Remember my old Dead Rising psychopath ranking and how… Utterly awful it was? Well, I think now is a time to remake that list, and hopefully, make it better than the last one. So, in case Du couldn’t tell, I am going to talk about the Dead Rising bosses, the psychopaths. Aside from the zombies, and the endless amount of survivors Du need to escort, psychopaths are what make up the Dead Rising games. They the kinds of people Du wouldn’t want to run into in real life and Du definitely don’t want to run into when there is an outbreak. They are relentless, violent, and have no qualms with killing Du and any survivor in their way. Hell, most of them actually end up killing oder planning to kill survivors. Whether it be out of fear, insanity, oder using the outbreak for their own selfish gain, psychopaths come in multiple ways and have Mehr personality than most bosses in video games, and I think that is what makes them unique. So, why not make a Liste that contains my twenty Favorit psychopaths. Now, the psychopaths I like may be different from the ones Du like. In fact, the number one spot may be debatable between many people. So, with that being said, let us get started with the list. Also, spoilers for the entire series up to this point, so Du have been warned

#20: Paul Carson from Dead Rising

I gotta be honest, as a boss fight, Paul Carson is pretty crappy, actually. Depending on how Du play and what equipment Du have, this can either be one of the easiest bosses in the game oder one of the most annoying, but no matter what equipment Du have, I can tell Du what the fight isn’t: Fun. If Du have the right equipment, and Du get lucky, Du can beat Paul in a matter of seconds. If Du have the wrong equipment, Du will be chasing him around the Wonderland Plaza for a while, and it doesn’t get any easier with him throwing bombs and molotovs at you. So, why is Paul even on this list? Because he is the first Psychopath in the franchise that can be saved. Paul is a very troubled youth, incredibly anti-social and prone to stuttering and paranoia of others. However, he doesn’t seem like the kind of person to kill someone… Well, minus the two women Du meet prior. After Du defeat Paul in his fight, if Du put the feuer on him out, Du can then have him Mitmachen the group as a survivor and help bring him back to the safe, sicher room. Once there, you’d think that’s it, but no. After that, Paul will call Du back down, and when Du meet him again, he will give Du a molotov to use, which is a very powerful and effective item to use in this game… Du know, before they were just handed out in Dead Rising 2 when Du make them. So, Paul, not a great fight, but was definitely reliable in giving Du cool weapons.

#19: Convicts from Dead Rising

The Rednecks from Dead Rising 2 are trash in comparison to the Convicts from the first game. The Sekunde Du meet them, they already have killed a man and attempt to murder the woman he was with. The convicts consist of three men, Sam Franklin driving the car, Reginald Jenkins on the gun, and Miguel Sanchez wielding a bat on the side. These guys manage to have both the range, defense, and offense that some psychopaths lack. These guys will run, gun, and beat Du down, as well as any survivor that Du are with. They make walking out in the park to walk survivors around a nightmare. Just hearing Gone Guru in the background has gegeben me and many other Dead Rising players PTSD about these guys. Thank god for the shortcut in the Wonderland Plaza, because then it would be impossible to get all fifty survivors out of the mall. Oh, and don’t think that killing them will solve all your problems. Once Du kill the Convicts, sure, Du will get their powerful jeep and the massive gun on the back which has helped me out a lot when it comes to some enemies. But no matter how many times Du kill them, the Convicts will come back… Somehow. That’s one thing I’ll give the Rednecks, at least once Du killed them, they stay dead and don’t come back from the dead. These Convicts are so relentless just to make your time in Willamette a living hell. And boy, the Convicts manage to do just that.

