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In what will undoubtedly be a match one (or we can define "perfect") to Night of Champions, the Divas Champion Melina will face one of self-proclaimed "Co-Women's Champions, Team Lay-Cool, in a match that will unify the Women's Divas and titles - an undertaking that each Diva will be at ringside to witness.Returning from injury and regained the Divas Championship at SummerSlam, Melina has every reason to celebrate. But the dominant duo of SmackDown, Michelle McCool & Layla, have derided the Diva Latina in Kürzlich weeks with both verbal and physical attacks. When the Lay-Cool Team had prepared a surprise for Melina at the 900 ° episode of Raw, the Divas Champ was understandably skeptical.Confrontatesi with Melina with a good dose of their infamous "Real Talk", the Lay-Cool Diva accused of being "forgettable", proposing a Championship Unification Match at Night of Champions to determine who is worthy to be the Diva champion. Michelle and Layla Melina face, and the winner will leave with the Night of Champions is that with the Divas Women's Championships, unifying the titles for the first time in history.Melina has accepted the challenge, but on one condition: the Divas Champion has shiesto every Diva in WWE Diva is on board ding, like 'lumberjill' to ensure that it will be a really nice person - a concept almost alien to the "Co-Women's Champs." Able to unify Divas Melina and Women's Titles at Night of Champions? oder co-champions of SmackDown will win another title? The Antwort to Night of Champions September 19 pay-per-view.
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