Author's note: Hi ^^ I've been working on this fanfiction on and off for a little over a year. I was scared to post it because it kind of sucked. I've cut a lot of crap out of it, so its sort of better now.

This is the first X-Men fanfiction I've ever written. Its kind of a jumble of a whole bunch of different versions of the X-Men. Its not really going to follow the story line of any X-Men media in particular, so some of the event timings might be off. Such as M Tag if I decide if I decide to include it. The character ages are also just kind of random. There's just some people I wanted to be teenagers and others not so much.

The first chapter is pretty boring... But it gets better in the Sekunde one. Just bare with me ^^;

Chapter One

"Oh. My. God. was her initial thought as she arrived at the school. she stared out the taxi window at the magnificent mansion. It had the perfect balance of old fashioned class and modern elegance. It was complemented Von beautiful gardens and landscaping. She could hardly comprehend the fact that she would now be living here. It was as if she had won the lottery. Talia would have set there ogling at her new Home all day, that is if a sharp tap on the taxi window hadn't of brought her back to reality.

"Hey kid! I ain't got all day. Can Du get out of my cab already?" The cab driver barked impatiently. Talia got out of the cab sheepishly, nearly tripping over the man on her way out. She stared at her feet nervously while the man threw her luggage on to the side walk. She had managed to suppress her anxiety of being in a whole new place with new people until now. Talia turned to face to school and swallowed hard as she saw people approaching.

"Ah, Talia so nice to see Du again.” sagte an elderly looking man, as he came toward to her in his wheel chair. "I hope Du had a safe, sicher journey here.” He smiled kindly at her Wird angezeigt the wrinkles in his aging face.

She wanted to say something. To do anything other than stand there wide eyed looking like a complete idiot. All she could manage was to give a weak smile in return.

So much had happened in the last few weeks of her life she could barely wickeln, wickeln sie her mind around it. She had a perfectly normal, boring life of a teenager a Monat ago. That was, until she started having reoccurring nightmares that had triggered her mutant abilities. At first she was just very confused. Every time she awoke from one of her nightmares lights that she knew she had turned off were turned on again. It started off small with the lamp on her bedside table, but then it spread to lights in other parts of her home. Her parents had even called an electrician to check out their circuitry, which was of course perfectly fine. As time went on she noticed Mehr and Mehr strange things happening around her. One Tag at school she dozed off in class for just a few moments. When she awoke all the lights suddenly disappeared leaving the school pitch black. This was very odd indeed, seeing there were windows in almost every room. The last incident that had occurred only two weeks ago, it was Von far the largest. After a particularly terrifying dream, Talia woke up to not only every light in her house being on, but to every light in her entire neighborhood. The Tag following this incident, there was a knock at the front door of her house. Talia's parents had answered the door. Not thinking much of it she didn't bother to leave her room. She just turned her Musik up louder and continued Lesen her book in her room. Finally there was a knock on her bedroom door and her mom poked her head in, explaining that there were people here to see her. She walked upstairs to see who wanted to see her. This is when she first saw Professor Charles Xavier and a young red haired woman who she now knew Von the name Jean. They explained to her why all those weird things were happening and how they wanted to help her. They told her of a school in New York.

"Logan will Du please help Miss Channing carry her things to her room?” The professor asked a grumpy looking man with shaggy unkempt hair and stubble. This forced her to stop reminiscing and come back to reality.

"Sure thing, Chuck" The man sagte in a gruff voice. He grabbed her luggage and threw it over his shoulder. The Professor gave her another warm reassuring smile as she cautiously followed the man to her room. They stopped at a door on the Sekunde level of the building. Logan opened the door and threw her stuff in on the bed.
"There ya go kid" he sagte as he walked away leaving her to unpack.
Talia collapsed on her bett and put her face in her hands. She knew she should be unpacking her things, but honestly this was really the first time she’d gotten to be alone in days.

Ever since her parents had found out she was a mutant, they’d been constantly following her and saying things like “You know we still Liebe you.” And “We accept Du no matter who Du are.” They had even told her she didn’t have to go the school if she didn’t want to, but she could see it in their eyes. They were scared of her. She had thought about staying, but she knew that it would just be uncomfortable. Her siblings wouldn't even stay in the same room with her anymore. Her younger sister wouldn't even make eye contact with her. She decided she would feel Mehr accepted in a building full of strangers, than with her own family.

