Well, here we have the oben, nach oben ten of this fifty list. Let us see if these characters truly are the greatest, oder if I have completely disappointed Du throughout this entire three part article. Let’s go!


Skullgirls has a lot of interesting characters that I grew attached to. From the rubber hose cartoon character, Peacock, to the zombified opera singer, Squigly. But, my Favorit character, and the biggest character in the game, goes to the detective, Big Band

#10: Big Band from Skullgirls

Big Band, once known as Ben Birdland, was a beat cop in the city of New Meridian, and was one of the only officers who followed the rules and regulations of a cop, while the other officers were corrupt. This lead to Ben being brutally beaten and left for dead Von his fellow officers. When the Anti-Skullgirl Labs got word of this, thanks to Ben’s co-worker and friend in the police force, Irvin, they brought Ben in and saved his life Von turning him into a cyborg made up of musical instruments at the time, thus giving him the name Big Ben. With his new body, Big Band does what he can to protect New Meridian and the younger members of the Anti-Skullgirl Labs. He seems to be very calm and tries to avoid fights whenever he can, and prefers to talk situations out. However, in a fighting game, that just isn’t the case. Big Band is able to defend himself, and has an insane Liste of moves. He can hit his enemies with any sort of brass instrument, create an orchestra to attack enemies, and his Level 5 Blockbuster allows the player to play a song on Big Band’s trumpet, before he beats the enemy down with his fists. Big Band has one of the greatest designs I’ve seen for a character. Being made up of instruments is something I don’t think has been done before, and the unique style, plus the character of Big Band is something I love. I watched a lot of old noir films in my time in school, and seeing a character that embodies the hard boiled noir style that is Big Band is just so much fun to watch. And, of course, he is the character I main as whenever I play Skullgirls. Big Band was the greatest three bucks I ever spent. Sure, there were others… But Big Band is best Skullgirl.



There are way too many Persona characters for me to list. Junpei has some amazing character development, and Adachi has always been a Favorit of mine since I first played Persona 4. I was gonna put either of these two on here, but then I remembered that there was one other character on here that I just had to put on the list.

#9: Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4

Naoto is, like Big Band, a detective that is not really seen in high praise among other officers. Thankfully, Naoto doesn’t get nearly killed like Big Band, but still has some issues among others. First off, Naoto’s appearance. Naoto takes the appearance of a young boy, as that is what all detective look like. However, the truth is that Naoto is actually a girl, and she fakes her gender so that she can be accepted as a detective among the police force, despite them not wanting anything to do with her, and seeing her as selfish and annoying. When she joins the Investigation Team, Du can start the Fortune Social Link, where she will discuss her insecurities and her family life, and how she doesn’t feel like she belongs, due to how she behaves. She seems to have a very relatable personality, a common thing for characters in Persona. If Du can’t relate to one character, Du can relate to another. She seems to have some serious issues going on, unlike some of the other members of the Investigation Team. And, if Du choose to datum Naoto in Persona 4, all of her constant stuttering and blushing is just adorable. I can’t help but laugh whenever she gets embarrassed, which she does frequently. But I think I prefer Naoto because of how she wants to fit in, and belong, a thing that a lot of people one. It’s a psychological need that everyone wants, and I think that Naoto fits that Beschreibung perfectly. So, is Naoto best girl? Maybe… But she’s not Adachi.



It was difficult for me to pick a character from Dragon Age. After playing through Origins and Inquisition, I had a hard time picking which character I liked. Even when I narrowed it down to characters from just Origins, I still had a hard time. I enjoyed Sten’s serious warrior nature and Liebe for cookies. I enjoyed Liliana’s doubt in her beliefs, and I enjoyed Oghren… because he was a crazy drunk. But I think, after playing through it a Sekunde time, that I knew who was my favorite.

