Thomas & James: *Going fast down the mainline. They are side Von side*
Hawkeye: Thomas The Tank Engine's back?
Carter: With James.
Alex: I wonder what they're up to.
Tom: It's simple. They're.....

Song: link

Tom: *Dances while singing* Racing to the wharf. They're racing to the wharf. Thomas & James are racing to the wharf. *Dancing in a conga line with Master Sword, Saten Twist, Orion, Snowflake, Pete, Percy, Jeff, and Astrel Sky* They're racing to the wharf. They're racing to the wharf. Thomas & James are racing to the wharf. Oh yes they are, they're racing to the wharf. They're racing to the wharf. Yes. Thomas & James are racing, oh yes. They're racing to the wharf. They're racing to the wharf. Yes.
Mr. Wright: Let's ignore him and Bewegen onto something Mehr important. I'm Mr. Wright from Trainz, and I'm your host tonight. The reason Thomas and James have returned is because of a special Fan fiction they're starring in. You'll see it in our schedule down below.

8:00 PM

The Nut House


The Great Race

Mr. Wright: This actually came before the movie. Now enjoy the show.

Theme Song: link

Welcome to a place called The Island Of Errol. A place that is run Von five railroads. It has hundreds of engines, and lots of trains in the four towns, Mossberg, Hunterdon, Zorrin, and Eastwood.

This is the story of trainz.

Stop the song

Episode 15: Kenny's Bridge Is Falling Down

The Northern Errol Line has two bridges going over Eastern Pacific tracks. Many engines including Kenny, Panzer, and Ferris enjoy going over the bridges so they can taunt anyone they see on the Eastern Pacific.

Kenny: *Pulling a train with Robert* Let me know if Du see any trains on the tracks below us.
Robert: I'm looking, but I don't see anyone so far.
Kenny: Yeah, neither do I. *Hears a creaking noise* What is that?
Robert: I think it's the bridge.
Kenny: Unbelievable. The bridge is strong. Besides, we're getting our train over it right now.

But the bridge wasn't strong. The train's heavy weight made it collapse, and fall right onto the Eastern Pacific tracks. Kenny, and Robert quickly uncoupled their selves from the train when they felt the strain from the cars falling off.

Robert: *Looking at damage* I told Du it was the bridge.
Kenny: Mr. Bruce will prove this to be... Very. Annoying.

And he did. Luckily for Kenny, and Robert they weren't able to make it back into Zorrin to hear what Mr. Bruce had to say about it.

Mr. Bruce: One of our bridges collapsed! Du engines are so heavy that you're making those bridges fall apart.
Tito: Our weight has nothing to do with it.
Ferris: And it even helps us pull heavy trains.
Mr. Bruce: Silence! I will not listen to Du talk back. Richard, Tony, and Jack, Du have been assigned to repairing the bridge. The rest of Du will be taking trains to the stations in Hunterdon, and in here. The station in Mossberg is blocked off until we fix that bridge. Get to work!!
Jack: Right sir. *Goes with Tony, and Richard to fix the bridge*

On the other side of the bridge, Kenny, and Robert were waiting.

Robert: Do Du think we can work on the Eastern Pacific until that bridge gets repaired.
Kenny: No. We are not allowed to go on Eastern Pacific tracks.
Robert: How are we supposed to get back to our railroad then?
Kenny: We don't. We wait here.
Sean: *Stops on his track, and sees the fallen bridge, and freight cars on his track* Oh Du gotta be kidding me.
Kenny: I am not. That's the price Du pay for bothering us.
Sean: You're the ones that are bothering us. We barely do anything to you, and don't forget about that one time we helped Du with that snow storm.
Kenny: What are Du talking about?
Sean: Andrew saw Du guys stuck in the snow, because your plow stopped working, and he went to get help for you.
Robert: He's right. Andrew did help us.
Kenny: Who told Du to talk?
Sean: *Backs away from the debris*
Kenny: And where are Du going?
Sean: Away from here. Obviously, I can't get to the Weiter station with that mess on my line, so I'm taking another route.
Richard: *Arrives with Tony, Jack, and a crane* We're here Kenny.
Robert: Who is that?
Kenny: That might be Richard. Is that Du Richard? We're facing away from you, so we can't tell if it's Du oder not.
Richard: Yeah, it's me.
Jack: And Tony is also here.
Robert: Jack?
Jack: Yeah. What did Du do this time Kenny? Did Du dance on the bridge until it fell?
Kenny: Let's joke about it later Jack. Alright?
Jack: What's the matter Kenny boy? Embarrased enough already?
Robert: *Laughs*
Kenny: What are Du laughing about?
Robert: The- oh forget it.
Kenny: Tell me.
Robert: Alright, I'm laughing about Jack joking about how Du made the bridge fall apart.
Kenny: You're responsible for it to Du know.
Robert: Oh yeah.

