Get some Mehr rest.”
Delta left, and Fin shrugged, glancing over to Eric and Rowan. “Well, if it was a dream, it was kinda fun.”
“Wait, how did we all have the same dream?” Aisling asked.
Fin blinked. Eric reached into his pocket suddenly...
And pulled out a piece of crumpled paper. They all looked at it for a couple seconds, then screamed, then Rowan stopped and looked at Fin.
“How did we even get in that bar?”
Fin gave a sheepish giggle. “I’m kind of a playboy’s daughter...”
Eric glared. “Really now?”
Fin glared right back. “You’re the one who sagte Du were a rapist.”