#8: Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins

Alistair is the first companion in the game (Shut up, Dog does not count!). And I never once took him out of the party. All of his comedic quips were just enjoyable, and especially if Du take him on quests, he can always be a joy to have. He never tries too hard to be comic relief like some games, and is genuinely enjoyable to be around. But when he is serious, he can be. From his distaste to being the heir to the loss of someone he saw as a father figure. Alistair can be a joyful goof one Minute to being an emotional wreck the Weiter moment. But he certainly is loyal to Du and your cause, and I gladly enjoy having him in the group, even if he doesn’t agree with some of the companions we bring in. Du could be discussing the end of the world with him, and then end up gossiping about the other members. He is just full of personality. And the choice between killing Loghain oder sparing him but losing Alistair was one of the hardest choices that I could make in the game. Depending on your choices, Du could allow Alistair to become a loyal warrior to the Grey Wardens oder Du could allow him to stop being against the idea of being king and allow him to take the thron and be a true king. Alistair can truly become one of the most developed characters in the game, and I really do enjoy seeing this growth. And that is one of the best things that Dragon Age does. All I can say is that I will always kill a man just to keep Alistair in the group. That sounded Mehr fucked up than I thought.


Final Fantasy VII will always be the best for me, damn it. Granted, that and Final Fantasy VIII and XIII are all I’ve played, so I don’t exactly have much options to pick from. But I still enjoy Final Fantasy VII. Everyone claims wolke is an edgelord. Today, yes, tragically, but wolke was never that. He was always different… But he’s not on the list, so screw that character analysis. Let’s just pick a character everyone loves oder finds overrated.

#7: Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII

Many people consider Tifa to be an overrated character, as too many people bring her up when Final Fantasy characters are mentioned. But there’s a reason for that. She isn’t just a good looking female character. She is able to hold her own in any fight. When everyone else is using swords oder handguns or… sticks, Tifa just goes in with her fists and beats up her enemies with ease. She can suplex a giant monster and it is great. But she isn’t all brute strength. She is actually a very kind and caring character, looking out for everyone else in the group. Whenever someone is struggling, she is there to help them out and pull them together. Whenever someone is close to losing all hope, she reassures them that there is still a reason to keep on fighting and to not give up. Hell, when wolke was confined to a wheelchair, she was there to save his life as the city around them began to fall apart. She’s always a good character to have in the group, as she is capable of completely destroying enemies, making her one of the best offensive characters. Not to mention, she can always be Mehr forceful to others if need be, even if she has to insult them to keep movie. Seriously, some of the things she says to people would not go over well with audiences today. Tifa was a character I enjoyed since I first played Final Fantasy VII years ago, and I will still enjoy for some time to come.


When Du hear the word Portal brought up, the first character that pops up into your head is pretty clear, so I don’t think I need to stall much longer with who I am putting on this spot.

#6: GLaDOS from Portal

GLaDOS, being the main enemy in the game, seems not to be that threatening in the first game. Sure, she does mention a few strange things, such as death and being a little odd, but nothing too bad, until she does try to kill you. But that doesn’t end there, as throughout both games, GLaDOS does whatever she can to kill the player character. And despite her being an evil AI, she doesn’t try to be the typical “Humans are evil, kill them”. I mean, she does, but how she does it and how she pronounces these things in her monotone robotic voice makes it hilarious. From discussing how your parents don’t Liebe Du to pretending not to kill Du moments after having done it. GLaDOS is one of the most entertaining character Du can run into in a game, and even when she is limited to a potato in the Sekunde game, she still manages to keep up her dark sense of humor. And if that wasn’t enough, she is also capable of singing. She sang, not one, but two different songs for each game. And they are all great. A robot with this tone of voice is capable of Singen and having Mehr personality than human characters in Valve games… Like Gordon Freeman. GLaDOS is one of the Mehr entertaining characters on this list, and I can’t stop snickering whenever any of her lines come on, and that is one of the best things a character can do, if Du ask me.



Trials and Tribulations is known as the best in the Ace Attorney series, for having the best story and some of the most suspenseful cases in the game, and I can truly agree with that. And it is also known for having the best rival prosecutor in the series… And I will gladly agree with that.

