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Fan fiction by magicZ101 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
fan of it?
It was 2:00 p.m. on a Tuesday and all of a sudden a gigantic robot attacked New York, so then everyone in the Xavier institute got ready then we all boarded on the Black Bird I for one have a mutant power and it's the kind of power Du might see in Super Princess pfirsich like one of those hearts with emotion power and yes I know it's complicated and I also have a rocket boots because my happy feeling makes me fly but not for that long, now when me and the x-men got to New York ,the robot look just like the one in FLCL and it was holding on to a high school girl and had a gun shooting it at the city and causing so much destrution to a coffe house and 6 tall buldings so everyone got out of the black bird and started attacking the big robot Iceman started freezing it , Cyclops started hitting is with his laser eyes and Wolverine started clawing it, the rest of the x-men kept on attacking it and I was about to go out there and fight the robot until Beast told me to stay in the ship. For 2 mins. I looked out there and then I sneeked out of the ship and the I activated my rocket boots and I was flying which was good news cause the boots work the bad news is the gun was now aimed at me...