"Throughout the centuries, people have portrayed onto the wolf the qualities we most fear and despise in ourselves." What do Du think of this magnificent quote?

I read it for the first time, and it really spoke to me. For me, it means that people have imagined the wolf as a malicious killer in their eyes for centuries when they have no bad qualities at all. The Bilder people think of when they listen to old stories of the "big bad wolf" are only qualities we find in ourselves everyday but just don't think about it.
 18wanda posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Wölfe Antwort

Selendris said:
I think that that perspective on Wölfe is without a doubt all based on steriotypes. People seem to use that excuse to hunt these beautiful creatures when the truth is that they are an essential part of our world. At least when they hunt Tiere it's humanely, instead of shooting them in the head with a bullet and leaving them to die painfully. Wölfe are gentle, loyal creatures and the last recorded wolf attack on a human was very long back. Wölfe are actually naturally scared of us and we are just rising the hostility that they feel for us Von making their lives a living nightmare. Think about it. We are superiour to those Tiere so we think that we use that authority to harm beautiful creatures of life?! The arrogance of this generation. Since we are dominant to them, we need to make life easier and let them die naturally. "Lowering the population for mankind's sake." is all just a load of crap. Without wolves, we wouldn't have our beloved Hunde and the world would be overpopulated. Chasing them with snowmobiles and Wird angezeigt dead Wölfe like it is something that is great?! This world has turned to dust, I must say. What happened to stopping abuse to children and domesticated animals? Du act like the other Tiere that live out in the wild are menaces and their lives don't matter. Du shoot a wolf and think nothing of it. Yet when a family member dies in your life, it's a horrible loss. How do Du think the other families think, their father, oder mate, oder mother dead? God did not put us on the world with Tiere so we could tear our humanity to shreds. Du are not killing Wölfe humanely, Du are killing them like savages, with no reason behind it. I think Du should rethink your morales and philosophy. Come back when you've actually tasted life and learned what God wants us to do in this world. I rest my case.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
I loved ur speech! I wish I could hire snipers to kill every single wolf hunter
LegendWolf posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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