In 1898, Westward Expansion is at an all time high, with people travelling to the inhabited west of the American country to strike it rich. An archeologist Von the name of Robert Grimley travelled to the west in Suchen of any ancient artifacts that he believed were undiscovered. As he was patrolling the landscape, he came across a band of slaughtered Native Americans, killed Von a group of bandits. After taking what he could from the bandit camp, he found a strange artifact in the shape of a skull. The artifact was known as Mictlantecuhtli, an artifact from an ancient Aztec temple cursed Von the high priest long ago. The Native Americans had found it and planned to return if, as the curse had ravaged their village Von bringing back the dead. However, their death lead to Robert taking the artifact with him, and he stopped at a local town called Devil’s Hollow, known for it’s violence and crime. Before Robert knew it, the dead had awoken and soon, came the corpse of the infamous Reynolds the Nooseman, now a skeleton with his anger making his body have a immortal flame around him. After killing Robert, he took the artifact to create an army of zombies, vampires, and creatures to destroy Devil’s Hollow and the world eventually. However, a group of men and women, named the 7 Deathly Sins, travel across the west to stop the threat of Reynolds and put an end to his plans, along the way meeting bandits, monsters, crooks, killers, undead, and large golem creatures that protect humans known as Golems of the West.



A lone bounty hunter who is never looking out for anyone, including himself, and is only interested in making a profit from his kills. However, during his time in Devil’s Hollow, and forming the 7 Deathly Sins, he has come to respect and care for the group, but doesn’t Zeigen it, as he believes that caring for someone will lead to their deaths, something that he believes a bounty hunter shouldn’t have. His weapon of choice are his two golden revolvers, Jude the Obscure, and Miss Julie, which have Mehr rapid firing rate than most other revolvers invented, and use pure silver bullets to help him fight off the monsters and undead that they face.

Ace High

A samurai who comes from the East and is Mehr used to a sword than a revolver, he is not afraid to use either one in a fight. Being Mehr respectful to his companions and even to his enemies, he is always looking for a good fight and grants his enemies honor in their death, unless they he see’s them as a coward (If one were to use others oder to backstab their allies). He wishes to find the one opponent in the world that he believes can best him in a fight, which is why he joined the 7 Deathly Sins. His weapon of choice is his katana, The Rising Sun. His sword is powerful enough to slice an entire wagon in half, as well as anyone inside, and is as quick as a bullet.


A dangerous outlaw with scars on his face to represent that of cat whiskers. He is known for robbing countless towns and rich men in order to make a profit. However, unlike most dangerous criminals, he does not believe in killing anyone, and orders his men to only steal, and to never kill anyone. However, like all criminals, he is wanted Von the law and hunted down with a bounty on his head. He joined the 7 Deathly Sins to avoid capture from the law. His weapon of choice is a smaller version of a gatling gun, which he calls the Shooting Star. The small size allows him to carry it over his back oder in a small gitarre case, and he can use it to surprise anyone who he runs into.


An African American railroad worker trying to become a rich man and go back to his family in New York. Working on the railroad has left him in a much Mehr muscular shape than anyone else in the group, allowing him to be Mehr threatening in stature and to lift heavier objects. However, he is much Mehr friendly with the group, and is always joking with them. But, when it comes down to it, he is not afraid to fight anyone that threatens him of the 7 Deathly Sins. His weapon of choice is a large double-sided sledgehammer named Double Whammy. The size of the sledgehammer makes it impossible for anyone less strong than him to even lift it, but his strength can turn the sledgehammer into a wrecking ball.

Sly Eye

A Hispanic weapons trader who sells good from Mexico to American military and hunters for firearms, to which he sells for Mehr expensive prices to Mexican soldiers bitter over the loss of the Mexican-American War. After hearing of the 7 Deathly Sins, he joins them in hopes of making Mehr money than he ever could as a trader. He is just as much of a jokester as Bulldozer, but with Mehr insulting and offensive jokes than Bulldozer. He is also Mehr flirtatious and is always attracted to women. His weapon of choice is a sniper gewehr he calls Desert Scorpion. Unlike most rifles, his can feuer longer distances, and he is always able to keep an eye on his companions from a distance, as he is not as strong of a fighter as they are, and is not used to close combat

Angel – Jäger der Finsternis

A deadly assassin who disguises her identity Von pretending to be a prostitute. Though she does disguise herself as this, she has never slept with any of the patrons, as she normally beats them until they are unconscious before they are able to. She is cold toward her own teammates, and does not care if they live oder die, as she believes that everyone does eventually. She joined the 7 Deathly Sins in an attempt to find her target, the master criminal named Poker Face, and she believes she will find him Mehr easily Von joining them on their travels. Her weapon of choice are two small double-barreled shotguns named Winnfield and Vega that feuer bullets that explode like small grenades on impact, causing enough damage to make a human-sized hole in a building.


