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One day

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"We made it out," Artemis laughed lightly as she kissed Kaldur on the cheek. He held Artemis' hand and gave it a squeeze. Kaldur looked tired and worn out as did Artemis.

"Yes," Kaldur smiled. "We did together. It has been a long four months. I am glad we are both home." Artemis smiled back.

Artemis pulled back and let Raquel hug Kaldur, tears of joy oder surprise still streaming down her eyes. She then turned to Dick who was talking to Robin. She tapped his shoulder and smiled as he turned around.

Before he could say anything stupid oder sexual, Artemis wrapped her arms around Dick's neck. She hugged him tightly as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Thank you, Nightwing," She smiled as she pulled back. "For watching my back."

"I always got your back," Dick winked at her as Wally wrapped an arm around her waist. "Unlike Wally here."

"How is that?" Artemis asked curiously as Wally kissed his girlfriend's neck lightly.

"I watch your back," Dick started with a confident smirk and then nodded to Wally. "He watches your backside."

Artemis let out an amused scoff along with Wally who rolled his eyes. "I could say same about Du and Batgirl," Wally countered as he nodded over to Barbara who was currently hugging Kaldur.

Dick simply smirked.

Artemis let out a tired yawn. It had been a good week since she got a decent Stunde of sleep.

Wally noticed and then looked towards Dick. He cleared his throat and said, "Dude, thanks for taking care of my girl."

Dick was about to say of course, but Wally went on with his statement. "Just don't call either of us for two weeks and don't do your cool Nightwing Zufällig drop-by/butt-in, ok?"

"Why is that?" Dick asked, a bit amused.

"Because I'm keeping her preoccupied to make up for four months," Wally winked.

Dick let a small guffaw as Artemis rolled her eyes and elbowed Wally in the gut. "It's ok. I'll probably be busy too with someone else," Dick winked as he slickly pointed to Barbara.

Artemis groaned and wiped her hand over her face. Boys will be boys, She thought as she looked at the two. "Goodnight, Nightwing," She smiled as she began to walk away with Wally.

"Oh, Artemis," Dick called out before they completely left Dick.

"Yeah, Boss?" Artemis asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"As a way to repay Du for what you've done for… humanity," Dick started softly, but genuinely. "We'll have a heart-to-heart about… identities." He then pointed to the mask.

Artemis raised her eyebrows in surprise. She nodded softly and smiled, "I'd really like that."

Wally gave his best friend a thumbs up. He then led Artemis over to the window of the Watchtower, surprising her. She expected him to go for the Zeta tubes. He wrapped an arm around Artemis' shoulder and said, "Remember the first Tag we met each other?"

Artemis laughed at how corny he sounded and smirked softly, "Yeah… Tried really hard to be cool in front of M'gann. Didn't really work, did it?"

"Still sassy I see," Wally scoffed.

Artemis shrugged lightly. "Trademark."

Wally said, "I guess we came far from teasing, haven't we, She-Devil?"

Artemis smirked, "Probably, Ninja Boyfriend."

Wally smiled as he held her closer. He said, "I did a lot of firsts with Du to be honest."


"You were the first girl I had sex with, first I had kissed that I actually liked, first I had remembered Valentine's Tag for, first I moved in with, first I fell in Liebe with."

Artemis smiled, "I have to give it to sixteen Jahr old Wally. Du didn't sound as corny as Du do now." Wally then began to press small, sweet kisses to her face.

Artemis pulled back and gave her boyfriend a weird stare. "Stop." Wally was not a PDA person. He made people very aware that Artemis was his and he loved her, but he didn't physically Zeigen it ever. And he was never this corny.

"Stop what?" Wally asked, still holding onto her as tightly as possible. He had no intentions of letting her go, not after four months of not being able to.

"Why are Du saying all of this?" Artemis asked as she raised her eyebrow. She looked up at him, waiting for an answer. "You're never this physically affectionate. But… go on."

Wally took her into his arms and kissed her softly on the mouth. "Do Du remember our first kiss?" He asked softly, letting his breath cascade softly over his girlfriend's mouth.

"Remind me," Artemis smiled.

"I picked Du up," Wally sagte as he lifted her up in a bridal carry, making Artemis chuckle lowly. "And sagte I should've done this a long time ago."

Artemis nodded as she wrapped her arms around his neck and started, "And I said-"

"Will Du marry me?" Wally asked.

Artemis' eyes widened. She felt her herz stop oder it was thumping to fast she couldn't feel it anymore. Every part of her body was now limp, finished, gone. She couldn't think.

"I… I'm pretty sure I didn't say that," Artemis whispered back, still in shock.

"I'm changing it a little," Wally whispered as he set her down. He turned the stunned-Artemis to face him. He pulled out a small dark navy blue box and opened it. Inside, there was a small silver band with small diamonds encrusted evenly along the band. It was simple, elegant, and beautiful.

"W-wally," Artemis gulped as she took the box and just held it, not closing it oder opening it further. "What a-are Du doing?"

"I should've done this before Du left," Wally whispered. "I was so scared that I would never be able to ask you." He groaned as he rolled his eyes at himself, "This is going to sound so goddamn corny, but Du and I do what we love: we save people. And I would never be able to stop Du from living this life, so I am asking to let me Liebe Du every Tag like it's our last. These last four months proved that this is how must leave our lives. And I'm not saying that we have to get married now oder tomorrow, but I just need to know that I'm going to wake up beside Du every morning no matter what and Du feel something for me right back. I just need to know that… Artemis?" Wally asked, noticing Artemis' strange silence.

Artemis rarely cried, it was just something that she never had to do. So Wally's eyes widened when Artemis wiped her tears from her cheeks. "Wally…" Artemis mumbled.

"I Liebe you, Artemis," Wally whispered as he got down on one knee.

"Holy shit…" Dick whispered into Barbara's hair, hiding, but still grinning like an idiot for his best friend.

"Oh my god," M'gann sagte as she covered her mouth.

"He is not!" Zatanna squealed in delight.

"So this is what proposal really looks like…" Conner muttered to Cassie.

Artemis just stood there, in a raggedy jersey that she borrowed from Wally since her tigerin uniform was tattered practically, with a wide open mouth. She couldn't think at all. She didn't expect this; she never thought that this would happen tonight… oder ever.

But before she could stop herself to rationalize it in her head, she let it slip right between her lips: "Yes."

Wally smiled as Artemis just stared at him as he stood up. Artemis smiled at him and kept muttering, "Yes. Yes. Oh my god, Yes!"

"God, I Liebe you," Wally sagte as he picked her up and swung her around.

But before he could tell his fiancée how much he loved her again, Artemis pressed her lips to his and kissed him warmly.

"No making Speedester Babys in public!" Dick shouted as he threw a batarang at them, causing a small roar of laughter come from the crowd.

Wally groaned and nearly growled at him. "Dude! What did I say about not butting in for two weeks! Can't Du see I'm clearly busy here and-"

Artemis rolled her eyes and pulled Wally's face back to hers and said, "Shut up, Wally!" She then pressed her lips back to his. She would just have to get used to his blabbing, even Mehr so than the last five years.