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posted by bubble_babe
One Fine Sunny Morning Izzy Sat At A tabelle At Her Fav, '50's Dinner'. Although The Red Head Was Not In The Mood To Eat, oder Do Anything For That Matter. Something Keep Bugging her. Something She Couldn't Identify. The Poor Girl Sighed, Now Her Head Hurt From Thinking so Munch. She Then Fell back in her sitz And Poped her Feet onto the table, eventhough She New The Cause Of It.

"Ey, Izzy, Gits Your Feeta Of Meh Table." A Big Man Behind The Main Counter Called.

"Leave Me Alone, Joe." Izzy sagte as she closed her eyes

"Nononononononon; Now!" Joe told her

"I sagte 'Leave me alone'!" The Red Headed Girl...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
(end of chapter 6)
Bella pov
The pain was was to much, I couldn’t understand what was happening , my neck was burning , the burning took over my body it changed Minute Von minuet it grew it rose I wanted to scream this pain out but that probable isn’t a good option ppl will think I'm weak! I clenched my teeth together wishing I never existed suddenly the burning changed! it left my neck! I was relived that the pain had lessen but a new pain started in my chest my herz was was ripping its way out of my chest the sound of my herz filled my ears it was getting on my nerves the sound continued...
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posted by RainSoul
This is my attempt that being deep. Enjoy and I hope Du have your minds blown away. ;3


Say we’re up in space, and we remove all the stars oder anything that is luminous. Light would be nonexistent. Weiter we’ll remove all the planets, minerals, materials, chemicals, particles, atoms, and anything in between. We remove thing, we remove matter, we remove time, we remove life. We remove substance. We remove dark matter. We remove reality. What’s left? Weltraum and Darkness. There is no color. There is no thing. There is nothingness. There is darkness and space. If there exists no thing but something is present then is there really nothing there? Weltraum is infinite so nothingness is infinity. There is only infinite nothingness. Life was a miracle. Now please define nothing to me.

Bonus Questions: What would be the temperature in infinite nothingness in the absence of (thing, matter, reality)?
Is reality really life?
Here is a selection of true stories from around the world last week.
1.Price of the week.
James Bolton,who is unemployed,was very excited when he won first prize in a raffle last week.The prize was a weekend for two at a hotel in Bournemouth on the south coast of England.Unfortunately,he was less excited when he saw the name of the hotel.It was the hotel where he had worked as a porter the Zurück month.He had Lost his job there.

2.Mistake of the week
A 33-year-old Norwegian man came Home one night from the pub and got into bett Weiter to his wife.The woman immediately woke up,screamed,and jumped...
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** Little Red Riding haube is always told the same way time after time. It's time to hear this story from another characters point of view. The story of fairy tales may be completely different than what Du are told. Try thinking of everything from someone else's perspective for once, and see how much that story will change.**

"Here I am again, all alone in these stupid woods," I thought this to myself the whole walk down to the forest. Besides the Wölfe and birds, these woods were scarcely populated, so it was quite boring here all alone. It was always the same old thing, Tag after Tag of...
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Dear Diary,

I hate my life now. I am now going against everything of what I stand for. It's all because of one stupid mistake. I can't write about it now. It's just too shameful to write about it. Today I mostly hung around my room. oder my new room in Jerry's house. Man I hate him so much now. Du are probably thinking Who are you? What are Du talking about?
I am Lily. I'm a super hero. Actually no I am not. I can die like a normal person but I can't get hurt easily. I have Mehr than one powers so I live a normal life span.
You know I am actually not a super hero anymore but I'm working on that....
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Here are lotz of spells Du can try to become a mermaid!

1. Fill your bathtub with water, add seashells! Put on a locket with a picture of a fisch in it!

2. Say " I wish to be a mermaid, I wish with all my heart, and now I'd really like my mermaid powers to start! I will choose my power and the color of my tail, and I'm very sure that my descision will not fail! My power will be (freezing, boiling, moving) and my color will be (favorite color)!
3. Get into the bathtub for 30 minutes, hold your legs together the whole time!
4. Get out of the tub and dry off, put moisturising lotion on, then don't...
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Okay, this is chapter 2... enjoy :)

Duncan and Gwen were taking a stroll through the forest

Duncan: So how's it going with Du and Courtney?
Gwen: Horrible, whatever I do I hurt her and she just hates me even more!
Duncan: Well, it's not so fun being in the hero's team either.
Gwen: Oh... I just don't get it I've done so many good things and... and Courtney and Du weren't dating at the time
Duncan: Cheer up, Gwen Du have me
Gwen: Yeah I guess so

Duncan and Gwen go back to their cabins

Gwen confessional: At least I can try to fix things with Courtney no matter how many times I... fail (Gwen starts...
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Chapter One-

    I screamed as loud as I possibly could (well, screaming to the lyrics.). I was screaming to Paramore. They were my Favorit band of all time. I and my best friend Alexia won tickets to see them and a bunch of other bands on the Vans Warped Tour. After the show, I could go and meet everyone who played there. I was so excited, also because I could meet my other Favorit band, All Time Low. So, yeah. I was pretty excited about that. Right now, my Favorit song: Where the Lines Overlap was playing. Alexia was using the bathroom, she doesn’t really like Paramore....
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posted by ZekiYuro
Daniela Nardini,actor,star of the BBC series This Life.Interview Von Leila Farrah.

1.Where did Du go to school?
St Mary's Primary School in Largs,a small Scottish town.Then Largs Academy,the local secondary school.

2.Did Du ever get into trouble?
No,my school reports usually used to say 'friendly and well-behaved'.I don't think I was rebellious,in fact I used to be quite shy.I became Mehr of a rebel in secondary school.I stayed until I was eighteen,but I was quite lazy and uninterested and I didn't use to do very much work.