#18: Carl Schliff from Dead Rising 2

Talk about being dedicated to your work. The first psychopath from the sequel and it’s, in my opinion, the easiest boss in the entire game. Carl is a crazed mailman who is so contempt in making sure he never messes up in his job of delivering mail that, when the zombie outbreak starts, he is already high strung as he can’t make his deliveries. However, when he meets Chuck, the one framed for starting the outbreak, he completely goes off the deep end and attacks him with a shotgun and explosive packages. Like I said, Carl is pretty easy. Sure, if Du aren’t careful, he’ll mess Du up, but he is just so easy to get struck down and to avoid his bombs and shotgun blasts that I never had to worry about him too much. I rarely saw him as a challenge and Mehr as a way of getting free Zombrex. But, I can at least appreciate his devotion as a psychopath. Sure, he is crazy and is willing to kill a man because of how devoted he is to his work, but Du can’t really blame the man. I mean, if Du were to meet the very guy, the very man that is (supposedly) the one who released all the zombies and has caused thousands of deaths and destruction, wouldn’t Du be attacking him as well? I think that Du would. Don’t lie, Du would. Also, the fact that he is voiced Von Edd from Ed, Edd, and Eddy cracks me up every time.

#17: Brandon Whittaker from Dead Rising 2

The first psychopath of Dead Rising 2 and he manages to be a bigger challenge than most bosses… Huh, I probably should have put him in my oben, nach oben Ten Hardest First Bosses Liste instead of Carlito. Anyway, Brandon is a member of the group C.U.R.E, a protest group that is against the poor and violent treatment of zombies, and after seeing his entire group get massacred, he went insane, believing that Chuck wanted to make the world equal Von having everyone turn into zombies, and, seeing this as an ingenious idea, he started kidnapping Zufällig people and began to turn them into zombies. But in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, he has an even bigger role, as the man who released the zombies in the first place after being bribed Von TK (Oh, we’ll get to TK soon enough). So, how’s his boss fight… It’s… pretty damn intense. Brandon is able to warp from one bathroom stall to another without Du finding out where he went. When he does pop back up, he will begin to stab Du with a shard of glass. He is pretty fast, so Du gotta make sure Du know when to dodge and attack, while also keeping an eye on where he will teleport to. He is definitely a hard first boss for beginners. Way better than that piece of shit Leon… and no, Leon will not be on this list. He is an asshole and everything about him just sucks…. So yeah, Brandon is a good psychopath.

#16: Harry “Zhi” Wong from Dead Rising 3

As much as I am not the biggest Fan of the third game in the franchise, I feel it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include some psychopaths from this game. So, I will do what I can to include some of them. So, first off, we’ll start with the psychopath that represents wrath, Harry. Harry is a Chinese monk who is trying his hardest to find peace in the zombie outbreak, but what with his life being pretty crappy, what with him losing his job, his wife leaving him, and his kids disrespecting him, he finds it kinda hard to contain his violent urges… Von that, I mean he kills anyone who disturbs his peace, zombie oder human. And, just like Brandon, he is the first psychopath Du meet in Dead Rising 3. And just like Brandon, he’s agile as shit. He will constantly rush at Du at a fast pace to attack Du with his weapon, as well as throw smoke grenades and can even heal himself. I heard that Du are able to taunt him through the Kinect, but… Let’s face it… Why make an unenjoyable experience like playing Dead Rising 3 even Mehr unenjoyable with the goddamn Kinect. This is the kind of fight that Du NEED to be an expert Dead Rising 3 player to beat with even some health left. He can cut your health down in a matter of seconds, and leaving yourself open for even a Sekunde can get Du killed. It’s like another Psychopath that we’ll get to later. So, for those who actually do enjoy Dead Rising 3, find solace in the fact that this isn’t the last of the Dead Rising 3 psychopaths.