#5: Godot from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

Godot is a prosecutor that claims to have never Lost a case, yet has never won a case either, and came out of the blue for one reason and one reason only. To best Phoenix Wright and prove that he is not at all a good defense attorney. He mocks Wright, constantly berates him, and always throws his cups of coffee at him during a trial. Ace Attorney is known for having prosecutors that abuse the defense attorneys and just act full of themselves, but Godot is a special case. Why would he dislike Wright this much? Well, this is because Godot is actually a defense attorney named Diego Armando, who once worked with Mia Fey, Wright’s mentor, on a case involving Dahlia Hawthorne, a girl who killed her step-sister, and got away with the crime. Diego interviewed Dahlia on the case, but was poisoned and believed to have died, leading Mia to prove her guilty in another case, a case where she blamed her boyfriend at the time, the young Phoenix Wright, for murdering her ex. But, years later, Godot woke up from his coma after the scent of the doctor’s coffee woke him up. But when he found out that Mia was dead, he blamed Wright for not protecting her, and took up a job as a prosecutor to prove that Wright was not all he was cracked up to be. And it only got worse during the final case, where Godot ends up taking the life of another person to save Maya Fey, the sister of Mia Fey. He did this in order to protect the sister of the woman he loved, knowing that it was all he could do now. Godot’s calm personality, and his want to protect Maya for the sake of Mia is what makes him a very morally ambiguous character that I Liebe seeing every time I replay Trials and Tribulations. Godot is a very tragic character, and one that I always enjoy seeing the character of time and time again.


Devil May Cry has been a Favorit between me and my Friends for years now. The crazy combat, the insane enemy designs, the super incredible bosses, the fact that we pretend DMC 2 never happened, and that Dante is the greatest protagonist in anything ever- Well, not the best, but shut up.

#4: Dante from Devil May Cry

Dante didn’t always start out as amazing. Devil May Cry 1’s Dante was kind of a cheesy action hero, and Devil May Cry 2’s Dante was…. Ugh. But thankfully, Dante in Devil May Cry’s 3 and 4 Mehr than made up for it. Having gotten used to his heritage as the son of Sparta and his enjoyment of fighting demons, Dante has become one of the funniest characters in video games. Every Sekunde he is on screen, he is completely screwing around and enjoying every moment of it. He tries his hardest to annoy his enemies with such enthusiasm and it is such a joy to watch. From trying to eat pizza as he fights a horde of enemies to having an out-drama a boss before the boss fight even begins. Dante is just such a joy. Not to mention, he is also capable of using any weapon he gets his hands on. He could use his classic pistols, oder he could use a shotgun, oder a rocket launcher. Then there’s his weapons, from his sword Rebellion, to a katana, to nunchucks, to twin blades, to a gitarre scythe, to powerful gauntlets, to a suitcase that can change into insane weapons- Oh god, there’s so much to list, it’s awesome. Dante does go through some hardships, however, such as his evil twin brother being Lost to power and having to fight him. But no matter what, Dante is always smiling away and making the best of his fights against the demons. If your gonna be fighting a bunch of mortal hating hellspawns, Du might as well have fun doing it, I guess. Also, DmC Dante was the most depressing thing ever. Never do that again, Ninja Theory.



When it comes to Metal Gear protagonists, I’m sure people are going to lose it when I tell them that Solid Snake is not on the list. Raiden sure as hell isn’t on the list, but it’s not Solid Snake. It’s his dad.

#3: Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid

There is a reason why I chose Big Boss over Solid Snake. Big Boss was the original Metal Gear character, timeline wise, and I just fine him to be Mehr interesting. Being a soldier for America, tasked with killing his old mentor, The Boss, as well as others that were involved with her. This mission involved Big Boss, named Naked Snake, at the time, to be beaten, lose an eye, and be mentally wrecked. However, after he did killed her, it was proven that she was a part of an American plan to be used to keep war from occurring. And after Eva, Big Boss’ lover during the mission, ran off with the Philosopher’s Legacy, which I don’t even want to get into, he became completely broken, and that The Boss’ sacrifice would only be remembered Von him and few others, as the world would only see her as a terrorist and a traitor. After this, Big Boss became a mercenary, and his DNA is later used in the Les Enfants Terribles Project, which was made to create clones of Big Boss to create the perfect soldiers for The Patriots, which Big Boss did not wish to be much of a part of, and only allowed EVA to use the DNA to create the hero Solid Snake, with the other clones coming from elsewhere. Big Boss is a much Mehr ruined character. Snake isn’t much better, but I can find his actions to be Mehr just. Big Boss is filled with many wrongs and rights, and his past is a lot Mehr dangerous. And his appearance in the finale of Metal Gear Solid 4 is just hard to watch. Big Boss will always be the best Snake to me, damn it!