3.What subjects were Du good at?
I used to Liebe English and art,but I wasn't...
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posted by madening_mahem
who am I ?
what can I do?
I'm self-centered, self-induldged, self-absorbed, hateful, short-tepered, implusive, in a complete state of denial, confused and lonely, yet I don't try to think.
a creature of the night
a princess of darkness
I long for light
but all is midnight
and my only companions are the moon and the darkness
thought it comforts me when no one can
I wish to be out of darkness for once
to be clear, understood, unquestioned, and loved.
but who am I to ask for this?
who am I to want this?
is that what makes me human?
all I want to know is why?
posted by tigerseye43
 the cover for my story
the cover for my story
Jake wandered around the house holding Whitney's Gold medalian halskette in his hand. The house seemed so empty to him without her. Without her sweet voice ringing through the house, without her laugh oder her smile that seemed to brighten even the worst days. He sat down on the couch and stared at the medalian .
"I screwed everything up..." Jake sagte to himself. "I'm sorry Whitney....I'm sorry.." Tears started running down his face. Jake set the medalian on the coffee tabelle and stood up. He looked at the ground and spotted the cigarette she had stomped out just before they had to run. He walked...
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posted by hgfan5602
Is everyone being so cruel
Everyone is abusing each other
It seems like there is no good at all
In this world.

Why is everyone
Leaving me out of everything
Like I am this puppet with no string
I feel out of place,
And I am sure other people feel the same

I have searched for all these years
Someone special
Who would lead me through
The darkness
And all of my troubles would fade away.

Someone that would be named,
"My Hero."
I found who she was this year
And it was extremely unexpected,
No one else is my hero.
My hero is myself.
posted by coriann
I wish I had a best friend, her face was as sweet as honey, mixed with molasses and cane sugar, and vanilla extract with almonds sprinkled on top.

Her voice was like roses, blooming out of a fresh garden, and for each word, one flower, at least that’s how I pictured it. And just as the sweet smell of the Blumen draw the bees nearer, so they could suck the nectar, so her voice drew me nearer with her fragrant words and perfect English, and mellow sound…yes…mellow. Nearer to her tongue, so I could suck the sweet nectar off that as well.

Her hair was like golden sunlight, reflecting off the...
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posted by malmcd
Millions of Miles Apart

    From the moment your born somewhere out there Du have a true love. At less that’s what they say? They say there’s one person who has the same herz strings as Du and they complete you. And there’s nothing that can keep Du apart from one another...But what if my one true Liebe isn’t here? I mean what if I never find him oder her if that’s the case which I hope it’s not. I don’t know what to say but I’m different from the rest...What if there’s no one out there for me?
    My name is Sunflower I was born on the...
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posted by woofbark
This is based on a true story, which has been featured on a few ghost shows. However, I tweaked this "ghost story" a little, and I hope Du enjoy!

Sariff was a kind and beautiful woman who spent most of her life around the calm, cool waters of an unnamed lake.

It was there she swam.
It was there she read.
It was there she surfed.
It was there, on July Fourth, 1990, Sariff was murdered.

No one knew who it was, besides the fact that he was a man. And maybe, that had something to do with the fact that only men drowned at Sariff Lake.

Twenty men a Jahr died, despite a large amount of lifeguards....
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posted by mia1emmett
part 1:
we walked into the living room and he turned the t.v on. he put on "bob the builder" and patted my head. i heard Dina's door open and i smiled Dina sagte her bett head look was BAD! she was walking down the stairs and she screamed "OH MY GOD! MIA....." i turned around in time to see...
end of part 2


Tyler my friend, and Jayson's best friend. i laughed as he lunged at me and i fell on the floor. Tyler sagte "hey M, what Du up to?" i smiled "well laying on the floor with Du on oben, nach oben of me" Dina laughed in the background and i wanted to throw something...
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posted by RanmaRaj
I wrote this Song when my girl broke off with me

My college's band sagte it was too boring and told me to write another

I'd shared it with Kathy(Lilacool)
She sagte she liked it......Thanks Kathy

In the center of my heart
there is a deep pain
as if struck Von a dart
blood is all going drain

but wait a minute
am i..............?

'tis there all Tag and night
either asleep oder awake
doesn't leave what I might
kick it oder give it a shake

but on Sekunde thought
am i..............?

Lil puzzling is it's reason
someone once lived there
may be till Zurück season
she was my heart's only heir

though she is long gone
my heart...
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posted by Cutebutcrazy--
My name is Gennive Mason.
I am 13 years old.
And oh yeah. I'm the last vampirehunter alive.
You pobally think it's so cool. " Oh yeah she's the last vampire hunter alve. Du must be everyones hero." Wrong. No one and I repeat no one can know about me oder Vampire oder warer Wölfe oder shape- shifters oder witches. Du see it goes against code. The sacred code of all night creatures even I have to fallow it oder I'm dead. Von law it says if a vampire hunter tells anyone about the night creatuures they send some one then it's bye-bye hunter. Lovley isn't it. I find it kinda ironic. My job is to find and...
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posted by RainSoul
What do Du do when the gray waves roll over your head, and your body is too weak to swim ashore. Do Du panic and scream and try anyway to break the surface of the water? Do Du silently cry and pray and tell your loved ones Du Liebe them one Mehr time. oder because Du know it's futile to fight Abschicken to the lulling cold darkness Küssen at your eyelids? Do Du let the salty seawater drain into your lungs and choke to death's waiting arms?

Or do Du float to the surface and wait for the storm to pass and sunlight to pierce your shivering mass of a body?.. Du choose wisely.. Du wake up in a...
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