#15: Steven Chapman from Dead Rising

I don’t know what it is about Steven, but everytime I go fight him, he just cracks me up. I honestly don’t know how oder why, but I just Liebe facing this guy in every playthrough. Steven is a man who, like Carl, is so obsessed with his job, only Steven is even Mehr so. Instead of just going after the man who (Supposedly) started the outbreak, Steven is going after anyone who he deems as a vandal trying to steal from his grocery store in the mall. And he makes it clear that he doesn’t want any vandalism, Von shouting, swearing, being incredibly over-the-top, and pretty much trying to kill Du in the store. Sadly, Steven’s fight isn’t as good as his insane personality. He just kinda runs at Du with a shopping karte, warenkorb and occasionally shoots at Du with a shotgun. It’s kinda easy, and what with Du being surrounded Von food, as long as Du don’t let Steven out in the open areas of the grocery store, he shouldn’t be so hard. But his personality in the cutscenes are what I Liebe most about Steven. He cracks me up every time with his personality. Thank god that he is necessary to fight in order to continue the story, otherwise I would never be able to truly enjoy this wonderful store clerk.

#14: Sean Keanan from Dead Rising

Du know, for a sixty two Jahr old man, he sure is agile as hell. Sean is the leader of the True Eye cult who, for some reason, decides to put their base of operations in a shopping mall movie theater. Not only is Sean a psychopath for Du to fight, but Du have to deal with the True Eye members, wearing raincoats and green masks. These guys will continue to screw with Du for the entire game, blocking off your path in the mall and always gaining up on you. They are relentless. When Du finally meet Sean again after his first appearance, he is waiting for Du in the movie theater with five other survivors, and he truly shows how powerful he is. He will constantly run at you, running just as fast, or, hell, maybe even faster than Frank, and has the ability to slide kick Du like some kind of straße Fighter move. Even when I am level 50 in Dead Rising, I still need to dodge this guy like I am fighting some sort of Dark Souls boss. His agility rivals that of Artorias. Why are the characters that would be physically screwed in real life are fast as hell in video games. Also, Sean manages to hold the Sekunde rank, in my eyes, for the Sekunde most violent death in the first Dead Rising game, but definitely first for the most stupidly placed death, as it’s just a mannequin with a sword through it gently tipping over and stabbing him in the eye. I guess Du can forgive how idiotic it is, since… Well, he did just get stabbed through the eye, so I guess Du aren’t thinking about that at the moment.

#13: Brock Mason from Dead Rising

Brock is made to be the main antagonist of the first Dead Rising game, despite only being there at the last few Sekunden of the 72 Stunde Mode and the last few Minuten of Overtime Mode. As an antagonist, I much prefer Carlito over this guy. But thank goodness his fight is better. Brock was in charge of the clean up operation in Santa Cabeza, which is kind of an important place in the entire Dead Rising franchise. Brock see’s the deaths of the civilians in both Santa Cabeza and the Willamette Incident, as well as the deaths of his own men, as nothing Mehr than a part of the mission, and has no regard for any human life. So, when Du get to fight him… Well, the first phase is kinda… shit. Du just shoot at a tank and hope Du kill it before it kills you. Fun, I know. But thank god the Sekunde phase makes up for it. In the Sekunde phase, Du have to fight Brock hand-to-hand. No weapons, no healing items, just the moves Du have been learning throughout the game. If Du have been saving survivors, taking photos, and fighting psychopaths throughout the story and have plenty of new moves, this shouldn’t be too hard. But if Du have not done any of that, expect to be punished for it. Du have to make sure that Du don’t fall into the zombies while dodging Brock on the tank. Some may call it bullshit, but I find it to be pretty fun. And in the end, when Du delivered the final schlagen, punsch (Or jump kick if you’re a coward like me), Du get the satisfaction of watching him fall into a horde of zombies. It’s sounds less creepy when Du actually fight him and beat him, trust me.