Jack, Tony, and Richard made good progress on repairing the bridge. Some of the debris was still on the Eastern Pacific tracks, and Bri was coming down the line.

Robert: I see some smoke.
Jack: Must be one of the trains on the Eastern Pacific.
Kenny: What did Du say?
Jack: We think a train on Eastern Pacific tracks is coming towards the bridge.
Kenny: Oh no.
Robert: Clear that debris off the track quickly.
Richard: We're doing our best.
Bri: *Blows her whistle*
Tony: Hurry up before Kenny, and Mr. Bruce get angry at us!!
Bri: *Sees debris on the track in front of her, and applies her brakes*

Bri hit the debris on her track, and went into the air, crashing through the new bridge Jack, Tony, and Richard were building. Then she landed back on her tracks, and was derailed.

Richard: Way to go!
Robert: What happened?
Jack: This clumsy steam engine crashed into the bridge.
Bri: Well Du should've cleared this debris off the track.
Richard: We were working on it.
Kenny: Now we'll be stuck here longer.
Tony: Hey guys?
Jack: What?
Tony: Instead of arguing, why don't we work together?
Bri: Hey, he's got a good idea. I could get this debris loaded into some freight cars, and bring it to you.
Tony: Splendid. Let's do it.

Bri delivered her passenger train, and told Carter, and Jerry about the mess. The both of them loaded up the debris into some freight cars, and brought it to the Hunterdon Central Railroad. From there, it was brought to Jack, Tony, and Richard. The bridge got fixed in three days.

Weiter morning, Kenny, Robert, and Tito were pulling a really long freight train. They were heading to the Mossberg Station, and we're going across the rebuilt bridge when suddenly...

Kenny: *Begins to go across the bridge*

It collapsed.

Tito: Oh great.
Robert: Here we go again.
Tito: What do Du mean again?
Kenny: Long story.

Song (Start at 1:13): link

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production

Copyright 2015

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Tom: *Dances while singing* Racing to the wharf. They're racing to the wharf. Thomas & James are racing to the wharf. They're racing to the wharf. They're racing to the wharf. Thomas & James are racing to the wharf.
Master Sword: He's still at it?
David: When is he going to stop?
Mr. Wright: I doubt he'll stop anytime soon. The Nut House is up next.

Theme Song

Kevin: *Plays piano*
David: *Playing bass*
Liam: *Playing drums*
Liz: *Plays guitar*
Mr. Nut: *Sings* Welcome everybody to The Nut House. Thankfully this is not in Laos. Come on everybody into The Nut House. Du can wear anything except for a blouse. Come on everybody, step into The Nut House.
Everyone: The Nut House!

Episode 4: No Talking

The Nut House is full tonight, and all eight of our main characters are here.

Parker: *Finishes his ribs, and cleans his hands with a napkin* Time for my message. *Stands up with a spoon, and glass. He hits the glass with the spoon five times*
Everyone: *Staring at Parker*
Parker: Attention everyone, I have a special announcement to make.
Kevin: You've gegeben up on trying to beat my high score on Dig-Dug.
Everyone: *Laughing*
Parker: *Angry* That's not it! I am the new owner of our public library.
Liam: What happened to the Zurück owner?
Parker: She.....uhh......


Police Officers: *Examining a rosa square laying down on a table*
Police Triangle: The krankenwagen is on it's way.
Police Circle: *Holding the noose* What caused her to do this?
Police Triangle: We are about to find out Deputy.

End flashback

Parker: They never did find out.
David: That's great. Can I get back to work now?
Parker: No Du may not! I have one Mehr thing to tell you. Though I will be spending less time with Du guys in this lovely establishment... *Sheds a tear*
Kevin: Oh great.
Parker: I will finally fulfill my dream of sitting behind a schreibtisch telling others to be quiet!

As he continued crying, others gave him weird looks.

David: Can I get back into the küche now?
Parker: Yes Du may.
David: Finally. *Walks into the kitchen*

At the front of the library, Wayne met up with Liz.

Wayne: Hey, Du work at the Nut House, don't you?
Liz: Right. I'm one of the cooks. Are Du going into the library?
Wayne: Yeah. What about you?
Liz: Yeah, I'm also going in. I just hope it's not the one-
Wayne: Parker's in there.
Liz: Oh. Well, it can't be that bad.
Wayne: He's the only shape inside.
Liz: It could still be worse. I don't know about you, but I'm going in.
Wayne: *Watches Liz walk inside, and follows her*
Liz: Morning Parker.
Parker: No talking!!!!
Wayne: *Walks in* Du broke your own rule.
Parker: I sagte no talking!!!! The Weiter person to talk gets kicked out of here!
Liz: It's not worth it. *Leaving*
Parker: That's it! Either Du leave, oder I'll...*Watches Liz leave, then looks at Wayne* Would Du like a book?
Wayne: Yes please.
Wayne: Whatever. *Leaves*

Later that night.

