I feel the rush of the wind, my panting breath, the cold stone of the tall glass fortress underneath my boots. I see the grand city as I stand in my red armor. In a sudden Bewegen I launch a rope from a small metal device and I’m flying through the air, like my name sake a robin. I’m a bird flying through the air, my duty to protect the city is strong in my heart. I-
“Prince Richard! Prince Richard!” I sigh as I tear my eyes away from the skyline from the schloss windows.
“Yes, Wallace?” I ask, as I look at the fastest messenger in the kingdom, his face was rosa from the cold winds and his wild red hair was flared out like fire. He had the same crazed grin as always, few things could damper my friend’s spirit. Even though I am a prince and he is a mere messenger he is my closest friend in the castle, well other than my sister, but know one is supposed to know her well origins.
“The entertainers for the gala are here, The feuer Demons! They wish to speak with you.” Wallace the messenger sagte with pure excitement, as the feuer Demons were the best flame dancers, possibly in the entire region. Speak of the fiery devil. Prince Richard thought and smiled.
“I was not aware that they were entertaining for the Spring Gala, I shall go speak with them right away.” He sagte and as soon as a chambermaid turned the corner he added.
“Thanks Wally.” Then promptly ran to meet his sister.

The feuer Demons were consisted of three females, Scarlet Flame, Infinity Fire, and Merciful Blaze. The three girls walked through the large schloss gates and simply stood and gazed at the grand interior.
“It’s a pleasure to meet Du all again! I am so very pleased that Du will be the entertainers for the gala!” A voice sagte behind them. Infinity feuer looked at the boy walking towards them and grinned.
“Pleasure is all ours,” She sagte shaking his hand “Prince Richard”. Merciful Blaze shooed the maid away and turned to the siblings.
“Coast is clear!” Prince Richard nodded and lead them to the thron room. The hall itself was amazing, the stone flooring shone, tall marble pillars lined the polished walls, plants in pots hung from the wooden rafters high above, stained glass windows crated multicolored spots appear on the faces of the teens as they approached the golden throne. The group kneeled before the regal man on the throne.
“King Wayne, we apologise for the delay, we ran into a band of pirates on our way across the sea.” Scarlet Flame said. King Wayne held his hand up to silence any apologies.
“No need to apologies feuer Demons, as long as your cover is held there is no damage.” The man’s voice was in a normal tone but it seemed to echo around the long thron room. As the tone of all king’s should.
“Yes, my lord.” Scarlet Flame replied bowing her head slightly, the force of habit controlling her.
“So Du have not sent any message before now. What is the large importance of this gala?” Infinity feuer said, practically spitting at the word. Prince Richard held back a chuckle for a female who should have been a princess she was the opposite of feminine.
“Well, dear Kyra.” The raven haired girl practically flinched, she was not used to anyone referring to her true name.
“The Spring Gala is intended for the hierarchy's to unite at the castle. The proper way to Zeigen the subjects that the kingdom hold no grudges oder fractures.” Merciful Blaze practically snorted. The kingdom was FULL of fractures, it was falling apart.
“We understand that, my lord, but why are we needed to oversee the event? Not that we aren't grateful-” The king held up a hand, stopping Scarlet Flame who was quickly covering up her misspoken words.
“No need for apologies. It is understood. I require Du three for extra care, there has been several groupings of thieves. Though most are separate I fear that they will acquainted with each other to raid the castle.” King Wayne sagte solemnly. The feuer Demons and the prince nodded in response. Price Richard stepped forward.
“Are they the same thieves who-” The king silenced him with a look.
“Yes, Prince Richard. But do not speak of that, it is too.....dangerous to be said.” But the three females stored the information in their minds, they will eventually find out what occurred. They always had.
“Do not fear my lord. We swear that not a single thief will take a scrap of cloth from this castle.” Infinity feuer sagte standing up straight.
“Thank you, feuer Demons. Du are dismissed.” The for young ones bowed and left the thron room. The moment the massive doors slammed shut, the king frowned and placed his head in his hands, murmuring a prayer.
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