#12: Kent Swanson from Dead Rising

Oh, god, I hate Kent so much. Kent is like Leon, but thankfully, not as insufferable. At least Kent didn’t immediately make me sick to my stomach like Leon. Anyway, Kent is a photographer just like Frank, only he takes his job much Mehr seriously to the point of jealousy. Du meet him on the first day, where Du have to take some shots of him. After Du manage to get enough pictures, he will challenge Du to a contest of finding a better picture than the ones he has. Von this, he means just a better Erotic shot (Snapping a picture of Jessie after Brad get’s shot Von Carlito is the best way to do this). On the Sekunde day, after Du manage to beat him, he will ask for one Mehr contest tomorrow. Now, depending on what time Du arrive, there will be different outcomes. If Du arrive right on the mark of noon, Du will see Kent about to turn a survivor into a zombie before Frank stops him. If Du come later, Kent will have already turned the survivor into a zombie and will then chain up Frank, and disarm (And for some reason, disrobe) him, as he tries to get a shot of Frank being eaten alive Von zombies. Here, Du will have to fight Kent to the death. He will shoot at Du with a handgun, while trying to hit Du with flying kicks. All Du have to do is just beat him with anything Du have. I know that’s a crap strategy, but fitting for a crap human. But, I can at least appreciate the work that went into seeing Kent’s deteriorating sanity through a three Tag spanning period. Really makes him all the Mehr better… Doesn’t fix his meh fight, however.

#11: Dylan Fuentes from Dead Rising 3

Oh boy, this is gonna get me some flake from the runners of this website, huh? Dylan is the psychopath that represents lust, and… Oh boy, it shows. An insanely preverted sadomasochist that kidnaps people and forces them to take part in his… “fantasies”, he is definitely one of the Mehr uncomfortable psychopaths to run into, what with his leather chaps, cowboy boots, giant dildo flamethrower and ice gun, and his Tokyo Ghoul mask (Seriously, what kind of attire is that). Every Dead Rising game has the perverted psychopath, of course. The first one has Jo and the Sekunde one has Randy, but I think out of all of them, Dylan disturbs me the most. Yeah, when the sexually assaulting sexist mall cop and the fat horny virgin in a leather rabbit costume are less disturbing, Du have a problem. Dylan will constantly speak in sexual phrases throughout the fight, and will constantly shoot feuer and ice out of his, and I am not making this name up… Lust Cannon. That’s either the worst thing ever oder the best thing ever. I can’t really decide. Also, out of all of the psychopaths in Dead Rising 3 that Nick runs into, Dylan is the only one who doesn’t die. Well, it isn’t confirmed, but his status when defeated says Unknown instead of Dead. Of all the psychopaths to survive, the perverted Ken Kaneki cowboy survives. I guess all that sexual intercourse helped him take a beating.

#10: Tyrone King from Dead Rising 2

I sagte that I would get to him sooner oder later, and here he is. Brock was a guy who just came in at the last Sekunde and didn’t really feel like a threat. TK, on the other hand, has been screwing over Chuck throughout the entire game, so beating him with your bare hands feels much Mehr satisfying. TK starts out the game as the host of the reality game show, Terror is Reality, where people kill zombies for prize money. However, TK later ends up releasing the zombies under contract from the pharmaceutical group, Phenotrans, who want another outbreak to increase Zombrex sales, the medicine that temporarily stalls zombification. However, TK wasn’t satisfied with the amount of money gegeben to him and used the outbreak to try and steal even Mehr money from the casinos. Throughout the game, TK is constantly using Chuck in order to benefit himself, and soon ends up getting infected with the zombies he released. Here, Du can chose to let him die oder give him Zombrex. Letting him become a zombie will cause Du to get the canon ending but Du will miss out on what makes him the biggest piece of shit ever. Even after Du give him the Zombrex, he has the gaul to kidnap Stacey, leader of C.U.R.E, and Katey, Chuck’s seven Jahr old daughter. When Du do finally face him, it’s like a Mehr satisfying fight against Brock. Just Chuck going up against the very guy who has screwed him over time and time again atop the Terror is Reality arena as Du both fight hand to kinda hand as TK uses his microphone to beat you. This is a much Mehr satisfying fight than the one we had with Brock, and getting to beat TK’s face in one Mehr time just makes it all the Mehr satisfying.

