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vlad_lover posted on Sep 01, 2008 at 08:32AM
I was in Woolworths about a month ago and found that there was an Uncle Max DVD up sale in the children's section... IN NUMBER ONE!!! Incase your wondering yes I do have it in for Uncle Max cause I HATE IT more than words can describe. But if, like the CBBC said in their letter posted in a previous forum, it is loved as much as they say, then why don't they bring out a Young Dracula DVD? Does anyone have any ideas as to how we could get some made because the only way we can watch it when we want is one youtube. The quality would be better on a DVD.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr greatmat2 said…
Yu culd form a protest around the BBC's bilding not letting any1 in or out until the bbc giv us wat we want
Vor mehr als einem Jahr spirited_away said…
heheh. except it would take them ages to produce a DVD. they'd end up dying on us :)
dont think that would work, considering some people are in scotland, some in wales, manchester, finland, wouldnt be feasable.