Fin didn’t bother helping Mercy up from her unconscious position, because she herself was too tired to lift anyone up. Scarlet snapped and the flames disappeared. She turned to Fin and smiled. “How has life been for you?”
Fin laughed quietly, pulling her hair back behind her ear and beginning to braid it. It was a nervous habit she had developed, and because she’d done it as her alter ego so many times it was easy now. Reaching the end of her strands, she released it and it fell back down to her shoulders carelessly. Scarlet smiled, and pulled off her backpack. Fin watched the other firecaster dig around in the canvas pack. She pulled out a round piece of plastic covered in bristles, with a handle, and tossed it to Fin. “You look like Du haven’t used one of those in forever.. oder this,” she remarked, tossing a small cylinder to her.
Fin stared at the hairbrush and chapstick for a long time, as if looking at something from another world. Finally, she looked up grinning, and grasped Scarlet in a tight hug. “Stupidest gift ever...” she muttered into Scarlet’s hoodie. The older girl smiled and pushed her off. “Gotta go. Break a leg!” she whispered, and disappeared.
Fin watched her go, then went off humming Breaking the Habit.
“Acest lucru. Este de a lua. Pentru totdeauna! Doar o persoană, am nevoie pentru a contacta cel puţin un...**” Robin yelled.
He banged his head on the desk, still sitting in front of the League system computer, hacking away. They’d been watching Fin succeed against most of the challenges thrown at her, but they knew it was only a matter of time before she would fall. Robin groaned and looked up at the computer. “Last code,” he muttered to himself, and typed in the last few pieces. He waited a few seconds, but the computer turned up orange, and he only smacked his head on the schreibtisch again.
And he started hearing voices. His sisters, his friends, everything just rushed into his head. For some reason Delta was Mehr annoying than ever at the moment. She was loud, demanding, staticy... wait. Staticy?
His head shot up and looked at the computer, and his face broke into a relieved grin. There was Delta, smirking impatiently, staring at him. “Dude, are Du gonna sit with your mouth open like an idiot, oder are Du gonna talk?”
He scrambled around, fumbling his words and trying to figure out how to tell her. “We’ve, uh, well we’ve figured out something about... um...”
“Fin needs to be warned.”
Robin jumped at the Dark Knight’s sudden intrusion, but Delta only nodded. “I’ll figure out how to get to her, Bats.. Somehow...”
Fin sat in front of the mirror and stared at herself for a long time. Her hair was actually combed for the first time in a while, and it looked good-ish. It looked kind of natural, for her. She sighed, and reached up to the back of her neck. She winced at even the slightest touch, and pulled her hand back to find her fingers coated in a thick, maroon colored liquid. Biting her lip, she reached into her jean pocket and pulled out a tiny syringe filled with a multi-colored liquid. She placed it behind her neck and pressed it in slowly, inhaling sharply.
It dropped to the floor and shattered, and she wiped the blood on her fingers onto her jeans. She reached back again and brushed her fingers up against the injury. She smiled as she pulled them back dry. “Smart...”
“Isn’t it?”
Fin stared at her mirror, without moving. On the windowsill behind her sat a girl with long black hair, wearing dark sunglasses in the middle of the night. She seemed relaxed, staring up at the starry rubbled sky. She turned towards Fin, a sincere smile gracing her face. Fin swiveled around in her chair and jumped towards her. “Delta! What’re Du doing here?”
Delta grinned and dropped onto the floor. She looked around. “This place is messed up, man, what the heck? Coulda’ sworn Du would’ve gone for something more... classy...”
Fin rolled her eyes. “Oh, totally. I should have used Bruce’s credit card to buy out that little flat on fourth street. That wouldn’t have brought attention to myself!”
Delta smiled. “Whatever, sis. Look, I’m supposed to warn Du that--”
Her com crackled and they both tensed, Fin a little more. Delta motioned for her to be as quiet as possible. Fin nodded. “Yessir?”
I notice that Du are in a separate quadrant than I have assigned you. Why?
Fin opened her mouth in a silent wtf, but Delta shot her a glare and cleared her throat.
“I am in pursuit of subject. No help is required. I’ll take her down myself.”
Delta. Du are not moving. I’d like to know why.
“She’s got me cornered.”
You’re sure Du can handle this? Do not reply. I’m sending over a satellite camera to make sure Du don’t fail.
Delta winced as the com link shut off. She quickly turned to Fin and whispered. “They’re gonna come after you, and they expect me to fight you. Du wanna run?”
Fin nodded, smiled, and punched her sister in the face. Delta stumbled back, holding her nose. She looked up to find nothing but a small candle glowing. However, the vent cover seemed a little Mehr clean than it had been a couple Sekunden ago. Smirking she jumped out the window, calling her hoverboard and going up to the roof.
“The chase begins,” she murmured, shooting herself towards the other girl who was jumping along the rooftops as a small camera propelled Von its own jet came and followed the two.
Fin took a glance back at Delta, sighing. I guess it’s time to Zeigen off my Schauspielen skills... again... Well, sis, bring it on. Now grinning widely she flipped off the roof and fell, then launching herself up towards the sky. Delta took out a couple of projectiles and threw them at Fin, intentionally aiming at her sister. Anything less than true aim would have been spotted easily, and they’d become suspicious. Fin easily dodged, flipping back, and the projectiles hit the ground. Delta kept throwing, Fin kept dodging, until she ran out of room to run.
The waves crashed out in the bay, reaching their ears. Delta looked at her and pulled out a knife. “I don’t regret this. At least you’ll be able to live.”
Fin turned to glare at her. Now?
Delta’s smirk only grew. Fin smiled in reply.
She reached behind her head, only to lower her arms quickly and shoot two thing out of her belt-- a rope, and a knife. The messer flew towards the camera, but didn’t hit the actual lens. The rope hit Delta’s feet and wrapped her ankles together, and Delta fell. Fin looked at her sadly. “I want my iPod back,” she stated, then jumped towards the bay. She pressed a button on her gürtel and the messer in the camera blew up.
Delta stared at the remains of the camera, then looked back to where her sister had disappeared. Then she shook her head and smiled. “I’m gonna have to answer to her if I don’t give her a 4th generation touch...”
And she took out a messer and began to sever the bonds on her feet.