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It was a perfect Tag at the house. Musa was in her room with Stella. Stella was grooming her hair. Musa felt weird.

Stella : Please tell me why am I grooming your hair?
Musa : Because i'm on a date!
Stella : With Riven?
Musa : Yes, we're trying!
Stella : (casts a spell and Musa's hair looked dark blue like always with strikes of fuchsia, a headband and her hair was tied ) There!
Musa : Makeup?
Stella : alright.. (casts a spell and Musa was wearing red eyeshadow and rosa lipstick. She looked perfect )
Musa : Thanks, Stella.

Riven : (steps inside Musa's room) Hey, sweetie.
Musa : Riven! Wait... i need to go to get my gown, Stella go chat with Riv.. (runs to the door, opens it and head to the dressing room)
Stella : Hi. Riven.
Riven : Stella, i hate musa!
Stella : Then why did --
Riven : Shhh!
Stella : Weird but ---
Riven : (kisses Stella)
Musa : (enters) Huh! How there you?

------ TO BE CONTINUED ----------
added by Raghad20
added by Raghad20