Chapter 10

The school Principal, who was about to pack his papers for the day, was surprised to see Ariel and three children walking up to his desk. Seeing that they have to tell him something important, he kindly allowed them seats (and lollipops for the children). When Ariel and the kids detailed him about many episodes of bullies mocking Melody, his face was filled with compassion and sympathy. The kids gave him the names of the bullies he requested so he can call their parents.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure that Du won't shed another tear," he sagte to Melody.

"Thanks, sir," sagte Melody, softly and solemnly. Everybody else thanked the principal too and wished him good day.

On the way out, Ariel thought of something that she almost forgot to ask.

"Principal, sir?"

"Yes?" sagte the principal, who was now finishing packing his papers.

"I..I'm an aspiring teacher and I'm just wondering if Du are hiring any teachers this year," answered Ariel.

The Principal scratched his head. 'Well,..there are no open teaching positions at my school. We're not hiring anybody at this time for Weiter year."

Ariel's cheeriness was replaced with disappointment.

"Oh," she said, her eyes downcast.

"However," the Principal said. "I know a friend who is also a principal at a different school and he is looking for new teachers,"

Ariel's head perked up when he mentioned 'However.'

"Really?" she said. The principal nodded and wrote down the name of his friend, along with his friend's phone number, E-Mail address, and name of school.

"Just call oder E-Mail to him and say that Du are interested in applying for a teaching job. Tell him that it was I who recommended him.

"Thank Du very much, sir!" Ariel waved, as she walked out his office.

Meanwhile, at the office, Eric plopped down on his desk. Stupid Al and Adam for making me think about Ariel! Why in the world did I say her name out loud? he grumbled. He started work on the computer, trying to forget about Ariel. He didn't realize a certain Arabic friend sneaking behind him.

"Come on, tell me!"

Eric jumped a little at Aladdin's sudden voice. He turned around and glared at Aladdin.

"No, Al. I won't!" Gee, Aladin can be annoying sometimes.

"Pleeeeasse?" Aladin begged. Adam joined in.

"We won't go unless Du tell us Mehr about this 'Ariel' person," he said.

Eric did an annoyed sigh.

"Fine!" He said. "I'll Du how she and I met. But let me say one thing: there is nothing between us,"

"Okay," sagte Al and Adam. Inside their heads, they knew there is. Eric told them the story starting from how he hired brainless nanny candidates, how Ariel saved Melody, how he invited her to abendessen and hired her. Aladin and Adam listened with interest Von nodding their heads. At the mention of Melody running in the streets, they tensed up. Then, they sighed with relief at the fact that Melody was fine and had no injuries.

"Wow, it is a good thing Melody was saved," sagte Adam. Al nodded.

"Yeah," sagte Eric. He couldn't help but feel guilty for not keeping a better eye on her. What would have happen if Ariel never showed up? He would never forgive himself if Melody had died that day.

"Okay, Eric we believe you," sagte Adam.

"But why have her live in your house? Du want to get know her?" Adam joked.

Aladin started singing, "Eric and Ariel, sitting in the tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Al, shut up! Adam, I'm not that kind of a guy!" Eric retorted.

"Just kidding!" they laughed.

A few offices down, Adella, Attina, and Andrina heard them talking.

"Oh. my. gosh. Eric is in Liebe with Ariel!" Adella exclaimed.

"Quiet, Adella! Do Du want the world to hear you?" Attina reprimanded her.

"A boss in Liebe with his nanny?" sagte Andrina. Attina and Adella nodded. They hope that Eric meant it when he sagte he wasn't romantically interested in their sister. Then something hit Adella.

"I know! Let's set Ariel up with someone else!"

"What? No, Adella, father will kill us!" Andrina and Attina protested.

"Come on, it'll be fun!" Adella whined.

"You know Ariel is not into guys yet. Especially when she's trying to apply for a teaching position," Attina explained.

"Do we know any guys that would like Ariel?" Andrina asked.

Adella thought for a minute. "Hmmm, I'll try Thor...,"

"Hello, Sebastian here! May I take ye order?" Sebastian spoke into the mouth receiver. It is another busy Tag at his ice cream shop. With summer approaching soon, he hoped the customers would come Mehr often.

"I'll take a banane split, please," sagte a blonde man in a buisness suit.

"All right then!" sagte Sebastian. While the customer was waiting for his order, another man in a long coat, with sunglasses and a hat, stood behind him. He fished his hand into the customer's mantel pocket. He took the wallet and slowly pulled out three dollar bills. Last, he closed the wallet and slowly put it back in the customer's mantel pocket. With the money in his hands, the long coated-man turned to the right to signal his partner, also wearing the same uniform that it is time to go. The two men left the ice cream Shop and walked into a dark alley.

"Well boys, did Du get the money?" sagte a familiar old woman voice.

"We sure did, boss!" the two men took of their hats and and sunglasses to be none other but Flotsam and Jetsam!

"I got two-hundred and fifty dollars!" sagte Flotsam.

"I got six-hundred dollars!" sagte Jetsam.

"And I took seven-hundred dollars from a dope who was looking at some hot stud!" Ursula grinned deliciously as she showed them the money.

"Perfect boys! Now we'll pay our stupid fine and get back to our real plan: Kill Eric and Melody, and take their trust fund and money!" She chuckled darkly.

"But why did we have to pickpocket other people instead of Eric?" sagte Flotsam.

"Because then Eric would get suspicious and would call the police on us. And Du don't want that, do you?" sagte Ursula.

"I guess not," Flotsam and Jetsam gulped. They are very frightened of the police!

"The plan will be simple since Eric and Melody have nobody watching over them! Oh, that'll be just fun!" She cackled.

When Ariel and Melody came home, Melody felt better about everything that Ariel did for her but she was still feeling a little sad.


"Yes, Melody?"

Melody put her arms around her legs.

"Thanks for everything," she sagte referring to the bullies at school.

"It is no problem," sagte Ariel, as she gently rubbed Melody's back, smoothly.

"If only I have a mother none of this would have happen. I'm the only kid who doesn't have one," Melody sagte solemnly. Ariel's herz sank at the little girl's words. She tightened the hug.

"Oh sweetie, you're not the only one," she whispered softly. "I don't have a mother, either,"

Melody looked at Ariel with questioning eyes.

"She..went to heaven when I was fourteen years old. My mother was...suffering from a..terrible..sickness that none of my doctors at Denmark could cure. We had to go to America so she'd be saved. But...i-it..w-was too late!" tears formed in Ariel's eyes. Although she had gotten over her mother's death, sometimes it was still a little bit hard to talk about it. Melody hugged Ariel back. The two girls didn't let go of each other for a very long time.

NOTE: I wanted to put a scene where Ariel encourages Eric to come to Melody's talent show, but I'll put it in the Weiter chapter. This story is still Ariel/Eric thus Ariel won't fall for another guy. Thor will be just like a good friend to Ariel. I haven't thought of when he'll appear soon but it won't be long. Eric, we know that you're in Liebe with Ariel, so tell her!