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These would be their kids. xD This is a future timeline, Von the way. Like probably 20 years oder something? Cuz she probably had her oldest when she was in her 20s and the oldest is 12 so....You do the math.
Name: Lily Brooklyn Cohn
Alias: Midnight Streak
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Appearance: brown hair, wavy, medium length, green-blue eyes (more green than blue), average build
Powers: speed, strength, can turn invisible Von manipulating darkness
Weapons: martial arts/combat
Personality: talkative, slightly gullible, headstrong, kind of has a temper, determined
Name: Chandler Austin Cohn
Alias: Coda
Gender: male
Age: 11
Appearance: dark brown hair, deep blue eyes like his dad’s, solid build
Powers: metal communication, flight
Weapons: knives and swords, martial arts/combat
Personality: quiet, fiercely determined, loves music, strong, stubborn
Name: Annabelle McKinley Cohn
Alias: Firefly
Gender: female
Age: 9
Appearance: long blonde hair, blue-green eyes, slender
Powers: signals (mainly telepathic and light)
Weapons: martial arts/combat
Personality: sweet, friendly, quiet, eager to please, flexible, easygoing

So recently I have joined a new Young Justice Roleplay group and we need Mehr people to join! It's CANON ONLY! NO OCs. I know how much Du guys Liebe your OCs but we need people. So heres some info about the group. (At the end I will give all Links cuz Du need to read this IMPORTANT info on the group :D)

~It's on Tumblr- Du must have a tumblr account to apply. Then Du must make a separate account for the character

~We follow the show- Everything that's happened in the Zeigen we work off. It's based off the INVASION. So we have all new characters and all the old team members are all...
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Eh, it's okay..Sorry it's so short.

I twirled the rose between thumb and index finger, and looked up letting the winds breeze through my shaggy black hair. I heard a flutter of wings behind me and gripped my hands onto the rail to ease the nervousness inside me. I kept one hand on the rail and swiveled around to face Devin, she looked at me with her blue eyes, as they stood out from the surrounding darkness on oben, nach oben of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I hid the rose behind my back as Devin looked at me curiously, "Whatcha got there?" she said, tilting her head up attempting to see around me. "Nothing,...
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Well, it's been awhile since we did this, huh?

What, me ranting and Du just recording the bullshit that escapes my mouth? If yes, then yes, it has been awhile. 

Lively as usual, so apparently Du receive a challenge from the "Red Hood." Who isn't Jason, Von the way, but an OC. Anyways, tell me what do Du think of it.

What the hell is an OC, is it orange County oder something? Over Cooked, Oppressed Cock, Only Candy.. YOLO? 

YOLO, Du Obviously Lack Originality. Right, an OC is abbreviation for Original Character. An OC is a fan-made character for a series oder a character for an original story....
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"recognized Bullet B08" the computerized voice rang out as Bullet stormed into the cave.
"How was the mission" Nightwing asked.
"perfect" bullet sagte angrily.
"what went wrong"
"nothing!" bullet shouted. His helmet, with it's now broken an blood splattered visor, morphed into glasses and his torn armor into normal cloths.
Nightwing followed bullet into his room "what went wrong" he asked again.
Bullet sat down. "nothing went wrong" he sagte "the mission was a success"
"good" Nightwing sagte "head to the infirmary and get yourself cleaned up"
"I'm fine" bullet said
"are Du sure" Nightwing replied "your...
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Too lazy to write the actual thing.

Kenzie, who ventured out to find the truth about herself, meets a nice looking boy who wears sunglasses and has white hair. She doesn't know it, but this is Brennan, and he's travelling with Chelsea to intentionally find Kenzie and manipulate her to get her to work with them. He takes Kenzie with him, promising her that he knew who she really was and that he could explain it to her.

Meanwhile, Devin, Delta, Aisling, Robin and the Bat are all looking for the missing 7 Jahr old when they run into Jessica and Manta. Manta explains that she saw someone who looked...
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She sat on her bett looking at the ground thinking. She had been locked in her room for 6 hours straight now and she wasnt coming out. Blade sighed and layed down, rolled over, and looked at the ceiling. How was she supposed to choose? Either way one would end up being hurt. Blade sat up and grabbed the pistol under her bed.
"Either way I will end up hurting someone, but if I just 'disappear' they won't have anything to worry about," Blade mummbled as she got up and looked in her mirror with a cold expression. She's cried way to much recently, so she wasn't going to cry now. She glanced down...
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Heroes Von All Time Low, I thought this was kind of ironic with what's going on with the OC's team
young justice oc
all time low