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Keke : Huh? *Looks up* I thought I heard someone.

Gail : Gimme the bag.

Jul : *Gives her bag*

Kilyoi : *Lifts eybrow* *Smiles deviously*

Gail : *Hides in tree*

Keke : *Picks Mehr flowers*

Gail : *Gives them signal*

Jul : *Jumps out otno Keke* *Ties her*

Kilyoi : *Jmps out behind her* * ente tapes her mouth*

Gail : *Jumps* *Get's Keke in bag*

Keke : MMM---

Gail : *Ties bag* Heh-Heh-Heh...
*Leads them back 2 Malice*

*with Malice*

Malice : Now would ANY of Du in this room like 2 tell me where that Core is?

Ghosts : *Move outta the way and point 2 the little boy ghost*

Malice : *Picks him up Von the shirt* WHERE...
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"Riding the Storm" Von Running Wild. Enjoy!
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Full name: Whirlwind the Hedgehog (duh)

Real name: Unknown

Nicknames: Whirl oder Wind (by his friends), Grandpa teal, knickente, blaugrün (by his grandson, Tempest), Whirlywind (by Davis, Shock's son)

Species: It's in his name.

Age: 17

Birth date: April 20th, 1995 (same as mine)

Elemental power: Wind (natual element)

Power moves: Air Sphere (ball of wind created to throw and hit enemies with force strong enough to damage armor), Wind Turbine (buffer used to Bewegen Mehr agile which is made Von gathering energy for two seconds; power increased for every Tornado Gem he is carrying)

Color: Sky blue (sometimes teal)

Secondary color:...
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