After about twenty Minuten she decided she should probably get started. She began to hang her clothes in the closet and put her Bücher in the bottom drawer of the schreibtisch that was across the room from her bed. She looked around the room, which was rather plain. The walls were white, and there was one window with dull blue curtains. She frowned. She's have to get some posters up as soon as possible.
There was a soft knock at her door and a familiar voice called from the other side “Supper’s on the table.”
This was what she was most dreading. She had always been quite shy and quiet and it took her forever to make new friends. Now she was thousands of kilometers away from her Friends and family. She was in a different country all together. She took a deep breath and turned the door knob. Jean smiled at her and motioned for her to follow her downstairs.“The dining room is this way”. Jean sagte kindly. “I hope Du like spaghetti” Jean led her into a large room where there was a very large tabelle filled with new faces. Talia could feel her legs beginning to shake as the chattering at the tabelle ceased and everyone turned to stare at her. At this moment she felt she’d rather be in front of a sentinel than face this crowd of curious mutants.
Oh god please don't make me introduce myself She thought. With much relief as if someone had read her mind Jean just led her to an empty sitz where she sat down. Still all eyes were on her. She wondered if the others could see her shaking nervously as she attempted to eat her spaghetti.
Finally the silence was broken when a teenage boy with blue skin, golden eyes and pointed ears sagte with what she thought was a German accent “Vell aren’t Du going to introduce yourself?”
She swallowed the mouthful of spaghetti she had been chewing with a gulp as a look of slight panic spread over her face.
“This is Talia Channing. She just arrived from Canada this afternoon.” The professor sagte smiling. Talia gave him a thankful smile in return.
“Another Canadian? Hopefully she’s nicer than the one we have now.” laughed the German boy. The man named Logan glared at him from across the table. The boy looked at Talia with a large grin “I’m Kurt.” Talia just nodded and smiled at him, still not saying a word. Kurt looked somewhat disappointed at her response and went back to eating his spaghetti.
Von the end of abendessen Talia had been introduced to some students who included a girl named Kitty, a large muscular boy named Piotr, a boy named Bobby and a moody girl named Rogue. She also met the school’s teachers who included, a woman known as Storm, a man who never took off his sunglasses named Scott, a large ape like man who was covered in blue pelz who went Von the names Hank oder Henry, and Jean, Logan, and the Professor whom she had already met.
She was on her way up to her room, when Kurt and Kitty ran up to her with friendly smiles. “Hey, we were wondering if Du wanted in on a game of volley ball with us and the others.” Kitty asked.
“Um… I think I’m going to go back to my room… I’m umm… sort of tired.” She replied nervously
“Yeah… I guess you’re right Du did just get here. Well maybe Weiter time.” Kitty sagte as her and Kurt walked away.
When Talia arrived at her room, she collapsed on her bett once again. Truthfully, she would have had loved to play some volley ball. She wasn’t tired at all. She slept basically the whole journey to the school. She just didn't know what to say to them. She was terrible at holding conversation, especially with people she didn't know well.

She took out her sketch book, but after a few short moments she threw it on the floor in a frustrated manor. Why was it always the times when she needed to get her mind off things that there was never anything to draw?
She crept over to her window which over looked the back of the school. She saw the other students laughing happily, playing volley ball. They looked like they were having the time of their lives. Talia suddenly regretted declining their offer for her to join. She sighed softly and grabbed her sketch book from the floor.

Talia had just finished sketching the outline of the volleyball players when Piotr who was just about to serve the ball turned to look at the school. Piotr quickly spotted her watching them and he smiled and waved. Talia gasped, feeling her face flush red. Great now they'd think she was creepy for watching them. She threw her sketch book back to its location on the floor and jumped back onto her bed. Von the time she had the nerve to go back over to the window, the game had ended and everyone had made their way back inside. bored, lonely and slightly depressed, Talia changed into her pajamas and crawled into bed.