Wayne: *Sits down at Kevin, and Liam's table*
Kevin: Du look nervous.
Liam: And you're sweating bullets.
Wayne: I don't even have a gun. Which is a shame, because I need to kill Parker.
Kevin: What did he do to you?
Wayne: He's running the bibliothek like a concentration camp. Du know that no talking rule? He's going overboard with it.
Kevin: Like he does with everything else.
Wayne: Miss. herz wants to buy the bibliothek from him, but we doubt Parker will want to sell it to us.
Kevin: Not willingly.
Liam: We need to do some gambling. Bring him to us tomorrow evening. We'll both be here.
Wayne: What will Du do?
Kevin: Help Du out. We won't say how though. Du need to trust us. Just like we trust you. Can Du do it?
Wayne: Yes. We'll both be here tomorrow with Parker.
Kevin: Looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to it.
Wayne: Thanks Du two. *Walks away*
Liam: What are we going to do?
Kevin: What Parker can't. *Points at the Dig Dug game in the arcade*

The Weiter night, Wayne, and Miss. herz brought Parker to the Nut House.

Wayne: Where are those two?
Kevin: *Sneaking up from behind*
Miss. Heart: Who are Du talking about?
Wayne: I had to schlucken my pride to-
Kevin: *Taps Wayne's shoulder*
Wayne: AH!! *Turns around, and sees Kevin*
Everyone: *Staring at Wayne*
Kevin: Now Du can schlucken your pride.
Wayne: Where's Liam?
Liam: *Walks in from the front entrance, and claps twice*
Wayne: *Sees Liam*
Parker: What's all this about?
Kevin: Parker, you've been doing a terrible job running the library.
Parker: I have not!
Liam: Ladies, and gentlemen, *Points at Parker* This week's liar.
Kevin: Hooray. *Clapping his hands* Our Friends Wayne, and Miss. Heart-
Wayne: We're not friends. We just came to Du for your help.
Kevin: Du sure Du don't wanna be friends? Miss. herz wanted to be Mehr than Friends when we first met.
Miss. Heart: *Blushing*
Liam: They came to us to make a deal with you. Du beat Kevin's high score in Dig Dug, and Du get to keep the library. If not, Du have to sell it to Miss. Heart.
Parker: What if I don't want to sell it to Miss. Heart?
Kevin: Du have to beat me if Du want to keep the library.
Parker: That'll be easy.
Kevin: Okay, let's do it. *Walks with Parker to the Dig Dug game*
Liam: While they're playing, why don't we order dinner?
Wayne: Since your friend is helping us stop Parker, abendessen is on us.

Twenty Minuten passed, and lots of empty plates were on the table.

Liam: Wayne, I appreciate all of the burgers Du bought for me, but last time I checked, I didn't want 65 quarter pounders that really weigh half a pound.
Wayne: I'm sorry. Du should have sagte something.
Parker: *Arrives with Kevin*
Kevin: My high score has been beaten.
Wayne: Oh no.
Kevin: Von me. It's 23,860.
Liam: What did Parker get?
Parker: *Sad* 12,000. *Crying* The bibliothek is all yours.
Miss. Heart: Thank you. I will run the bibliothek like a decent person, and let others talk.
Parker: But there's not supposed to be any talking in a library!

Ending Theme: link

Everyone left Parker to cry Von himself.

End Credits

Mr. Nut: *Turns on the closed sign* Closing time.
Parker: Just one Mehr minute!
Mr. Nut: No Parker, it's time to go.
Kevin: *Helps Parker to the door* Come on Parker.
Parker: No!!!!
David: *Shakes his head no*
Mr. Nut: See Du later fellas.
Kevin: *Jumps, and his name appears below him*
David: *Confused, he also jumps, but his name does not appear* Huh, weird. *His name falls on the ground Weiter to him* Oh cool. *Grabs his name, but it goes up very quickly, taking him along the way*
Liam: *Looks up at David* Where's he going? *His name appears from the bottom, and gets under Liam's feet, also taking him up to the sky* Whoa. Cool!!
Liz: *Looking up at Liam* Have fun not being able to breath. *Gets hit in the head Von her name*
Wayne: *Looks at Liz, and laughs, but he gets hit from the front Von his name*
Miss. Heart: Uh oh. *Also gets hit Von her name*
Parker: Everyone's either gone, oder beaten up Von floating names. I can go in. *Sees his name on the door* When did that get there?.. Maybe I can wait until tomorrow to come back. *Leaves*
Mr. Nut: *Goes upstairs to his room, and gets into his bed. He turns off the lights*

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production from December 8, 2016

Song (Start at 0:51): link

Tom: *Still Singen while dancing* They want, first place. Not second. Third oder fourth. Theeeeey. Waaaaant, first plaaaaaaaaaace.
Kevin: He should be out of breath Von now.
Liam: He kinda reminds me of Parker.
Mr. Wright: And that's it for the first half of our show. Come back at 8:30 to see the Special Thomas & Friends story, The Great Race.