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posted by stellawinx101
Lady Meowford : Well, the technology moshling is very selfish and I don't know where she lives.
Tecna : Selfish? Why?
Stella : Same as the technology fairy!
Tecna : So how are we gonna go there?
Lady Meowford : We somehow need to transport. To Monstro City.
Tecna : Let me do it!
Stella : No, let me do it! *uses her scepter*

-They arrived.
Moshlings : Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
Lady Meowford : It's okay, they're not evil. They call us cute.
Bloom : So, where is this moshling?
Musa : Meow, where is she?
Lady Meowford : Wait.. I'll call Sooki Yaki, she knows it all.
Sooki Yaki : *appears* What's going on?
Lady Meowford : This fairy wants to meet her bonded moshling.
Sooki Yaki : Technology moshling?
Tecna : Yes.
Sooki Yaki : Gabby.

Tecna : *knocks*
Gabby : *opens the door* Giant?
Tecna : No, I am Tecna. Fairy of technology.
Gabby : I am an iPhone.
Tecna : I found you!
Gabby : Yeah get out.
Flora : *laughs* Bye.

posted by stellawinx101
Bloom : Stella, faster! Du don't need to dress up so beautifully it's just Jason Queen, our Musik producer!
Stella : Yeah, but he is a Musik producer! A Musik producer! He'll lead me to be famous and step one to be famous is... dressing up!
Jason : *enters* What? Come on, open up!
Stella : *opens the door* Done! Do Du like how I look, Jason? What about you, Bloom?
Jason : Let's go now!
Stella : Wait, I need to makeup and ---- whoa-oh! *Bloom pulls her hand and they get out of the house*

Musa : Stella, we're just going to Hollywood!
Flora : Yeah, Du don't need to dress up like that! Although you...
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