I landed near the Brother Hood’s building. I walked in, walking up the stairs. I threw open the doors. Blob was sitting on the couch, Toad on his head, Avalanche was sitting in an arm chair watching Fernsehen and Quicksilver was playing pool.
“Domino, didn’t expect to see Du here again“Quicksilver stated
“Domino couldn’t make it, sorry. She sent me instead” I snarled, charging a card. I threw it on the billiards tabelle and it exploded in Pietro’s face. I glared at him.
“You three-“ I gestured to Toad, Blob and Avalanche “-scram. I have some business with Quicksilver” I glared daggers at the three who I pointed out.
“We are not leaving this spot” Avalanche said
“Yeah, man. This is our house” Toad added. I picked him up Von the throat and threw him out the doors.
“Any Mehr objections?” I asked. Avalanche stood. Before he could use his powers, I grabbed his suit, charging it.
“You really don’t wanna piss me off right now” I snarled.
“Fine” he nodded. I let go and he left, Blob following.
“Now, Pietro, Pietro, Pietro. What am I going to do with you? Du attack me, try and get me to Mitmachen you, attempt to take me Von force and attack Domino” I sighed,
“Let me go” he suggested
“Idiot” I muttered, bringing out my bow staff.
“You’d be lucky if I didn’t make your very head explode” I growled
“Now Gambette. Why don’t we settle this like mature adults?” he recommended
“Because you’re not mature, nor are Du an adult at heart” I snarled
“No need to get insulting” he muttered. That was the last straw. I picked him up Von the halsband, kragen of his shirt.
“I have had enough! Now wonder Wanda banished Du from Genosha! You’re a horrible brother! You’re a horrible person in general! So I’m giving Du one warning: Leave me and my Friends alone oder suffer my wrath” I snarled. I threw him against the ground and kicked him in the side.
“Do I make myself clear?” I asked
“Crystal” he mumbled. I gave him one last glare before leaving. After D and Kurt were okay, Gambette would disappear. No Mehr playing hero. It was time I became Mehr realistic. I laughed at myself. Me, a hero? The Mehr I thought about it, the Mehr unrealistic it became. I couldn’t even save my mother from a common straße thug with a knife; how does someone expect me to save civilians against someone like Magneto? I walked to my bungalow. I unlocked the door and entered. I changed into my every Tag clothes, then hung up my costume as Gambette. I couldn’t save mom, I couldn’t save D, I couldn’t even save myself from what I had become. It was time to live a realistic life. No Mehr heroics. No Mehr fantasies. No Mehr dreams.
“No Mehr hope” I whispered to myself.

The End