#9: Ted Smith and Snowflake from Dead Rising 2

Okay, so Ted isn’t exactly the most interesting psychopath oder has the best fight. He’s a man with mental issues who hates humans but loves Tiere and easily takes offense to the word slow. He is very weak and can even be grabbed Von zombies. Now, I bring this up because Ted isn’t really what makes this fight to memorable… No… It’s his pet tiger, Snowflake. Snowflake is the true boss of this fight. While Ted shoots at Du (Or… tries to, anyway), Snowflake will constantly pursue Chuck around the Yucatan Casino and will leap at him and tear him to pieces. Taking out Ted is no problem, but having to deal with Snowflake is where the real challenge is at. It’s not the best duo fight I’ve faced Von any means (Though, to be fair, there really… Are no good duo fights in Dead Rising 2. Reed and Roger were okay and the Twins were bullshit), but Snowflake definitely made the fight memorable. But hold on, because death isn’t the only way to finish off this pussycat. If Du manage to feed Snowflake three steaks (Which is harder than Du might think), Du will actually be able to have Snowflake as an ally. Snowflake is one of the strongest members to have on your team and can easily take care of herself. However, if Du do take her to the safe, sicher house, Du can actually give Snowflake as a gift to Katey… Yes, seven Jahr old Katey. I know it’s a gift and all, but really, a tiger as a gift to a child. The very same tiger that just got done mauling Chuck a few Sekunden ago. I don’t think your wife would appreciate this kind of parenting, Chuck

#8: Albert Contiello from Dead Rising 3

Okay, so this is the last of the Dead Rising 3 bosses, and I think I saved the most disturbing for last. Albert is the psycho that represents greed, as shown Von the countless watches and necklaces he wears, as well as his obsession to harvest survivors organs to sell on the black market. This is the only Dead Rising 3 boss on this Liste that is required to be fought to continue the story. He starts Von injecting Nick with a sort of hallucinogen that causes Nick to see multiple fake copies of Albert that, in reality, are actually the other captives of Albert. Though Albert is one of the easiest bosses in Dead Rising and probably the most easiest of Dead Rising 3, his fight is completely disturbing. But don’t take his low health for granted, as he can easily decrease Nick’s health in a rather short period of time with his saw and syringe. If Du manage to toss the coolers that contain harvested organs, it will piss Albert off enough for Du to get some free hits in. Be careful not to attack the survivors though, as Nick is constantly under the influence of the drugs, and will see survivors as Albert. Once Nick does defeat Albert, though, Du get the most violent death in Dead Rising 3, as Albert hallucinates zombies attacking him and his saw slices him open and tears his guts out… Yeah, it’s pretty hard to stomach.

#7: Antoine Thomas from Dead Rising 2

This is the psychopath that people are completely torn between. Either they find him incredibly annoying oder find him as one of the most fun bosses to fight. And if this high spot on the Liste should say anything, I find him to be the latter. Antoine is a chef who was hoping to make it big, and actually had the chance to do so as a Essen critic had come to Fortune City to interview him. But, coincidentally, the outbreak happened, and Antoine Lost that opportunity. After that, he would mistake anyone as a Essen critic, even Chuck wearing his motocross jacket, but at this point, would use people as ingredients for his food, but soon becomes angered after Chuck insults his food. After this, the fight with Antoine starts. And yeah, he is definitely one of the hardest bosses in the series. He can chase after Du and catch up in seconds, as well as have tons of projectile attacks like throwing a heat-seeking pans and plates, and I think a messer at one point. He can also grab Chuck and try to choke him Von force-feeding him food. But the most recognizable thing about Antoine is that he can heal himself during the fight. Normally, I hate bosses that heal themselves, but Du can at least stop him from doing so it’s not as painful. Antoine can really be a hard boss for first timers, but when Du manage to beat him on your own, it’s very rewarding… Or, Du know, Du can gather some survivors, set them up outside with guns, and have them open feuer on Chef Boyardee… That too is an option.

