Have Du ever heard of the Nickelodeon Zeigen called The Modifyers... No... That's because it never made it past the pilot. Here's the thing. This was when Nickelodeon was losing faith in shows. Hey Arnold and Rugrats were gone and Spongebob was going do to hell after Season 2, so Nickelodeon needed new shows. Suddenly, there came a Zeigen that beamed with success, and that Zeigen was The Modifyers. But Nickelodeon denied it because the compony is filled with a bunch of stupid assholes that think toilet humor and mocking suicide is funny. Anyway, let me tell Du about the Modifyers.
It was a Zeigen based on the protagonist, Agent Xero, a female spy who was a master of disguise, and her partner, Mole, who was a tiny robot that could turn into anything, and they fought against the villain Baron Vain, and his army of minions. Now, this Zeigen had some great humor. Like how the Baron hate being interrupted a tiny bit less then the sun and country music. Also, this Zeigen was meant to be the Weiter My Life As a Teenage Robot, another Zeigen I'm sure most of Du never heard of. Sadly, Nickelodeon denied it, and the Zeigen never made it past the pilot.
Where is this Zeigen now. Well, someone got there dirty hands on it and now the Zeigen is turned into a pornography series, that is probably going on to this day. And its the kind involving tentacles, so its extra disturbing. But, its not there fault that a Zeigen that had a lot of potential turned into something that reminds me of a girl that wanted to become a pop singer and ended up becoming the prostitutes downtown. No, its not there fault. It's Nickelodeons fault for not allowing this Zeigen to be. I'm not mad at you, Nickelodeon..... That's a lie, I fucking hate Du Du idiotic, money grubbing sacks of shit. I'll get to Du in a later article.
Anyway, the Modifyers was probably meant to be the last great Zeigen ever to air on Nickelodeon before... Well, that's for another time. I just hope someone finds this show, like Cartoon Network, oder Disney, oder better yet, Hub, and makes it an actual show. But, hay, that's only my opinion. What's Your Take