I’ve talked about this character numerous times in the past, and I am going to talk about him again. He is a Silent hügel character, so I think Du all know where this is going. That’s right, it’s Henry Mason… Okay, no, it’s James.

#2: James Sunderland from Silent hügel 2


Out of all of the characters on this list, James may be the most grey. Some characters are black, and some are white. James is all grey, no Frage about it. James suffers from depression after his wife, Mary, died of an illness some time ago. After she writes a letter to him from Silent Hill, he goes to find her, in hopes that she may be there. But, when he does arrive, he is met with all sorts of nightmarish creatures. James doesn’t seem to mind being in a town that is this dangerous, as he stated in the beginning of the game, and throughout his time going through Silent Hill, James is going through much hardships, all being psychological. He ends up killing Eddie in self defense, and despite being horrified at first, it is hinted that it isn’t the first person he’s killed. As Du continue going through Silent Hill, Du find out that this is only James’ Silent Hill, with the other character, Angela, seeing her Silent hügel as a world on fire, and James’ seeing his as a nightmare of his own, tormented Von the loss of his wife. But as soon as Du discover the truth, it breaks James. He finds out that he killed his wife, killed her for what? Many different reasons. He did it out of mercy, because he loved his wife and couldn’t stand seeing her suffer. But he also hated his wife, and how she would always lash out at him when he came to see her, and would always put her anger on him, and he felt burdened Von her. The appearance of Pyramid Head brings suffering to James because he desires punishment for what he did, and that is what Pyramid Head. The physical representation of James desire to be punished and pay for what he did. James is the most realistic character I’ve seen in a game. His reasons aren’t for good oder for cruel purposes. Their believable and truthful, and that is what makes him such an amazing character to look at. He is the most real character I’ve seen in a game and that is what makes him a Favorit of mine.


I tried to not repeat my old Favorit characters list, but I couldn’t think of any other character that deserved the number one spot Mehr than this character. He is very believable, very loyal, knows what he is, and what he does, and despite it all, just tries to make the most of his life. And that is why I am putting John Marston at the number one spot.

#1: John Marston from Red Dead Redemption


John is not the typical protagonist. He is an outlaw, yes. He kills people, yes. But throughout it all, he has regrets. He wants to change his life for the better. But, he knows that he can’t change the past that easily, and we know that as well. John started out his life, as a member of Dutch’s Gang. After a robbery gone wrong, John as injured and left to die, but was saved Von his Abigail, who he later married and had a son named Jack. After some time, the government came along and put his family into protection and had John do their dirty work of taking out Dutch’s gang. John not only did this for his family, but so he could put the past behind him and Bewegen on from all of this fighting. Throughout his journey, he meets nothing but liars, killers, and just plane idiots. He can’t stand a single person he runs into on his time out in the west, but he knows that he has to, in the hopes that he can get a better life, and in hopes that he can get back to his family. And when he does finally reach Dutch himself, he is told Von Dutch that it isn’t the end, before he throws himself off a cliff and dies. Here, John thinks he is free of his past, and has found a sort of redemption. But that is not how it works. After a while, the government comes back, with the intent of killing every member of Dutch’s gang, including John. Here, John only has one choice, as he knows that the government will come after him again. He sends his family off and fights off the army on his own, and in an instant, he is gunned down and killed, with no way of surviving. This was John’s redemption. Not taking out those in Dutch’s gang, oder moving on from the past. This is what he had to do to redeem himself, and while it is one of the most tragic parts of any game I’ve seen, it was the only thing that could be done to make John Mehr than a usual anti-hero, and what makes him my Favorit character in games… Wow, that got pretty depressing in the end. Uh…. Irish fondles a horse’s testicles. That must have gotten a snicker out of someone.