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Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Honey Bee From NaomiWinx

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Bartholomew, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 15

What's Cooking?

November 20, 1952

Everything was going well in Cheyenne. The workers were with Pete hearing their assignments.

Pete: There are some Thanksgiving decorations at Denver that need to be picked up. Hawkeye, and Coffee Creme. I need Du to pick up the train of decorations at Denver.
Hawkeye: We got it.
Pete: Percy, Du must maintain our engines at the servicing facility, and make sure they're running smoothly.
Percy: Ok.
Pete: Jeff, Du gotta repair track in the yards.
Jeff: Alright.
Pete: Gordon, Du must-
Gordon: *Sleeping*
Pete: Gordon.
Gordon: *Waking up* Ah, blowjob!!
Pete: Excuse me?
Gordon: I was having a dream that Honey was giving me a blowjob.
Honey: Ew! Nopony would do that for you.
Pete: Gordon, you're suspended from work for a week.
Gordon: Whatever *Walks away*
Pete: After Du do your work.
Gordon: Say what now?
Pete: Du are going into North Platte Nebraska to deliver some new cars Von Canterlot into Omaha.
Gordon: Fuck that, I want to be suspended from work now.
Pete: Either Du deliver those cars to Omaha oder you're fired.
Gordon: Fine. I'll do it your way.
Pete: Snowflake, Orion, and Red Rose, you'll do your usual jobs.
Snowflake: We got it.
Bartholomew: Uhm, sir? Du forgot about me.
Pete: Oh.
Honey: And Du forgot about me too.
Pete: Ok, Honey Du go with Gordon, and Bartholomew is going to work in the yards.
Bartholomew: Ok. I hope I don't find any chemical cars.
Orion: Me neither.

Everypony left to do their work, except Gordon. He was thinking about getting a huge turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving with.

When Honey got to her train, she was waiting for Gordon to arrive.

Pete: *Looks around* Where has Gordon gone?
Honey: I don't know sir.
Pete: Well, he better hurry back. He's supposed to pull this train before being suspended from work.
Gordon: *Arrives* I can't find a turkey.
Pete: Forget about that, and drive this train.
Gordon: But-
Pete: *Pointing at train* Drive the train that my hoof is pointing to.
Gordon: *Walks to engine* I just wanted to find a turkey.
Pete: Hawkeye, and Coffee Creme are dealing with that. Du just have to go to Omaha to deliver cars.
Gordon: *Climbing in engine* Whatever.
Honey: *Blows horn*
Gordon: *drives train*
Pete: Idiot.
Gordon: *Qiuckly reverses train back to station* What did Du call me?
Pete: Nothing.
Gordon: Ok. *Drives train again*
Honey: Whoops. I forgot to blow the horn twice.
Gordon: That's stupid, so fuck it.

Meanwhile in Denver.

Coffee Creme: *looks at train* Look at all these decorations.
Hawkeye: I can't, we need to leave before the signal turns green. *Runs to engine*
Coffee Creme: *Looks at decorations on train* So magnificent.
Hawkeye: Coffee Creme! Let's go!
Coffee Creme: *Runs to engine*
Hawkeye: *shoveling coal*
Coffee Creme: *Climbs in cab* I'm here.
Hawkeye: Good. Now shovel this coal, while I drive. *Looks out cab* Ah, the signal is green *Blows whistle twice*
Coffee Creme: *Shovels coal*
Hawkeye: *Drives train*

Gordon was just leaving Cheyenne, when Honey decided to talk to him.

Honey: So tell me something. What exactly were Du thinking when Du went to hunt down a turkey?
Gordon: I was planning to celebrate thanksgiving.
Honey: Do Du even like to eat turkey?
Gordon: No, I was just going to shoot it, and hang it on my wall.
Honey: You're supposed to eat the turkey.
Gordon: That's fucked up. Nopony should eat a dead animal.
Honey: Nearly everypony does it though.
Gordon: Not me, I'm a vegetarian.
Honey: How are Du so fat then?
Gordon: I also like to eat candy, and various other "junk foods".
Honey: Well, that explains a lot.

A few hours later, Hawkeye, and Coffee Creme showed up in Cheyenne with the Thanksgiving Decorations.

Pete: Excellent work Du two.
Hawkeye: Thanks.
Pete: Now we just need to wait for Gordon to return in at least a few days, and things will be ready for Thanksgiving.
Coffee Creme: Hooray.
Pete: Your work Tag is over, see Du tomorrow.
Hawkeye: Bye Pete *Walks away*
Coffee Creme: *Follows Hawkeye*

Meanwhile in Omaha

Gordon: *Delivers train of Canterlot's* Excellent. We got all the cars to the dealership in time. Now we just need to find-

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Turkey: *Walks on train tracks*
Gordon: A turkey. *Chases Turkey*
Turkey: Gobble gobble gobble *Running away*
Honey: Gordon, leave him alone!
Gordon: No! *Continues chasing turkey* Get the hell over here!
Turkey: *Running between engine, and cars*
Gordon: Shit *Uncouples engines from cars* Honey, drive!
Honey: *Drives engine*
Gordon: *Runs across tracks*
Turkey: Gobble gobble *gets on engine*
Gordon: STOP!!
Honey: *stops engine*
Turkey: *Hops off engine* Gobble gobble gobble gobble.
Gordon: Yeah, I'd like to see Du gobble when I roast your arsch for Thanksgiving.
Turkey: *Running away*
Gordon: *Dives for turkey*
Turkey: gobble *turns left*
Gordon: *Lands on ground* Motherbucker.
Turkey: *Pecking on Gordon*
Gordon: Quit it! *Chokes turkey*
Turkey: *Pecks Gordon in the eye*
Gordon: Ow! *Drops turkey*
Turkey: Gobble gobble! *Runs away*
Honey: I told Du to leave him alone.
Gordon: Fuck Du *Chases turkey*

Now they were running around the engines that Honey was driving.

Honey: *Watching*
Turkey: gobble gobble *Running*
Gordon: *Chasing turkey*
Turkey: Gobble gobble *Runs in cab*
Gordon: *getting tired* Where did he go?
Turkey: *puts engine in reverse*
Gordon: *On train tracks* Ah! *Running from engine*
Turkey: Gobble gobble *Makes engine go faster*
Gordon: *Running slower* I'm so tired.
Turkey: *Runs over Gordon*
Gordon: AAHH! *pushed off tracks*
Turkey: *Stops engine*
Honey: Hahahahahaha! *Points at Gordon* Du got hit Von a train, driven Von a turkey.
Gordon: *Heals himself with magic* Where is that thing?
Turkey: *Runs out of cab*
Gordon: Aha *Runs after turkey*
Turkey: Gobble gobble *Running towards dealership*
Gordon: *Catches turkey* Got you. And now, you're going to get what Du deserve. *Takes turkey into cab*
Honey: What are Du doing with that?
Gordon: *Grabs gun* Killing him. *Shoots turkey*
Turkey: Aah! *Dies*

Weiter Tag when Gordon returned.

Gordon: Pete! I brought a turkey to celebrate thanksgiving with!
Pete: Oh my god.
Gordon: What?
Pete: Du shot it's fucking head off!
Gordon: Oh.
Pete: Du are now suspended from work for two weeks.
Gordon: Whatever, I got two weeks off. See ya *Leaves station*

The end

On the Weiter episode of Ponies On The Rails

Cold weather arrives, and everypony has to try their best.