#6: Brent Ernst (Slappy) from Dead Rising 2

Oh boy, it’s Slappy, everyone. oder as I like to call it, Dead Rising 2’s clown boss. Slappy is just a typical children’s mascot, but the person inside, Brent, is just a typical eighteen Jahr old who has never had a datum in his life and is very awkward… Wait. Anyway, Brent was able to get the chance to go on a datum with a fellow co-worker, but due to the outbreak, she was killed, and left a heartbroken Brent to find the person who started the outbreak and get revenge. He isn’t a complete psychopath. He’s just simply hunting down the person who killed a loved one… But Off the Record takes his insanity to disturbing levels. Instead of being heartbroken and angry, Slappy in Off the Record is completely insane, seeing the girl as nothing but a broken toy that needs to be fixed. And then there’s the boss fight with him. Slappy is probably one of the most aggressive boss fights in Dead Rising 2, moving fast enough to cover the entire Palisades Mall area. He can hit Du from an insane range and his flamethrower can make quick use of Du if Du aren’t careful. But something I want to touch on of Slappy is the song they use for him, which has creepy voices in it, almost like a look into his deteriorating psyche. It makes the fight way Mehr disturbing than Off the Record already had it as. Sure, it’s not the best crazy mascot psychopath in the Dead Rising series, but it’s up there.

#5: Chuck Greene from Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Oh, I know that people are thankful that this game isn’t canon just because of this one boss fight. But if I had to deal with a major character dying for this fight to be canon… Yeah, I think it’s fair trade. In Off the Record, Chuck isn’t the stone cold badass that he was in the Sekunde game. Instead, Katey died and Chuck has become a violent drunk, murdering zombies with nothing but his bare hands and driving around on his motorcycle with a doll that looks like Katey that he continues to believe is his dead daughter that he continues to care for. When Frank meets him, things don’t go as well as they did in Case West. Instead, Chuck is very violent and not hesitant to attack Frank. Now, as for the fight. Think Leon… Only a million times better. Chuck can drive around the outside area and can immediately emerge from anywhere, so Du have to be on your guard at all times throughout the fight. It also doesn’t help that he can throw molotovs at Du and can run Du over and slice Du to pieces with his chainsaw motorcycle. But the worst thing is that he can heal himself… Thankfully, it’s slow and I’ve never had much issues with him healing himself. Lot’s of people are not fond of this fight because they don’t want to deal with having to kill the main character of the Sekunde game, and I understand that, but that’s why these non-canon games exist. So… Du can rest easy that Chuck, in the canon universe, is still alive. So thank god for that.

#4: Sergeant Dwight Boykin from Dead Rising 2

Boykin is Brock done right. Instead of just being some asshole military operative, he actually shows some concern for the survivors of the Fortune City outbreak, even if he is a little cocky about it. But the best part about Boykin is that when we meet him, he isn’t immediately crazy. He actually starts out as a sane person who is leading the Fortune City rescue team. It only starts to Zeigen what happens to him after the gas is released to create super zombies. As Boykin watches his own men get massacred in mere seconds, he begins to lose it completely before escaping to the underground where he fights off anyone who he sees as a zombie, believing that the corpses of his soldiers are still alive. Boykin is the first psychopath we see actually moving from sanity to insanity instead of them just being crazy from the very beginning. It really adds some personality to him. But, his fight is truly something special. Boykin is dressed in a military bulletproof vest which protects him from ammo, so it will only do half damage. Getting close to Boykin, however, will allow him to use melee attacks on Chuck, so Du have to be very plan your attacks. Oh, and he can also use grenades on you, which are never fun. Boykin is probably one of the longest fights in the story, and boy is it one of the best in the series for his character and just how much planning needs to go into the fight.