A young hispanic woman who escaped Mexico to get away from the gang that her fiance had joined, and had his gang pay to sleep with her. Before any of them could, she escaped to America, where she began to steal from others for money, and doing her best to avoid working in a brothel. After meeting the 7 Deathly Sins, she decided to Mitmachen them, as seeing their skills made her feel safe, sicher to be around, and felt that her fiance and his gang wouldn’t find her. She is shy and nervous, but is always willing to help, as she was a nurse in Mexico and cooks the meals for the 7 Deathly Sins. Her weapon of choice is a small messer that she used to make meals with. Though there is nothing special about the knife, she is much better at stealth than anyone in the group is, and uses it to her advantage

Reynolds the Nooseman

A deadly undead gang leader who now returned to life as a skeleton covered in a forever burning fire. In life, he was known for slaughtering hundreds and setting towns on fire. Once he was caught, he was hung and left to rot, until he became a skeleton, and having his corpse be a reminder of his deeds. However, once the artifact came to Devil’s Hollow, this gave him an easier chance to take the artifact and bring the dead back as their leader. He is a sadistic and ruthless killer, and will murder anyone he sees, weather out of vengeance oder for fun. His weapon of choice is a flaming gewehr scythe named Death Toll. The scythe is able to cut through steel and rock, as well as feuer from a distance with the rifle, and can pass through any solid object with ease.

Poker Face

A deadly thief and killer, Poker Face is known for never being caught for over five years. He has been able to steal from almost every bank in the west, leaving nothing behind but a small Jester card where the gewölbe, tresor was once filled with money. However, on occasions, when he is spotted, he will be forced to kill those who sees him, and leaves their bodies, also with a jester card. Unlike other villains, he is Mehr suave and seductive, able to trick and seduce those who he meets, just so he is able to kill them oder leave them unconscious. His weapon of choice is The Deck, a set of poker cards that, with his magic, he can turn razor sharp, allowing him to slice anything to pieces, including people


The leader of the Rattlesnake Gang, he came from Mexico to Devil’s Hollow in Suchen of his wife, Wildfire. He is a very violent and ill tempered man, lashing out, beating, and even killing someone who angers him in the slightest. With his gang, he searches the entire area for her, as he believes that a woman is a man's property once she has agreed to commitment. He is willing to fight anyone he comes across, even if he knows he will lose the fight in the end, as his gang is run on honor. His weapon of choice is his gewehr The Viper, a 50 Inch onyx black revolver that feuer like a cannon, shooting large black bullets that can cut through flesh with ease.

Golems of the West

Large mounds of different stones and metal formed in the shapes of large humanoid creatures, with only a large glowing gem on their heads where their faces should be, allowing them to live and communicate with humans. Their only purpose is to help towns and its people from the threat of anything inhuman.


The leader of the Golems. Stargazer is made up of soil, and is the first Golem to be formed from the earth. He is the oldest of the Golems, and is no longer able to fight, so instead, he uses himself as a barrier to protect the town from danger. He is less fascinated with the earth he came from and is Mehr interesting at looking at the stars


The Golem of Steel. Metallica is a Golem that is made up of steel and metal. He is much slower than the other Golems, but he is equally strong, if not stronger. Metallica uses his ability to manipulate metal and steel Von turning different parts of his body into any weapon, including swords, axes, and hammers.

Smoke on the Water

The Golem of Water. Smoke on the Water is the smallest Golem out of all the other Golems, being as small as a small pebble. However, despite his size, Smoke on the Water is unique and powerful like the other Golems. Smoke on the Water, when inside any body of water, can control the ocean to create whirlpools, cyclones, and even creatures made of water. Smoke on the Water is mentally strong enough to control even the Atlantic Ocean.