#3: Adam Macintyre from Dead Rising

Yep, Du all knew that Adam would be on this list. But what Du probably didn’t expect was for me to have two psychopaths above him. While I do like Adam and think he is one of the most well known and greatest psychopaths in the game, I just consider the ones higher to be slightly better. But let’s talk about what makes Adam good. Adam is a clown that works at the mall who, after seeing hundreds die, went crazy (As you’d expect), and took control of the Wonderland Plaza Weltraum Rider. Adam may be insane, but he is smart enough to know to use the Weltraum Rider to lure away the zombies to protect himself. So, naturally, when Frank tries to stop the Weltraum Rider, Adam doesn’t exactly take it the best way. Adam is a very energetic psychopath, able to roll and jump higher than you’d expect him to, which is especially impressive when he is able to do so with two chainsaws. Adam can block any bullet fired at him, throw daggers at Frank, and release balloons that carry a sort of noxious gas that stuns anyone who touches it. While this can be dangerous if Frank touches the balloon, it can be very effective on Adam and allow Du to get some free hits in if Du attack him immediately when he does it. Adam left a massive impression on people who played oder watched let’s plays of this game, and I can definitely see why… Also, the death scene of him falling onto his own chainsaws is the number one most violent death in Dead Rising.

#2: Evan Macintyre from Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

As much as everyone enjoys Adam, I honestly find his younger brother much Mehr entertaining. Evan, while also a clown like Adam, is the polar opposite of his brother. Adam is tall, while Evan is a dwarf. Adam can jump high while Evan can run fast. Adam is an entertainer while Evan is an ice cream salesman. But nonetheless, Evan manages to be just as equally as threatening as his brother. When Frank meets Evan, it doesn’t take long for Evan to find out that Frank was responsible for Adam’s death. Evan starts the fight on his stilts where he will shoot at Frank with an ice gun to freeze Frank in place, allowing Evan to kick him with his stiltz. He will also freeze the ground for Frank to slow down and slip on and feuer ice to rain from the sky to freeze Frank and slow him down, as well as just hurting him with his ice attacks. But if Du thought that was it, you’d be wrong. Once Frank has broken Evan’s stilts, he will begin to chase after Frank to beat him with his bare hands. Evan without his stilts, is much faster and is probably the fastest psychopath in the series. He will jump onto Frank and attempt to beat him repeatedly, prompting Frank to try and football kick him off of him. Once again, Evan doesn’t really give off the psychopath vibes. He’s somewhat insane, yes, but, like Slappy, he’s out to avenge someone close to him, this time, a family member. I guess Du could say that Frank and Chuck have done their fair share of bad deeds as well, even if it was in self defense.

#1: Cliff Hudson from Dead Rising

I couldn’t help myself. I know he was ranked number one in my last Liste and this just made things predictable, but I couldn’t help but put Cliff in the number one spot. Cliff is a Vietnam War veteran who was driven insane after he heard the screams of his granddaughter as she was killed Von the zombies. After that, Cliff believed that he was back in Vietnam and thus, began to capture any zombies around him and hang them upside down and behead them within the hardware store in the North Plaza. When Frank meets Cliff, he is completely lost, believing Frank to be Viet Cong and attempting to stab him with his machete. The fight between Cliff is a game of hide and seek. Cliff will always come out of his hiding spot to attack Du with his machete, and depending on who gets hit first, Cliff will run away and jump into one of the many holes set up around the area. He will later pop up at a Zufällig spot and throw down either smoke grenades to stun Frank oder frag grenades to blow him up. After that, Du will have to lure him down with either a well timed thrown item oder shoot at him with a gun. Once Du manage all that, the fight is pretty easy to follow up with after that. But the true thing that really makes up this fight for me is the ending of it. After defeating Cliff, instead of him just dying Von zombies oder telling Frank how much of a piece of shit he is, Cliff will actually be brought back to his senses, and tell Frank about what happened to him and how he was driven insane upon hearing his granddaughter dying. It’s the only boss that seems to have been brought back to their senses before dying as well as the only one to get any sympathy from Frank, the same person who is constantly joking and screwing around. It’s a really depressing scene and gets me every time, and I think it really gives Cliff the kind of personality that no other psychopath has, and really makes me appreciate the fight a lot more… Also, he’s voiced Von Steve Blum and anyone with the voice of Spike Spiegel is instantly better in my book.