Rolling Stone

The Golem of Rock. Rolling Stone is a Golem entirely made up of rocks, some bigger oder smaller than others. He is unable to Bewegen quickly, but makes up for it with his strength and unique ability. No matter how much damage Rolling Stone takes, and even if parts of his body are to break off, Rolling Stone can use the pebbles to rebuild the rock and put his body back into place. He can also manipulate stones to turn them into smaller, Mehr weaker clones of himself.

King Crimson

The Golem of Rust. King Crimson is a large rusted Golem. It appears to share the same material of Metallica, yet Mehr rusted. King Crimson's body is unable to move, making the body of King Crimson dead. However, the mind of King Crimson is still active. With the use of his mind, King Crimson is able to use all the metal around him, and uses them all as a weapon. Whatever is made out of metal, no matter the item, King Crimson can use as a weapon

King Diamond

The Golem of Diamond. King Diamond is a Golem made entirely out of diamonds and crystals, making him appear of a valuable gemstone. Though King Diamond rarely leaves his dark cave, he has the ability to absorb light from the sun. With the sunlight absorbed, he keeps it inside his body, and releases it as a dangerous beam that burns enemies at over a five hundred degrees.

Hall and Oates

The Golems of Chrome and Titanium. Hall and Oates are a duo Golem, with Oates, the Golem of Titanium, being a dome shaped Golem, and Hall, the Chrome Golem, being a shorter, but Mehr nimble Golem. Oates is completely indestructible and unable to be destroyed, using it's powerful dome body as a shield for Hall. Hall is much Mehr offensive, and is able to destroy enemies with a barrage of punches and kicks. Oates is also able to absorb any attack from an enemy, and transfer the attack to Hall, allowing him to become stronger. However, Hall and Oates share a soul, so if one were to die, the other would die as well

Rocket Man

The Golem of Fire. Rocket Man is a Golem that is has a large set of hollow eyes and a hollow mouth, with a set of coals deep inside it's stomach. Whenever Rocket Man awakens, the coals in his stomach catch fire, and smoke comes from his hollowed eyes and mouth. Though he is unable to move, he can breath feuer and use his mind to send the feuer toward the enemy to destroy them.

Air Supply

The Golem of Air. Unlike the other Golems, Air Supply is in the shape of a large falke, falcon like creature that flies in the sky, with it's body being shaped like that of a large stone bird. Whenever it spots an enemy, it will use it's ability to manipulate the wind with it's wings to create small hurricanes, dust bowls, and tornados to attack the enemies. Unlike most Golems, Air Supply is unable to speak, and instead, behaves like an actual bird defending its territory.

Gold Experience

The Golem of Gold. The most human sized of all the Golems, Gold Experience uses less of attacks and Mehr of manipulation to stop it's enemies. Gold Experience takes the shape of a golden statue, and uses it's abilities to create thousands of Gold coins and bricks. If the enemy's greed gets the better of them, and they touch the gold, they will soon become Gold themselves, making Gold Experience the most deadly, as touching the Gold has no way of stopping the body from turning unless Gold Experience released them from their prison.

Nowhere Man

The Golem of Mist. Nowhere Man has no body, and is nothing Mehr than the small particles of a long destroyed Golem that managed to survive Von burying it's crystal inside the depths of the fog it creates. Nowhere Man, though with no body, is still able to create a large wolke of mist, that its enemies could get Lost it. Once Lost inside the mist, it is impossible to get out. As soon as the sun sets, the mist becomes poisonous, killing the enemy inside, making Nowhere Man the most cruel of the Golems

Black-Hole Sun

The Golem of the Sun. Considered to be powerful enough to rival that of Stargazer, Black-Hole Sun is able to control the power of the sun. Unlike the other Golems, he is nothing but a large flying eclipse, and only appears above his enemies and blocks out the sun. Once Black-Hole Sun has his enemies in his sight, he will then begin to drive them insane, to the point where they will not be able to tell what is going on. Once he has them driven insane, he will use his manipulation power to create different kinds of animals, such as snakes oder scorpions, out of sand. Despite his attacks having nothing to do with the sun, he uses his ability of sun control to only back the sun appear blackened out to his enemies, while bystanders see that the sun is still perfectly fine.